FRI MAY 18 The Curse of the Cowardly Conservatives (Using Peter Brimelow’s Talking Points)


“…patriotism among Hispanics,

including the foreign-born,

is as high as among white Americans.”

These people really need to get a grip on reality. This parody, that much of the conservative blog-sphere is taking seriously, quotes Peter Brimelow. For those of you who don’t know Brimelow, I am going to introduce you to him. Why? He is one of the movers and shakers behind the entire anti-Hispanic anti-immigration movement.

We all know the old internet joke that the first one who comes up with connections to Hitler or the Nazis lose. Well, anyone who buys into anything Brimelow writes is the loser. Conservatives including RUSH LIMBAUGH are using his talking points. Is this what the conservatives have become. I hate to tell you but this is not Ronald Reagan’s brand of conservative.

The article that started it all was penned by Brimelow in 1992. Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard these talking points repeated, constantly, since yesterday. I don’t mind conservatives having talking points, but find someone with a less tawdry pedigree than Brimelow. Oh, I know he is considered sacrosanct, but I’m going to, I hope, open your eyes to what is really going on here.

“…Is immigration really good for (ahem) the Republicans?

The fate of the Republican Party may not be of concern to the political elite as a whole. But it should worry those aspiring members of the elite who also consider themselves conservatives. Ethnicity is destiny in American politics. This point was made definitively in Kevin Phillips’s brilliant The Emerging Republican Majority (1968), which demonstrated that ethnic settlement patterns had an amazingly persistent influence on voting patterns. Phillips predicted on the basis of demography that the Republicans would replace the Democrats as the majority party. And he was undeniably right in the presidential contest, even if timid and unimaginative leadership has squandered the opportunity on the congressional level.As a glance around any of their meetings will tell you, the Republicans are the party of the American majority; the Democrats are the party of the American minorities. On its WASP foundation, the Republican Party has been able to add the children of each immigrant wave as they assimilate. …” Indeed, absurd as it may appear, all brand-new immigrants from the right “protected class”–black, Hispanic, Asian─ count toward government quota requirements that were allegedly imposed to help native-born Americans. Hence a number of the African PhDs teaching at American colleges. The 1986 Immigration Act prohibited discrimination against legalized “undocumented” aliens and set up an office in the Justice Department to enforce this new law.Symptomatic of the American Anti-Idea is the emergence of a strange anti-nation inside the U.S. ─the so-called “Hispanics.” The various groups of Spanish-speaking immigrants are now much less encouraged to assimilate to American culture. Instead, as a result of ethnic lobbying in Washington, they are treated by U.S. government agencies as a homogeneous “protected class,” even though many of them have little in common with one another. (Indeed, some are Indian-language speakers from Latin America.) And they have been supplied with “leaders” financed to a significant extent by the Ford Foundation.In effect, Spanish-speakers are still being encouraged to assimilate. But not to America….

Additional talking points have come from Steven Sailer, who is another known racist.

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Various blogs are using an NRO article to base their hysterical talking points, “This is the end of the GOP”. Rush has used the quote so is O’Reilly. The problem is the talking points come directly from Peter Brimelow of “VDare”. The article is by “Anonymous” who hasn’t the courage to use his/her own name because it is a parody that many conservatives are taking seriously.

“…Can you believe that the Republicans are handing us the future on a silver platter? An analysis of ethnic voting patterns done by Peter Brimelow and Ed Rubenstein projected three Democratic victories for every Republican one if current population trends (i.e., a growing minority vote) maintain themselves or intensify. There are no guarantees in life, of course. But I’ll take three out of four election victories any day of the week. Hey, given our record this decade, we’d be glad to take any wins nationally. The “bi-partisan McCain-Kennedy plan” seemed almost deliberately designed to help Democrats and hurt Republicans. How does it do so? Let us count the ways…”

This is the parody some conservatives are quoting as “gospel”. The Peter Brimelow information, though is correct.

Peter Brimelow, who is a well known racist. I’ve been telling you who has been promoting all of this anti-immigration hysteria. Do you know who Peter Brimelow is and who his connections are? His twin brother, John, is a well known “ex-neo-Nazi”.

This is a report on a Feb 2006 meeting in DC.

The seventh two-day conference of American Renaissance took place at the plush Hyatt Dulles Hotel in Herndon, Virginia, just outside Washington DC, on 24-26 February 2006. David Williams reports from inside the event.

“…For the past 12 years Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance, which is published by his New Century Foundation from Oakton, Virginia, has sponsored a series of biennial conferences the first of which took place in 1994 in Atlanta, Georgia with a hundred people. American Renaissance is a pseudo-scientific racist magazine, which uses IQ tests and eugenics to promote the “clear conception of the United States as a nation ruled by and for whites”. Taylor’s dogged determination to “concentrate on what unites” and to “expand the consciousness of race” drew a large crowd, approximately 300, a record number of racists though they preferred the term “white preservationists,” who sat and listened to speeches centred on the theme of “The Global Crisis: Perspectives from Europe, Africa, and Australia”. In keeping with its global perspective this year’s conference had a truly international flavour with speakers including Nick Griffin and Derek Turner from England, Professor Andrew Fraser (Australia), Professor Philippe Rushton (Canada), Dr Dan Roodt (South Africa), Dr Guillaume Faye (France) and Sam Dickson (America).

But it was not only the keynote speakers who were of interest. The list of those attending this year’s conference read like a veritable “who’s who” of American white supremacy. Particularly prominent among the attendees were the contingent from, the world’s largest white supremacist website – slogan “white pride, world wide” – run by the former Alabama Klansman Don Black, who in 1981 tried to invade the island of Dominica and set up a white supremacist state. The venture failed and Black was jailed for three years.

Black and his son together with Jamie Kelso all flew in from Florida. Many other members of Stormfront were allowed by Taylor to attend using false identities (although, as Searchlight did not exactly advertise its presence it would be rather churlish to dwell on this point). Indeed Stormfront activists accounted for as many as one sixth of the delegates. Stormfront claims to have been instrumental in obtaining Griffin, the leader of the British National Party, as a speaker for the conference.

Several prominent leaders of the rightwing “grassroots” Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC) were present including Gordon Baum, chain-smoking throughout, Sam Dickson, a retired attorney and the conference’s closing speaker, and Joel T. LeFevre, editor of Citizens Informer, who played a major role in organising the event. As Taylor himself put it in his opening remarks, the CofCC was a “lynchpin” co-ordinating the activities of a plethora of organisations. He didn’t mention, however, that the organisation is a direct descendent of the White Citizens’ Council which fought a rearguard action against civil rights in the 1950s.

John Brimelow (twin brother of Peter Brimelow, author of the influential anti-immigration tract Alien Nation) who runs the popular website attended and was observed cloistered in the atrium consorting with Black and his cohorts. A controversial figure for some within the American Renaissance milieu, David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (who was succeeded by Black), was there as were the far-right radio talk show host Hal Turner, Mark Weber, director of the California-based Holocaust denial outfit the Institute for Historical Review (IHR), Kevin Strom of National Vanguard and David Pringle, both former members of the neo-Nazi National Alliance. There was also a large contingent of Canadians led by Paul Fromm of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee. Fromm is a friend of the Holocaust deniers Lady Michelle Renouf and Ernst Zündel who, much to Fromm’s annoyance, is currently on trial in Germany.

Although a few independent journalists were present the Hyatt Dulles Hotel officially barred the media from the conference, though Taylor managed eventually to persuade them to overturn this injunction. A technical team from were producing a DVD of the proceedings while the libertarian filmmaker Curt Warren was filming a documentary for the Public Broadcasting Service on “race and immigration”. Those who did not want to appear or be interviewed were enjoined to move to the top left of the hall out of camera shot. …”

For those of you who doubt this and think that we’re dealing with a liberal who is trying to denigrate Peter Brimelow and his brother, please check out this page from Stormfront, a white supremacist, neo-Nazi website. I know this is tacky, but read the sympathies for Peter Brimelow on the death of his wife.

A recent profile of Jared Taylor, an associate of Brimelow’s. It is from an obviously racist point of view.

David Duke waxing poetic about Peter Brimelow.

On Feb 1, 2007, Peter Brimelow, quoted by NRO, appeared on the Political Cesspool program. The Political Cesspool is sponsored by the Nationalist Party USA. They also sponsor the National Vanguard. Also scroll down to see the “contribution authors” and you will find the name of one Patrick J. Buchanan.