Reagan Considered John Bircher’s Kooky! What’s Wrong with Today’s Conservatives?


Have you not wondered why today’s conservatives are a little creepy and kooky, mysterious and…sorry, that’s the Addams Family theme.  (sigh) Well, that’s what they remind me of – a bunch of weirdos.  Seriously, we’re dealing with people who are out of control and on the lunatic fringe, but have propelled the “conservative movement” so far to the right that they are now acceptable.  I knew my conservative views hadn’t changed.  Now I can prove it.  “The Conservative Movement” has changed, for the worse.  If they don’t do an about-face and grow up, we’re in deep trouble.  The big problem is the fact that THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT REPUBLICANS, but have our GOP officials thinking they are.  Someone needs to wake up and smell the skunk.

Yesterday I told you about John Birchers influencing the “conservative” movement to the point where they have become a conspiracy embracing embarrassment.  Well, just to prove me right, voila!  Right in my inbox, a link to this little beauty.

The John Birch Society, founded by Robert W. Welch, Jr, was considered far from mainstream during the Reagan years.

“…Welch, along with future fascist Revilo P. Oliver, founded the John Birch Society in December of 1958. Its original membership consisted of only eleven men. But Welch’s wealth allowed the organization to have a wide impact and sponsor a number of publications. At its height, the organization claimed it had tens of thousands of members, but its political views limited its ability to form alliances with other groups (even other anti-Communists like Richard Nixon and, to a lesser extent, Ronald Reagan, were denounced by the Society as being too liberal) and diminished its real impact. In October 1965, William F. Buckley, Jr. denounced Welch and the John Birch Society in his magazine National Review as lunatic-fringe fanatics promoting strange and bizarre conspiracy theories, and urged the G.O.P. to purge itself of John Birch Society members. Oliver was later ousted in a purge of anti-Semitic and racist members in the early 1960s….”

I love the way these people view reality and “truth”.

How about this John Birch topic about Richard Viguerie’s claims to closeness with Ronald Reagan, when, the reality of the situation was the fact that Viguerie spent much of Reagan’s presidency denouncing him!

“…Richard Viguerie’s critique of the Bush-era GOP is politically significant, but intellectually inadequate. Like most movement conservatives who criticize the GOP from the right, Viguerie believes that George W. Bush has apostatized from the true conservative faith that was once delivered to the world by Ronald Reagan (let us pause for a moment of chastened reverence), who is supposedly the Conservative Word made flesh….”

Back in June I exposed Viguerie’s denouncements of Reagan.

Viguerie was so angry with Reagan he threatened his re-election chances!

“…“…Conservatives may not back President Reagan for reelection in 1984 unless he reverses what they consider “almost a stampede to the left” in the White House, New Right leaders said Tuesday. “Quick and comprehensive changes” in Reagan’s staff and policies are needed to win back longtime supporters in the conservative wing of the Republican Party, they indicated. Howard Phillips, who heads the Conservative Caucus, and Richard Viguerie…’”
“…The Conservative Digest, a magazine edited by Richard A. Viguerie, the conservative fundraiser, today made public results of a poll among conference delegates that gave the President some low marks on specific issues, a B over all for domestic policy and a B minus for foreign policy….”

Viguerie constantly criticized Reagan.

“…”It’s unconscionable for Ronald Reagan to be abandoning Free China,” said Howard Phillips, national director of the Conservative Caucus, in the wake of the Administration’s decision to sell F-5E jets to Taiwan instead of more advanced planes.

”It’s unconscionable for Ronald Reagan to be proposing huge deficits,” he went on. ”If Jimmy Carter were proposing a $162 billion deficit, and that’s what they’re talking about, then we would be rocking the rafters in protest.”

Richard A. Viguerie, the direct-mail specialist used by many New Right and conservative groups, is similarly concerned. ”They’ve made a conscious decision,” he said, ”to keep at arm’s length from the organized conservative movement, except for window-dressing appearances like twice a year at conservative conventions. They’re very nice to us, taking our phone calls, but the policy positions in this Administration are not being held by people who were in the trenches…”

This is just a plain bold face lie.

“…A balding grandfather with a wry Texan’s smile, Viguerie is a seasoned conservative who confidently brushes aside accusations that his criticism of Republicans is intended for personal gain. On Monday, he sat down with RAW STORY to talk about his new book, Conservatives Betrayed: How George W. Bush and Other Big Government Republicans Hijacked the Conservative Cause.

Modeling himself after Barry Goldwater, a 1960s conservative iconoclast whose reactionary stances later positioned Ronald Reagan for victory in 1980, Viguerie says the worst day of his political life was when Lyndon Johnson defeated Goldwater for president in 1964. Viguerie, who aided Reagan’s election but later became critical of some of his policies, today sees a landscape where Republicans run using a mantle of traditional values but carry the banner of conservatism only as far as it takes them to get elected.

Viguerie begins his book with two quotes. “The first is from Ronald Reagan and it says something along the lines of: ‘I tell my people that when we begin to refer to the federal government as us, we’ve been here too long.’ And then I recount a story of [former House Majority Leader] Tom DeLay (R-TX), late one night after dinner, he wants to light up a cigar and the manager says I’m sorry, Mr. DeLay… it’s against the law to smoke in a federal building. And DeLay says, ‘I am the federal government.’”…”

This is all rather humorous if it weren’t so damning.  It is also proof today’s conservatives are living in a world that has no connection with reality.  Back when he was running for POTUS, when asked about the John Birch Society, RONALD REAGAN CONSIDERED THEM KOOKY!

“…The record belies him. It shows that he has collaborated directly with a score of top leaders of the super-secret John Birch Society.” Reagan regarded the leadership of the John Birch Society as kooky, and understood that the Society was a political liability with the moderates whose votes he had-to attract. He had pointedly criticized some of the Society’s frothier pronouncements (such as the allegation that President Eisenhower belonged to the Communist conspiracy). His campaign took care to keep out John Birch Society adherents whose presence in campaign posts could be exploited by the media and the Democrats. Yet Reagan didn’t wish to alienate the block of voters who sympathized with the Bircher’s fervent antiCommunism. This dilemma, which had plagued Nixon and other Republican politicians over the previous decade, became yet another opportunity for Reagan. Reagan began disclaiming “labels” of all kinds, and disavowed support from “any blocs or groups.” About the John Birch Society specifically, Reagan said that he would welcome the support of their members, but that such support was evidence that he had “persuaded them to accept my philosophy, not me accepting theirs.”…”

Chuck Baldwin, who feels GWB is the anti-Christ as we showed yesterday feels the John Birch Society is a good thing.  Read his suggestions for “Good Christians”.

“…Secondly, begin educating yourself. Stop relying on the major news outlets to bring you the news. I heartily recommend the New American Magazine. In my mind, it is the best news magazine out there. I also find Human Events newspaper very informative, and Middle American News is another good one. There are several smaller, independent papers out there, too. For example, in the Greenville, South Carolina area, the Times Examiner is an excellent resource.

Internet news sites such as and are also valuable sources of information. Read everything Jerome Corsi writes. Get on Congressman Ron Paul’s mailing list. Everyone should subscribe to Howard Phillips’ “Issues and Strategy Bulletin.” It is a fantastic resource! For educational matters, read John Stormer. John Eidsmoe is as good as they get regarding constitutional issues. For a thorough and in-depth study of economics, read Don McAlvany.

Find non-establishment or independent radio talk shows…

Joel Skousen’s web site is a treasure-trove of useful information. Christians will, no doubt, enjoy David Alan Black’s web site. Covenant News might be the best web site regarding pro-life issues. Alan Keyes and Tom DeWeese also have excellent web sites. For family resources, I recommend Doug Phillips’ Vision Forum. One should definitely receive Phyllis Schlafly’s newsletters. Pat Buchanan is an author and political commentator worth reading and listening to.

Thirdly, get involved with likeminded patriots. Hook up with your local John Birch Society. Join Larry Pratt’s Gun Owners of America. Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership is another terrific pro-Second Amendment organization you should be familiar with.”