Malkin v. Rivera Let the Games Begin


I think the Moderate Voice is the most rational approach to death match that is Malkin v. Rivera.
He can bounce back.  I don’t know if she can.  You need to have a sense of the ridiculous and a sense of self-deprecation to survive in life.  Geraldo has that.  I think it is obvious Malkin does not.  I think Geraldo was wrong by saying he would “spit on her”.  That’s a little over the top. But,

On September 1, 2007 Malkin fired the opening salvo.

On Sunday, the 2nd the Boston Globe featured and article about Geraldo.  Since then, Malkin hasn’t been able to let it go.  So far I can’t find much about Geraldo, but Malkin’s site is a bill-board of anti-Geraldo postings.

The Boston Globe on Geraldo.

“…Rivera knows what his reputation is – half joking, he refers to himself as “the original rock ‘n’ roll newsman” – but he can be fierce, too, as he demonstrated during an appearance in April on “The O’Reilly Factor.” Discussing a drunken driving death caused by an illegal immigrant, Rivera blew his cool and began berating Bill O’Reilly for making a “cheap political point.” The exchange is a YouTube classic.

Says Bill Shine, vice president of programming for Fox: “That’s Geraldo. I dare someone to put him on a leash.”

Rivera, who as a fledgling lawyer in the ’70s counseled the Puerto Rican nationalist group the Young Lords, says he can’t stomach the politicians and pundits who are stoking “anti-immigrant hysteria,” and his antipathy extends to some of his colleagues at Fox.
“Michelle Malkin is the most vile, hateful commentator I’ve ever met in my life,” he says. “She actually believes that neighbors should start snitching out neighbors, and we should be deporting people.
“It’s good she’s in D.C. and I’m in New York,” Rivera sneers. “I’d spit on her if I saw her.”…”

July 16.

“…Geraldo is worse than worthless. So I won’t waste another word. There’s too much work to do….”

Hot Air links to this clip from Cavuto where Geraldo is on with that dimwit idiot, anti-immigration version of Cindy Sheehan – Michelle Dallecroce.  She’s a …. I need another word for Dimwit!   He never mentioned Malkin. Geraldo is telling the truth. Nowhere did Geraldo “Diss” Malkin in this clip.

HotAir uses this  H&C clip to mention how Geraldo is  after Malkin.  If you listen to the edited clips from this interview on Hot Air – this isn’t quite the truth.

Tancredo v. Geraldo –  Tancredo’s smarmy version.
Then Laura Ingraham takes after Geraldo in one of the nastiest, most patronizing interviews I’ve ever heard. Memorandum

I think the real problem is no one is allowed to disagree with Malkin without being criticized severely.  She even takes on the WSJ over immigration.

One of my real problems with Malkin is her insistence that good, decent, honorable Americans turn into snitches and report illegals  who are simply trying to make a life for themselves in the community.   I don’t have a problem deporting criminal aliens AFTER they have served their sentence.  I do have a problem reporting people who are just trying to have a better life.

Now Rick Moran has joined the fight.  He’s taking it way too hard, and is trying way to hard to make Malkin look like the injured person.  If she isn’t adult enough to let someone say they don’t like her and want to spit on her, then let her deal with it.  The way I see it, she’s reveling in the publicity.


I don’t like Michelle Malkin when it comes to immigration.  I think she is dead wrong on immigration.  I think she is dead on right about the war, terror, and liberals.  It is not a personal thing.  It is a professional thing.  We all have a right not to like a person.  But – we do not have a right to degrade, belittle, and put a person down because we do not like them.

Rick Moran at Right Wing Nut House is lamenting Malkin’s critics and going after Geraldo.  Geez  Moran references to a Hot Air posting of a Keith Oberman clip from APRIL for gosh sakes.  Looks like someone can’t let things go, can they?  Lord have mercy!  That was months ago.  GET OVER IT!

He should be shamed for turning this into a gender issue.  IT IS NOT.

“…This is what has me worried. And not just for Malkin who, while perfectly capable of taking care of herself, nevertheless brings out the “brother” in me. For I must confess that Malkin’s success in what has overwhelmingly been a male dominated industry – political and social commentary – reminds my very much of the success realized by my older sister who broke through the glass ceiling years ago to become a partner in one of Washington’s most prestigious law firms.

Both Malkin and my sister share many similar traits that endear them to their supporters while sending their opponents over the edge. Both are whip smart, tough, ambitious, not shy about expressing an opinion (even if they know it’s unpopular) and challenge convention at the drop of a hat. Their exterior beauty, which cause many to underestimate them, masks a backbone made of tempered steel. “Feminists” in the real sense of the word, neither one bitches or moans about anything life has dealt them – least of all their gender. They simply go out and achieve, making no apologies and asking for no favors.

If that sounds like an unrealistic portrait think again. There are millions of women like them who share many of those traits to one degree or another. And I’m sure that many of these women have met someone like Geraldo Rivera at one time or another in their career. The “sneer” on Rivera’s lips when threatening Malkin is familiar to many women who meet men threatened by their brains, ambition, and yes, beauty. Rivera does not get as nasty when dealing with males who disagree with him. One could easily conclude that for all his bluster, he is little better than a bully who thinks he can push those weaker than him around when he senses a physical advantage….”

I’ve yet to hear anything gender about it, not from reliable, acceptable critics.  Everyone, if we blog long enough, is subjected to horrible harassment.  Trust me, I know.  People are horrible.  They can be rude, nasty, and make things personal.  I have a huge difference of opinion with Malkin over her immigration stance and her associates.  I think she is vicious and goes for the jugular.  Now, is that a complaint?  No.  Is it a gender thing?  No.  In fact, the most biased article I’ve ever seen about Malkin is this one by Rick Moran.  By trying to stand up for her,  he is relegating her to second class citizenship.

Michelle Malkin is perfectly able to stand up for herself.  She’s a big girl with a grown up vocabulary and she knows how to use it.  She has made a place for herself and no one who is ‘rational’ is going to even mention gender.  There’s no need.  She fills in on FOX News where the women on FOX are just as visible and have excellent positions.  From the point of someone who has been the object of gender bias, I just don’t see it.

Now if she were working for the Washington Times, I could see a problem.  The stories of gender bias there are legendary. From what I gather there are times when women at the Post are treated like dirt.   Geraldo isn’t going at it with her as “a woman” he’s going after a person who has defamed his good name.

She’s good at that.  So is her friend Laura Ingraham, who went after Geraldo like a pit bull for the kill.  If Malkin dislikes a person, she makes it personal the way she does, defaming my friend Lindsey.  If you don’t want people doing things and saying things about you, then don’t do it to other people.

It’s called THE GOLDEN RULE:  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  You call people nasty names, they call you nasty names.

For a long time I thought it was cute, having all these lovely little Rush Limbaugh epitaphs to throw at liberals.  Then as I realized that if, blogging is indeed the new media, and I am a writer, then I’d better behave like a professional and quit calling Harry Reid “Dirty Harry”.  Every once in awhile I slip and call Bill Clinton “Slick”, but I am attempting to clean up my act.

Then when I heard Limbaugh denigrating my friend Lindsey, that was enough.  It is funny when you don’t know someone, but when it is a friend who does not deserve the attack, it is no longer funny.  Malkin’s attacks on Lindsey are not funny.  They are vicious and cruel.  The thing is, she never bothered to put anything in context.  And the other problem is the fact that Malkin has lots and lots of boy fans who hang on her every word.

That’s where I have a problem.  Years ago I had the honor of spending nearly two hours with Gene Roddenberry, THE Great Bird of the Galaxy, doing an in-depth interview.  One of the things we discussed were all the Trekkies and his fans.  Roddenberry felt he had a responsibility to his fans.  He also felt that when people were devoted and loyal fans they needed something in their lives.  He could either give them something good or something corrupt.  Roddenberry was an honorable man.  He taught me when you have a fan base and a following, you maintain your highest standards.  There are people who at times don’t have the stability in their lives that they need.  They become followers.  It is the duty of someone who has followers to make sure that they do not head ‘down the dark side’.

The problem is Malkin’s loyal followers take things she says very seriously.  That’s where Geraldo came into the story.  He was pointing to her constant use of the derogative “Shamesty” against Lindsey, and then to the abject hate-filled material both Malkin and Rush inspired.  That’s not good.  It’s downright bad, especially if Malkin’s anti-immigration associates include Vdare, Peter Brimelow (twin brother of former National Socialist John) Steve Sailer, and posts horribly racists things by Heather MacDonald on her anti-immigration site.   If she would use information other than that which is derived from John Tanton based sources I would give it a critical look.  BUT – and that’s the big thing – she doesn’t.  She either accepts all of this at face value or actually believes it.

The only thing I disagree with Malkin about is immigration.  I think she is dead wrong.  I think she excels with her coverage of terror, the idiocy of liberalism, and the War.  She is excellent, one of the best.

There is nothing wrong with criticizing a woman when you are doing it over a professional item.  The one thing that drives me crazy about Hillary Clinton is she has done everything on her husband’s coat-tails.  She did not do it on her own.  Malkin is done it on her own, not “as a woman” but as a professional journalist” .  Geraldo has rightly gone after her as a professional, not the little woman Rick Moran believes her to be.

There is also a difference being criticized as an equal and criticized by a man who is so insecure he does not want a woman to be an equal.  I don’t mind being criticized  as a colleague.  BUT – when I am criticized by a man who is trying to put me down in order to maintain his male ego, I get a little ticked, to put it mildly.  I don’t mind admitting I lose it. I can’t stand these kind of men.

By doing the “poor little sister, Michelle” Rick Moran is degrading her ever-increasing status as a journalist.  If she’s upset about Geraldo, go kick him in the …. Figuratively, of course.  Don’t go crying about it to the guys. If she is upset about Joe Blow making fun of her as a woman journalist when he can barely write his name and has a two bit column in a two bit paper and treats women like dirt, yea, she has a right to be upset.

The problem is men don’t know the difference.  They don’t understand the difference.  I’ve spent most of my professional life dealing as an equal with men.  There is nothing that makes me crazier than to run up against a little twerp who is so insecure and so misogynist he can’t stand women and treats them like dirt.

There’s a difference.   Geraldo is not a misogynist.  He may be insufferably alpha male, but he’s not a misogynist.  And – the real problem?  The men who are insufferably  alpha male are the very best kind of men.  I’ll take one any day of the week over some insipid little whiner who must run home to his mommy or wife and ask permission to puke.   Sorry, but I want the chest-beating Tarzan type who isn’t afraid to make a fool of himself because he knows who he is.

For ages conservatives, especially Rush, have been going around making fun of liberal men as something effeminate and half-male.  It has just dawned on me the problem is not only are many of the liberal men that way, but most of the conservatives we are seeing are the same way.  They aren’t real men and don’t know how to act like real men.  They cry.  They sniff, and they FOLLOW.

We have a real problem with conservatives today.  They are sniveling cry-babies.  I’m shocked most of them can read the Constitution, let alone talk about it.  They are twits. They have become followers who don’t have an original thought in their pretty little heads. Conservatives have forgotten how to be leaders and how to be original thinkers.  Today’s conservative can’t comprehend the fact that the battle between Geraldo and Malkin is rather like something from a science fiction.  Sit back and enjoy the show!

You want to know the real problem with Malkin. (I am trying not to be crude here, so deal with it).  Her male anatomical features are a heck of a lot bigger and stronger than 90% of the conservative men around her.  She’s stronger than they are.  She doesn’t need a protector.  She has the same attributes as Hillary Clinton, Bette Davis, Leona Helmsley, Martha Stewart, Lucille Ball, and any number of women who are excelling.  To succeed in a man’s world you must be tougher and stronger than they are.

Up until about 4 months ago I was the most loyal Rush Limbaugh listener I the world.  I began listening to him in 1992 and never stopped.  During the primary campaign of 1994, all we wanted to do was get Rush to mention Lindsey.  Be careful what you wish for – you may get it.

I always thought, until recently, that Rush has done a service for Republicans and conservatives empowering them.  I think at one time he did.  But, somewhere along the way he cross the line.  Today he does far more damage than he does good.


There are a number of conservatives who came of age listening to him.  They hang on his every word.  THEY FORGOT TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES.

In the Rush Limbaugh and now the entire conservative world, Conservative = Good, Liberal = Bad.  Ten years ago there might have been a grain of truth to the philosophy.  Unfortunately today, it is not.

We now live in a “conservative” mindset where the following are good and pure”
World Net Daily

And the following are pure evil:

The problems is the fact that I am discovering just the opposite is true.  When the MSM begins quoting WND, Houston, we have a problem!  No one is bothering to check sources.  No one is bothering to note the connection with the WTimes and Sun Myung Moon.  Once upon a time he was a cult leader.  Now the conservatives world slobbers all over his newspaper.

The SPLC is evil.  Consequently any information the SPLC has about Malkin’s association with Vdare, Peter Brimelow, Steve Sailer, etc. is wrong.  Right?  Wrong.

Conservatives must begin questioning sources.  They must learn how to separate themselves from the herd and to once again learn how to think.  Perhaps the best way would be to turn off Rush Limbaugh.

(I can’t believe I just wrote that).