George Soros and Bush Derangement Syndrome


Something dawned on me this morning while I was listening to Rush (yet another day driving around NM, where you can’t get anywhere from anywhere!). He was discussing the fairness doctrine. It started a chain of thought.

The Dems obviously want to shut down any media that is favorable to the GOP. Okay, it’s politics and all is far in love, politics, and war. But then I started thinking about the abject hate they have for George W. Bush. Do the Dems hate Bush because he “stole” the election from Algore – or do they hate him because he is a Christian.

Outrageous idea, right?

Then it dawned on me that maybe the whole thing, the abject need to destroy George W. Bush is exactly because he is a Christian. I know it sounds far-fetched, but then I realized that maybe it isn’t. Remember, George Soros is calling the shots. (Bud Simmons has some interesting thoughts over on his blog Thoughts of a Conservative Christian.) We all know Soros hates Christians.

ASIDE: Maybe we should all start praying for Soros to become a Christian. It would be our greatest ‘revenge’ against him! (Dennis Prager has an interesting Townhall piece about Soros and his “Jewish” background.)

Then I google around and discover that Joseph Onek is now on Nancy Pelosi’s staff. He is a major Soros operative. Evidently Pelosi is taking her marching orders directly from the Soros machine.

I had no intention for today’s rant to go in this direction. I just started connecting the dots and came up with Soros. Is it actually possible that President Bush is literally being persecuted as a Christian? Is it possible the reason we are dealing with all of this anti-Bush propaganda and all the lies is to make him look bad? If so, I would gather George Soros is terrified of George W. Bush. Why? Is it because Bush is a courageous leader or because George W. Bush is a powerful Christian? George W. Bush must be destroyed at all costs. It really doesn’t matter if we lose the war on terror. Or, does the Soros machine want us to do so? Why does this man think he can control our country.

It is almost as though we were dealing with a megalomaniac bad guy from a James Bond movie. The Soros machine tells us GWB is an idiot, brainless. But, consider this fact. The man has the most difficult job in the world but still has time to read. /Contrast this to the latest fluff Presidential candidates from both parties are reading. (Okay, give Tancredo a point for his zinger aimed at Algore). Bush is an idiot. Bush deserves to be impeached. Bush has no brains. On and on….move on – please.


Why does George Soros hate George W. Bush so much?

Why would Soros spend hundreds of millions of dollars to destroy George W. Bush?

What is George Soros hiding?

What is the hidden agenda of George Soros?

If you are a Bush associate, Soros is out to get you, just the way he had gone after Paul Wolfowitz at the World Bank. With the Soros track record, what is he up to now?

Let’s face the fact that one of the reasons George Soros is financing the persecution and abject destruction of George W. Bush is because he is a Christian.