What’s Up With the Arizona Anti-Immigration People & Their Little Nazi Friends?


Evidently in Arizona it is acceptable for Republicans to be white supremacists, members of the KKK, and outright outed Nazis.  I know there’s something strange in the water in Tombstone (you don’t drink it – all those old mines and such), but this is Phoenix.  Maybe it’s the smog.

Why are all the wigged out far,  so far right they are left conservatives in Arizona going so extreme?

Why do conservatives give these kind of people (KKK, neo-Nazi, white supremacists) a pass when it comes to immigration?  What is going on?

We all know the oldest internet joke there is is the first person to mention Nazis loses. But – when you have photos of people dressed up in their little Gestapo-like regalia, posing with pictures of other people dressed the same way, and then pictured at anti-immigration rallies with big name national political figures, well, you gotta stop and think.

I don’t think anyone can deny that the entire anti-immigration movement is tainted with the rank odor of hypocrisy, bigotry, and racism.  Those who do are either in total denial of the situation or up to their armpits in complicity.  There are two kinds of sins, those of commission and those of omission. Turning a blind eye, constantly, to the vile “isms” of those who are in leadership positions within the anti-immigration movement is, in the end, going to hurt not only the anti-immigration movement, but also the Republican Party, the alleged conservative movement, and the United States in general.  They are giving Americans a bad name.  They are destroying the Republican Party.  And  – they are corrupting every single thing Ronald Reagan ever stood for.  “Conservative” as an ‘ism’ is becoming a laughing-stock joke for average, decent one time conservative average citizen middle of the road Americans.

If good decent people do not stand up in the face PROVEN racism, bigotry, and truly vile political stances and denounce them, they are as bad as the horrific forces attempting to turn the face of the ‘Average American’ into someone who is white with blond or red hair, green or blue eyes, is ‘Christian – that’s a joke- and of European ancestry.  All others need not apply.  The supporters of anti-immigration who are of different races or unacceptable gene-pools, such as Michelle Malkin, had better be careful.  Once she has helped her friends at Vdare like Peter Brimelow rid the world of illegal immigrants, they will turn on her and they will turn on her racially mixed children.  We are at war here – war against an “ism” that was supposedly vanquished in 1945.

What happened?

If you don’t open your eyes now, tomorrow may be too late.  But – don’t worry about me. I am white, with a pedigree that equals that of the Queen of England.  My natural hair color (I believe) was once that beloved iconic reddish gold (Rheingold).  My eyes are green.  While I am Episcopalian and 80% Norman, there’s just enough Prussian in me to “Pass”. The only way they’re coming to get me is if I keep opening my mouth to expose them.

What about you?  Are you Jewish, Catholic, Asian, Native, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Black, Indian? Do you come from a non-acceptable European country like the liberated former Soviet block?  If you can’t prove your perfect ‘Western European “Christian (that’s a joke)” pedigree, you’re in deep do-do.  One of these days, after they finish “rounding up” the illegals, they’ll come after  you.  While I’m on my way to a concentration camp because I’ve been trying to defend your rights, I’ll be saying I told you so.

Okay, this all sounds a little extreme and over the top.  I’m trying to get people to stop and pay attention to what is going on here.  Yes, we have a problem with illegal immigration, but like the chemo-therapy cancer bomb that kills the patient, this cure is worse than the disease.

Quit being an ostrich. Take your head out of the ground and deal with it.

P. S.  I want these people out of MY Republican Party.  And the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Tammy Bruce, and Michael Savage dare call my friend Lindsey Graham an bigot and makes fun of John McCain.  How dare they!?!  Maybe these celebs and ther sycophants in the conservative blog world need to be begging their pardon and learning who the real, PATRIOTIC AMERICANS ARE AND WHO THEY AREN’T!

J. T. Ready, failed politician, minuteman, white supremacist, anti-immigration leader, and all-American hero was photographed at the Omaha Nazi rally with some of his goose-stepping little friends!

Omaha anti-immigration rally.
“…Notable mentions go out to the new NSM Arizona unit or was it NSM Kansas for having the most guys in attendance from a single NSM chapter (that might have been a tie). NSM Michigan for the longest trips with no sleep (again). NSM Iowa for hosting. NSM WI., KS., and IL. for the after event clean-up. All the workers on Security, NSM Records store, building crew, film crew, camera crew, clean-up, cooks, hosts, and the drivers. Also thank you to the non-NSM troops that came out and pitched in too, you all are appreciated….”

I’ve been telling you these guys are connected but all you do is laugh at me.  Well, now there are photos outing J. T. Ready as an official neo-Nazi! The worst part of this is Ready is associated with AZ Congressman Russell Pierce (R) (darn it)

J. T. Ready is an anti-immigration ‘legend’ and hero in Arizona and around the country.  He is connected with a number of organizations including Rusty Childress’ Riders USA,
Simply because some of the members of Riders USA are Vietnam Vets, we are to ignore their very nasty associations. United for a Sovereign America USA (Immigration Buzz)

United for a Sovereign America USA have this posted on their site:

“…JT Ready On The Current State Of Affairs
Published by Rusty February 4th, 2007 in Uncategorized.
Mesa Arizona patriot JT Ready exposes the corruption within our government that produces the lawlessness which enables the illegal alien invasion and the interference of foreign lands—all for the sake of perpetuating big businesses and big government. HERE….”

More about Ready – the minuteman.

“…Whatever, JT.JT Ready is perhaps most famous for his attempted murder of an undocumented immigrant, Efrain Martinez, who Ready claimed was attempting to car jack him. In reality, Ready had racially profiled a group of Latinos and after tailing their truck into a cul de sac, freaked out and took a shot at Martinez, a passerby.Ready told Police that he had shot in self defense. Police arrested and held Martinez, whose story differs significantly from Ready’s, for 42 days, but when they became skeptical of Ready’s version he was deported with only a minor charge. Much to Ready’s chagrin, Martinez was back in the country less than a week later, prompting local anarchists to sport signs reading, “We are all Efrain Martinez” at local anti-Minutemen protests forever after….”

It all goes back to the old Protect Arizona Now which was bankrolled by Rusty Childress and Kathy McKee.

“…PAN Treasurer Rusty Childress, owner of Childress Auto Mall in Phoenix, agrees that we need to protect the United States from immigrants because “we need to be careful that we don’t become the third world country that a lot of these illegal aliens are running from.” (Horizonte, KAET TV, Dec. 18, 2003)
The leaders of the PAN initiative drive clearly do not share the opinions of the majority of Arizonans. We understand that Arizona’s economy and culture benefit greatly from immigration.
Protect Arizona Now is also supported by a number of anti-immgration organizations with ties to racist “white nationalist” organizations. The main goal of white nationalists is the preservation of white European culture. While not as overtly racist as white supremacist groups like the Ku Klux Klan, many white nationalists fear that unchecked immigration will lead to the destruction of a separate white culture. For a brief analysis of the links between anti-immigration groups and white nationalism, read “White Nationalism and Immigration Today” by Loretta J. Ross….”

Just in case the minutemen try to wriggle out of this one, NPR identifies Ready as one of the sanctified holy ones.

This AZ Central article identifies NEO-NAZI J. T. READY AS ONE OF THE ORIGINAL MINUTEMEN. Then backtracks.  Why?

“… In an interview last month with the Republic, Ready claimed he was one of the founding members of the Arizona Minuteman Project, which puts volunteers on the U.S.-Mexico border to monitor illegal crossers. When asked about his role in the project Wednesday, Ready said he was a member, not a founder, of the group. He said he went on one evening patrol with a similar group called Civil Homeland Defense before that.…”

A Nazi web site defends Ready.


Every conservatives most precious Republican JD Hayworth is documented at meetings where both Ready and Childress have appeared as speakers.  What does this say about Hayworth?
Even one of the most anti-anti-immigration people in AZ defends Hayworth. This is what I don’t understand.  Which side of the fence is Hayworth on?  He has ties to Rusty Childress.
But pulled his endorsement of Russell Pearce. after Pearce’s neo-Nazi ties were exposed.

Unfortunately JD Hayworth, a decent man, is typical of most everyone involved in the whole anti-immigration movement.  He is willing to compromise his values and honor and lie down with bigoted, racist dogs in order to get what he wants.  I was always taught the ends do not justify the means.  The thing that bothers me most with this whole anti-immigration scenario is the fact that good decent people are willing to sacrifice truth and honor for an end that is not good, decent or honorable.  What does that say about them?  What does that say about conservatives in general?  What does it say about people like Rush Limbaugh and Michelle Malkin who willingly denigrate a man like Lindsey Graham because they do not agree with him? 

More from the Phoenix New Times and JT Ready and his little Nazi friends.

“…The Ernst Roehm of East Valley, former Maricopa City Council candidate J.T. Ready has been lying low for a while, at least since I saw him arm-in-arm with AZ state Rep. Russell Pearce, after his rabble-rousing speech at the big anti-immigrant hoedown at the State Capitol back in June. But it seems J.T. made it up to Omaha, Nebraska for a September 1 neo-Nazi demonstration outside the Mexican consulate there. According to a statement by NSM Commander Jeff Schoep made on the National Socialist Movement Web site, “special guest speakers” at the event included “JT Ready/Arizona Republican activist.” And indeed, if you look carefully at the gaggle of brownshirts herded behind fences to help keep ’em separated from counterdemonstrators, you can spy the blubber-bound fascist in a gray suit hobnobbing with those in full S.A. regalia. Apparently, he wasn’t alone, “Notable mentions go out to the new NSM Arizona unit or was it NSM Kansas for having the most guys in attendance from a single NSM chapter (that might have been a tie).”…”

Photo of Russell Pearce on a white nationalist web site.
Who is J. T. Ready?

“…Like you needed more proof that AZ’s nativist movement is riddled with racists, rednecks, and raving wing-nuts, the anti-immigrant protest at the state capitol this Saturday (6/16) featured a rabble-rousing speech by none other than the Ernst Roehm of the East Valley, the Martin Bormann of Mesa, everyone’s favorite fat-boy fascist, J.T. Ready.
Yep, despite the fact that Ready’s been outed by the Anti-Defamation League, and my print cohort The Bird as a white supremacist who’s kept a page on the neo-Nazi Web site Newsaxon.com (now Newsaxon.org), a racist MySpace “for whites by whites”; despite the fact that Ready reportedly attended last year’s Winterfest event in Phoenix hosted by the neo-Nazi National Vanguard; and though Ready’s posted white supremacist messages on my blog and others; he was welcomed, cheered and embraced Saturday by a crowd of 300 or so on the capitol lawn, a crowd angered whenever the term “racist” was raised in regards to their movement….”


“…Here’s a little follow-up to this buzzard’s exposé last week of Kia dealer Rusty Childress’ regular Thursday-night prejudice parties at his automall at 23rd Avenue and Camelback Road (“Bigot Bash,” April 19, 2007). Apparently, former Mesa city council candidate J.T. Ready, who bumblefucked his way to defeat in March ’06 after omitting from his bio info about his criminal history, is a member of the Web site Newsaxon.com, sort of a racist MySpace.com, which bills itself as “An Online Community for Whites By Whites.” This, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

The profile on Newsaxon.com, under the handle “Viking Son,” features several pics of the rotund racist parading in a kilt, debating “anti-white commies” at a demonstration, and searching for illegals with a big set of binoculars. His turn-ons include, “A woman who loves our Race, Kultur, Heritage, History and Future,” while turn-offs list “Negativity” and “Race-Mixing,” among others.

Favorite books include the neo-Nazi classic The Turner Diaries — you know, the racist dystopian novel by the late white supremacist leader William Pierce, which inspired Timothy McVeigh to bomb the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Music-wise, the dood’s into Prussian Blue, the white-nationalist bubblegum-pop duo of Lynx and Lamb Gaede, two blond, blue-eyed teenage twins who love Adolf Hitler, swastikas and giving the Nazi salute at their concerts.

This “Viking Son” page (www.newsaxon.com/Viking_Son) sports such gnarly maxims as “We must create White Familes our perish” [sic], as well as messages from his pals, like “Have a White day,” and constant references to 14/88, neo-Nazi shorthand for a 14-word statement by imprisoned white supremacist David Lane (“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children”), and the eighth letter of the alphabet, 88, meaning “HH” or “Heil Hitler!”…’

The American Freedom Riders
go all out to support Ramos & Compean.

“…Still, the popularity of their cause cannot be denied. About 350 people showed for the shindig at the Roadrunner, with parking for the sea of motorcycles and other vehicles spilling over to the opposite side of the road. Do-ragged Harley lovers listened to a lineup of anti-immigrant speakers, from MILF-y firebrand Michelle Dallacroce of Mothers Against Illegal Aliens to William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), whose shtick is raving about the extremist bugbear of a “North American Union” with Mexico and Canada.

The event was hosted by conservative radio MC and former San Diego Mayor Roger Hedgecock. Shredded mystery meat sloppy joes were served, and cover band Resonation cranked out versions of such tunes as the Violent Femmes’ “Blister in the Sun,” which (oddly) got the biker chicks dancing. Folks paid $20 a head to get in, and, along with a raffle and direct donations, more than $38K was raised for Ramos’ wife, Monica, according to David Heppler, one of the event’s organizers.

As this worm-wrangler canvassed the crowd, Budweiser in hand, it spied a who’s who of the nativist movement, from Minuteman leader Chris Simcox and his deadly enemy, Jim Gilchrist, to former goober-natorial candidate Don Goldwater and reactionary radio lip-flapper Terry Anderson. Why, even PHX mayoral hopeful Steve “Loser” Lory was workin’ the crowd. And this beak-bearer finally got to meet colleague Linda Bentley of the way-right Sonoran News, who disapproves of Sheriff “Nickel Bag” Joe Arpaio nearly as much as this magpie.

Although this pugnacious pelican was despised by many in attendance, was occasionally referred to in colorful terms, and was once asked to leave by anchor-baby-basher Dallacroce, he was afforded safe passage by American Freedom Riders founder Danny Smith, whose biker group sponsored the wingding. This cunning kite used his powers of persuasion to win over Dallacroce and others to thinking that The Bird was at least worth arguing with. Civil, though heated, political discussion in a biker bar? Hey, it happened, people.

There was an absence of skinheads, unlike at other nativist hayrides. Maybe neo-Nazis don’t mix well with Easy Riders. Or maybe they just knew they weren’t welcome. The American Freedom Riders may be wrong about Ramos and Compean, but at least they throw one helluva part. Noticeably absent from the festivities at the Roadrunner was Kia-peddler Rusty Childress, who once was known as the “cofounder” of the American Freedom Riders but who has been ostracized by his own organization and has since split off to form a much-smaller bike club called Riders U.S.A. , which boasts a skull-head logo very similar to that of the AFR.

According to various sources, Childress was booted from AFR last year, though as late as mid-June, he apparently was representing himself as a spokesman for the group to the Arizona Republic, and he appeared wearing an AFR T-shirt at a Cave Creek City Council meeting in June to discuss the issue of day laborers, an act that angered some AFR members.”

The most important piece of anti-immigration connect the dots is a simple letter a group of people put together. In 2006 a group of anti-immigration activists sent a letter to President Bush basically demanding he give in to their racist dribble.

Some of the people are main-stream “conservative” leaders (if you want to call them that).  Others are very highly paid main-stream lobbyists.  There are ‘respected’ media personalities.  Then there are people like Rusty Childress and JT Ready who are known, identified WHITE SUPREMACISTS.  Now, I want to know what Dan Stein, President of JOHN TANTON’S FAIR, and a nationally known anti-immigration figure (and racist) and appears on FOX is doing with a group of people who include at least one known neo-Nazi? And – why does the conservative media even allow this?

This is the list of the signers of that petition:

“Tim Holloway – 
President, Battleground PAC
Kimberly Fletcher
 – President, Homemakers for America Inc.
Karl Raszewski II – 
Political Director, SOS Borders
Al Garza – 
National Director, Minutemen Civil Defense Corps
Peter Gadiel – 
President, 9/11 Families for a Secure America
Dan Stein
 – President, FAIR
Federation for American Immigration Reform
Carol A. Taber – 
President, Family Security Matters
Steve Elliott
 – President and Founder, Grassfire.org Alliance
Jean Towell – 
Citizens for Immigration Reform
Terry Anderson
 – Radio Host, Terry Anderson Show
Rusty Childress – 
United for a Sovereign America
Don Pratt  – 
Alamo Alliance
Melanie Morgan – 
Radio Host, KSFO San Francisco
Martha Zoller
 – The Martha Zoller Show
Ruthie Hendrycks
 – President/Co Founder, Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform
Jason Mrochek
 – Co-Founder, FIRE Coalition
D. A. King
 – President The Dustin Inman society 
Michelle Dallacroce – 
President, Mothers Against Illegal Aliens
Edward and Cynthia Kolb
 – www.desertvisions.us
Albert F. Rodriguez
 – You Don’t Speak for Me Coalition
Cheree Calabro
 – State Director IFIRE
Indiana Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement
Natisha Cooper
 = Co-Director
Marion County Chapter, IFIRE
Indianapolis, IN
Rosanna Pulido
 – State Director 
Illinois Minuteman Civil Defense Corp.
Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform
Minnesota Minutemen
Box 87
Hanska, MN. 56041
Walter Adams
 – Minutemen CDC Pennsylvania State Director
Donna Walker
Pam Pinkard 
Michael Rabitioy
Ray Bell
Daniel Switala
Atlanta Chapter – Minuteman Project
JT Ready
President –  Americans First!
Floridians for Immigration
Mike Lonero
 – Hands Along the Border Rally Coordinator- Sacramento