Is the “Dump Lindsey” Movement a Ron Paul Supporter Special?


Today while I was organizing bookmarks on Safari (I like the way bookmarks work on Safari better than Outlook Explorer) I noticed a trend in the different sites and groups of people who are against Lindsey Graham.  Aside from Malkin’s completely illogical and pathological hatred of Lindsey which matches that of Rush (I think he’s just jealous of Lindsey) the only place you see such hatred is with the CofCC (a badge of honor); Stormfront; Free Republic;  John Tanton’s mindless minions; and the usual out of control Ron Paul suspects.

Why do I keep harping on this?  It’s quite simple.  We’re not dealing with REGULAR Republicans, but conservatives and those on the idiotic fringe who are hijacking the term “GOP” to manipulate clueless and cowardly Republican elected officials who aren’t looking at the source just the number of calls and letter that keep coming in.  The inmates are running things.  How long are we going to tolerate it?

Bob McAlister’s Blog has information about the Aug 7 censure of Lindsey in Greenville.

“Greenville News political reporter Dan Hoover may have explained the inexplicable. It may be that Ron Paul supporters were behind the effort to try to embarrass Sen. Lindsey Graham. In reporting on the “censure” resolution by the Greenville County Republican Executive Committee, Hoover notes that another resolution adopted that night was pushed by Paul supporters and got a 21-20 vote (see the last couple of paragraphs in the story below)….”

The Charlotte Conservative (whatever it is) is a big Ron Paul supporter. They sponsor the “Dump Lindsey” countdown clock.

From the Ron Paul forums. These people are a piece of work.

On June 15, a Ron Paul supporter wrote to Lindsey, chastising him for calling anti-immigration backers “bigots”. 

“…It has been reported that you have seen fit to refer to those of us who oppose extensive immigration by third world peoples into the United States, as “bigots.”  You did not offer to debateissues fundamental to the very concept of a nation; …  This suggests that you may be an intellectualcoward.  …Did you investigate the average IQs of the masses pouring over the Southern border, as compared to those of mainstream Americans, when you endorsed a methodology to legitimatize past defiance of our law, and the creation of new paths to citizenship?  Or the relative birthrate among such newer arrivals, as compared to that, today, among settled White Americans?  …  Or are you simply happy to replace rooted South Carolinians with new faces–to do the work that White Americans have supposedly grown too lazy to do? Have you investigated how the so-called “melting pot,” has actually worked in America?  Is it simply an interesting coincidence that urban areas with large enclaves of immigrants or their recent descendants–even from Western lands, other thanthose dominated by the ethic of Magna Carta–consistently vote for candidates with a more Socialistic outlook, than do the independent minded patriots in your own State, or in otherswith more of the original stock, which rallied to the Magna Carta ethos…”

The letter is also at the SC CofCC web site. Flax is a ‘big’ CofCC person.  Remember, the CofCC and Stormfront are basically one in the same. You might also want to investigate the association between Ron Paul supporters, Stormfront, and David Duke. Read this League of the South posting, from a Ron Paul supporter.

Immigration Watch Dog

On Aug 20 a group of Ron Paul supporters tried to force another censure on Lindsey.  They failed.

…A large group of Paul supporters attended the rally, clapping and cheering loudly when Carnes denounced Graham’s support of immigration reform. Several waved “No amnesty for Graham in 2008” signs. The strength-in-numbers strategy worked, as they will have more of a voice in the inner workings of the county Republican Party now…”


One thought on “Is the “Dump Lindsey” Movement a Ron Paul Supporter Special?

  1. In an amazing twist of fantasy and spin, Senator Lindsey Graham & Dan Hoover of the Greenville News attempt to connect the dots from Ron Paul’s Presidential campaign and to the Greenville GOP Executive Committee latest censure of Senator Graham!!!

    As most of you know, it was our first EVER visit to the GOP Executive Meeting in Greenville on Monday – No one – ZERO – Zilch – NONE of us are part of the Greenville GOP Executive (VOTING) committee!!

    What really agitates me is the audacity of the spin, to not only marginalize the Greenville GOP Executive Committees passed censure resolution, but to somehow imply Ron Paul supporters actually voted!!

    c’mon people… let’s get real!

    However, based on what I heard personally, and now this incredulous spin … HAD I been a voting member, I would have been inclined to vote as the MAJORITY of the Greenville GOP Executive Committee in FAVOR of Senator Graham’s censure!

    Furthermore, Senator’s Graham’s quote of “There’s no way I’m ever going to agree with the Ron Paul crowd.”
    shows us EXACTLY where he stands with Ron Paul now, doesn’t it?

    You err in this assumption … Greenville Executive GOP Members Censure Lindsey Graham – see

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