WTimes White Supremacist Asst. Editor Quits!


For those of you who are conservatives in denial, and think there are NO BIGOTS, white supremacists, KKK, or neo-Nazis propelling the anti-immigration debate, I have a shocker for you.  Pull your heads out of the sand.  It’s true.  The problem is the fact that conservatives who refuse to acknowledge, let alone denounce their ties to such extreme racist publications, organizations, and philosophies use their platforms to denounce, decry, and just plain spread hate!  People like Malkin and Coulter deride honest Republicans such as Lindsey Graham, Geraldo Rivera, or Linda Chavez who are telling the truth and calling a racist a racist and letting the bigots fall where they may.

George Archibald, a well respected writer, worked at the WTimes for years.  On his blog he has been chronicling the antics of the assistant national desk editor, Robert Stacy McCain.  If you have been following his blog, you will know that Archibald has been concerned that McCain might become the new editor.  I don’t know how you can discount this one. Archibald has impeccable credentials.

“…Stacy McCain, on the other hand, who has run the Page A2 Culture page for The Washington Times for many years under national editor Kenneth Hanner and Managing Editor Francis B. Coombs Jr., is a friend of neo-Nazis such as William A. White of Roanoke, Virginia, and had the favor of Coombs and his wife Marian Kester Coombs, who in her own right has a long-reported history of white-supremacist writings.

Fran Coombs and Stacy McCain for many years have ridden roughshod over newsroom colleagues of all ethnic and other backgrounds at The Washington Times with their explosive and vitrioloic racist white-supremacist tirades on a frequent basis.

Coombs, the newspaper’s managing editor and presumptive heir-apparent to Wesley Pruden Jr. as editor-in-chief of The Washington Times has always supported McCain –- even when he wrote blog messages on the Internet that were patently racist, anti-black and anti-Jew…”

Archibald also links to this fascinating little tidbit.   Evidently WTimes owner, Sun Myung Moon (cult leader) is going to appoint a more ‘liberal’ editor.

Archibald concludes his posting with the following little tidbit –

“…The hemorrhaging of talent from The Washington Times continues because of the racially-tinged white-supremacist and ill-tempered management of Fran Coombs and his sycophants.

Well, one of them, Stacy McCain, has reportedly now resigned and there is applause in the newsroom as he may be history –- although there are reports that Coombs and Hanner are working overtime to soothe his ruffled feathers and bring him back.

These efforts speak volumes about the breakup at The Washington Times still under way unless the owners step in and stop the nativist white supremacist juggernaut that has controlled The Times’ editorial product for many years….”

For more information about the WTimes and its racist leanings, the SPLC has an interesting article.

“…In its 60-year history, Winter told the Report, Human Events had never “knowingly hired a racist, never published racist articles, and never tolerated racist sympathies … and we never will.” Within hours, archives of articles by Coombs, McCain and the others had disappeared from the Human Events Web site.

But McCain still works at The Washington Times, where his articles run under headlines like “Backlash Building in White America.” Under the direction of Fran Coombs and National Editor Ken Hanner, in fact, McCain puts together the paper’s page-two “Culture Briefs” section.

In that section, McCain has used excerpts from racist venues including American Renaissance magazine and the VDARE Web site. (For her part, Coombs has written articles for VDARE and once wrote to American Renaissance with this: “Whites do not like crowded societies, and Americans would not have to live in crowds if our government kept out Third-World invaders.”)

In fact, McCain may be the only mainstream newspaper reporter to have covered four American Renaissance conferences. Twice, he offered no description of the group, which is devoted to race science. Once, he said it was “critical of liberal positions on race and immigration.” Only in 2004 did he note that some viewed it as racist.

McCain, who declined all comment, has also been identified by the League of the South hate group, for whom he occasionally writes, as a member.

Despite his well-known sympathies, McCain has written in the Times about the “pro-South” groups he favors. Last June 27, for instance, he penned an extremely long front-page article headlined “Southern Pride Rallies ‘Round the Flag.” He was talking about the Confederate battle flag.

The Washington Times has taken something of a public-relations beating recently. This Jan. 20, it ran an ad attacking Jews as “those folks of the anti-Christ.” After the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington complained, Times General Manager Richard Amberg Jr. wrote the group to profusely apologize, claiming the Times “never knowingly” allows ads that “denigrate religions.”
That may be. But in just one sample period in late 2004, the newspaper ran at least nine similar ads — on Oct. 11, 13, 15, 20, 22, 26, 29, 30 and 31 — many of them plugging an anti-Semitic book called For Fear of the Jews. On Dec. 6, it went one better, publishing an ad for the Institute for Historical Review, a leading anti-Semitic hate group that specializes in denying the World War ii Holocaust.

The Washington Times is relatively small (circulation 102,000) and money-losing (it’s been estimated that its backer, the Unification Church, has spent more than $1 billion to keep it going over the past 22 years). But its influence cannot be measured in those statistics. President Reagan once described it as his favorite paper. The first President Bush said it “in my view brings sanity to Washington, D.C.”…”

You might want to note that in this piece Vdare is referred to as “Racist”.  Remember, Michelle Malkin is a regular contributor to Vdare.   According to this piece, Ann Coulter reads Vdare!   Did you know Coulter was fired from The National Review? The thing that bothers me is who else is reading such horribly racist publications like Vdare and fobbing it off as “news”.  Is Rush doing this?  We all know he reads WTimes like I once read Nancy Drew.  What about Hannity?  How seriously is the IGNORED racist editorial position at the WTimes effected their position on things, and seeped into the whole conservative group-think world as gospel?

We close with a posting from Unclaimed Territory by Glenn Greenwald titled “Why Respond to Malkin

“…In a post commenting on this I noted that the name-calling tactic is actually a common propaganda technique. The Propaganda Critic website describes name-calling thusly:

‘The name-calling technique links a person, or idea, to a negative symbol. The propagandist who uses this technique hopes that the audience will reject the person or the idea on the basis of the negative symbol, instead of looking at the available evidence.’

To which I added that this tactic is facilitated by the line of books demonizing “liberals” and it is often coupled with eliminationism, because “the more the symbol, with all its negative associations comes to represent the group, the less that the group is perceived as human, the easier it is to rationalize injustice committed towards the group.” The rhetoric of these media transmitters, both by repackaging extremist views for mainstream consumption and by engaging in the ritual defamation of those with whom they disagree, serve to shift mainstream political discourse towards the extreme. I’m passing over this subject briefly but will direct your attention to Dave Neiwert’s seminal essay Rush, Newspeak, and Fascism: An exegesis (from which the transmitters link is taken) which exhaustively explains why and how American values are being transformed and corrupted by the right-wing extremism that the likes of Coulter and Malkin help to diffuse into every day discussion.

As a quick example of the process of transmission, let’s look at Malkin for a case in point. Michelle claims that conservatives “zealously police their own ranks” to guard against extremism. I already wrote a post about her apologetics for Coulter’s extremism, but what about Malkin herself? Does she transmit extremist views? Yes, she does. As Alex Koppelman has noted, Malkin keeps in her blogroll VDare.com, an organization that has been identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group with ties to white supremacism and which runs Malkin’s syndicated columns.* The interesting thing about Koppelman’s link is that he frames his post with a rant from Bill O’Reilly about how “far left” extremists are allowed on television to push their views but right-wing extremists like the KKK aren’t, followed by O’Reilly bringing on Michelle Malkin who gives extremist views a soft face for palatable mainstream consumption . This is a microcosm of the way in which our media legitimizes right-wing extremism. Which brings me back to Coulter….”