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Today Crystal Ball Time made a prediction that Sarah Palin may be just the right VP choice for the GOP. The media is starting to take a look at Sarah Palin. Evidently, from what I am reading, they like what they see.  Is she the new face of the GOP?

These days the phrase “Alaskan GOP” are becoming synonymous with corruption.  The only thing preventing it from becoming the laughing-stock of the nation is the new governor, Sarah Palin.  She is on her way to becoming just the poster child the GOP, slammed with the epitaph of ‘culture of corruption’ needs.

A few weeks ago I did an Blog Critics piece on Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska. I’d been contacted by a few of her supporters, asking me to take a look at her.  There’s an interesting movement afoot to promote her front and central as a possible VP candidate.  My first thought was skeptical considering all the problems they were having up in Alaska, then I realized she was right in the middle of it, trying to clean house.  The more of what I see going on in Alaska and the more I see of her, I am coming to the conclusion that in this “culture of GOP corruption” (including Alaska long-time GOP Senator Ted Stevens) she may be just what we need.

Case in point.  In today’s WSJ’s Opinion Journal’s Political Diary John Fund has some damning additional information on Ted Stevens and the FBI.

“Last month, after the FBI raided the Alaska home Sen. Ted Stevens — who has served in the Senate for 39 years — I quoted a GOP colleague of Mr. Stevens as saying that his days were numbered: “He’s toast. You start out thinking you are representing your state and you take one step after another until suddenly you’re primarily representing your friends in the state.”

Well, it appears Mr. Stevens is on an accelerated departure path. The FBI raided the Stevens home to secure evidence about remodeling work done on the house that was allegedly paid for by Bill Allen, a Stevens friend who was then CEO of the oil-services firm VECO. Now it appears the FBI has even stronger evidence because, with Mr. Allen’s permission, the agency secretly recorded two phone calls between the two men.

Mr. Allen has already testified in open court that he allegedly bribed Ben Stevens, the senator’s son and a former majority leader of the Alaskan state senate.

For his part, the senior Stevens, the longest serving Republican in Senate history, has lawyered up by hiring Brendan Sullivan, a Washington attorney best known for defending Oliver North during the Iran-Contra hearings of the 1980s. I make no judgment about the legal case that might be built against Mr. Stevens, but politically the self-described King of Earmarks may well be serving his last months in the Senate. There is no way Republicans will risk losing a seat in staunchly Republican Alaska next year when Mr. Stevens comes up for reelection. He will be under strong pressure to resign and allow the state’s GOP governor to appoint a success.”

Today Palin announced that she is interested in getting some answers from Ted Stevens about his problems.

“I can’t guess what that information would be, but I think I join others in wanting to know of the senator’s innocence,” Palin said.

“Right now, we are not hearing anything,” she said. “We are going to give him the benefit of the doubt because that’s appropriate, and that’s deserved.”

Stevens’ spokesman declined to comment Friday. Stevens has said he won’t discuss the investigation for fear it will look as if he’s trying to influence it.

…Palin took office last December, winning on a platform that included ethics reform.Since then, one former lawmaker has been convicted of bribery, another is on trial and two others await trial on federal bribery charges.

U.S. Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, also is under investigation for campaign finance practices, according to a federal law enforcement source.

This week, Palin said the Alaska Senate Republican leadership should consider stripping GOP state Sen. John Cowdery of his plum committee assignment after his name surfaced at the Kott trial. He hasn’t been charged.

She also said Stevens’ son, Ben, should resign his post as an Alaska representative on the Republican National Committee since he’s also under investigation but not charged. Ben Stevens, a former state Senate president who didn’t run for re-election last year, hasn’t attended an RNC meeting for more than two years.

The state’s political culture has come under a national spotlight that won’t likely dim anytime soon.

Palin isn’t suggesting that the elder Stevens jeopardize the investigation, but wants him to do what he can to put the state’s residents at ease.

“This goes to a bigger picture,” Palin said. “Alaskans are anxious to hear any information that can be provided regarding his innocence.”…”

Yesterday Palin told the AP that she wanted Stevens’ son to quit the RNC.

I now wonder if Palin is too good to be true.  Her 18 year old son, “Track” recently enlisted in the Army and on Tuesday headed off basic training.  A recent article in the Anchorage Daily News highlights the fact that Palin has made the first of the obligatory Middle East visits every GOP politician who has national aspirations makes.

“…”In July, Palin went to Kuwait where she visited the Alaska Army National Guard’s 3rd Battalion, 297th Infantry, a unit that is made up of about 575 Alaska men and women.

She said she wanted an up-close look at the sacrifices made by Alaska-based troops in the Middle East so she accepted the offer of a two-day tour sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense.

…Since her son enlisted, Palin said, she has received several e-mails from women whose sons or daughters have either enlisted or are serving overseas.

While proud of their children’s decision to enlist, they have not lost sight of the prospects of losing a loved one in the war.
“I certainly have thought about it; the mixed emotions we all feel will be something that binds us together,” Palin said. “But we don’t regret that our son or daughter has made this decision.”…


So far the main complaint
I can find about Palin is that she is helping to facilitate a wolf massacre in Alaska.  Considering my phobia about the monstrous creatures, I can’t fault her for that.

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