Ron Paul Steals Votes from SC’s Nazi Presidential Candidate!


For months I’ve been warning you about some tawdry Ron Paul supporters.  Well, SC’s “BadBoy” FTS Blog has something interesting. Evidently Ron Paul is ‘stealing’ votes, or rather supporters from the National Socialist Presidential Nominee, John Taylor Bowles proving the old adage, there’s no honor among  thieves.

“…By Corey Hutchins, Special to FITSNews
FITSNews – September 23, 2007 – A presidential long-shot is scoring big with white supremacist voters, although it’s not their “official candidate.”

Texas Congressman Ron Paul is receiving “all the pro-white support,” the American Nazi Party’s nominee for president said in an exclusive interview with FITSNews.

From inside his campaign headquarters in Laurens, S.C. – an old movie theater converted into a Ku Klux Klan museum and National Socialist Movement meeting hall – John Taylor Bowles said he doesn’t understand why so many members of a white nationalist Web forum,, are supporting Paul for president and not him.

As the self-styled “white peoples’ candidate,” Bowles says his Aryan brothers and sisters will lose America to the non-whites – and possibly even get kicked off the continent – unless “something is done.”

He says he’s seen a harbinger of things to come after a June campaign stop along the U.S.-Mexico border, a trip he officially dubbed “Operation Throw Back the Wetback.”

So how does the Paul campaign react to the news that their candidate is a big hit among white extremists?..

…Bowles says his first order of business as President would be to sign an executive order sending large segments of the population back to their respective homelands. His next move would be to bring back all white troops currently serving overseas.

Claiming he is part of the fastest-growing network of white nationalists in the country, South Carolina’s candidate believes he has enough support to get on the ballot in most states.

“Americans love an underdog,” he says while dismissing the mainstream presidential candidates – including Ron Paul – as a “bunch of horses” lacking the stomach for controversy.

As for controversy, Bowles believes Americans crave it. Tapping his swastika armband he says, “This is coming back into style.”

I guess the big difference between Bowles and his associations is the fact that Bowles isn’t afraid of broadcast what he truly believes. …”

From White Civil Rights where Duke wrote:

“…The two biggest issues facing America at this time are the Iraq War and the illegal alien problem. Ron Paul has called for an end to “birth-right citizenship” also known as “anchor babies.” Ron Paul has also called for a speedy withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. Of all the candidates, Paul is the only one who is “two for two” on these key issues. Americans have grown tired of all the overused neocon slogans, which appear targeted more for children than for adults. Keeping our troops in a shooting gallery while accomplishing nothing is NOT supporting the troops.

The Big Five candidates are trying to force us to accept an endless war in Iraq as unavoidable. The one candidate who wants to bring the troops home is belittled as a “fringe” candidate —a radical who has no chance of winning. Well, the American public wants to bring the troops home. If the Republicans run another pro-war neocon for president, it will be like the election massacre of 2006 all over again. The only chance the Republicans have is to run an anti-war candidate if they really want to win.

It’s getting pretty obvious that the powers-that-be don’t want us to elect Ron Paul. They don’t even want us to think of him as a serious candidate. They want us to think that the liberal Republican governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, and the liberal Republican ex-mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani are our only real choices for 2008. Giuliani is so pro-war, he practically foams at the mouth when defending our eternity deployment in Iraq.

Well, the American people just won a major battle over the Amnesty Bill. We were faced with a bipartisan sell out and we were able to intimidate the Senate into killing their own bill. If we can defeat the corporate big shots and elitist snobs running Washington, DC, then maybe we can pull off a similar victory with Ron Paul….”

Interesting profile of Ron Paul.

Man Chicken has a list of things Ron Paul will do to destroy the country.

“…While David Duke’s staff claims that he isn’t explicitly endorsing any candidates, he says an awful lot of nice things about Ron Paul. He also does a lot of attacking those who criticize Ron Paul. Suspicious, no?

Well, I found in the URL that one of the lovely Ron Paul supporters put onto my blog a link to a white supremacy site, so I’ve been doing a little digging. Here are some interesting things that I found.

Ron Paul has been the subject of no fewer than three articles on David Duke’s personal site.

Ron Paul has been praised by the white supremacy group White Civil Rights

Ron Paul is published in white supremacist newspapers:See here

I am nowhere near the only person suspecting Ron Paul of racism and or white-supremacy

Ron Paul has a large volume of white supremacist supporters: racism and “jews” categories are particularly showing)

Ron Paul has ties to the John Birch society, a group of rather serious conspiracy theorists

The Alabama Green Party has identified Ron Paul as a racist and as dangerous to the United States of America: see here, and don’t forget to read the laundry list of racist comments

Ron Paul has a disgusting track record when it comes to environmental protection:

Ron Paul voted against H.R. 9, called the “Fannie Lou Hamer, Rosa Parks, and Coretta Scott King Voting Rights Act Reauthorization and Amendments Act”. This bill passed 390-33 and is to protect the rights of Americans to vote, and to protect voters before, during, and after the polls:

Do I really need to go on? Ron Paul is will destroy America.

As I hope to make this the last post dedicated to this festering pustule on the face of America, I would like to thank all of Ron Paul’s supporters who have helped me to really discover how horrifying this man really is. I would especially like to thank Josh, who so conveniently linked himself to the Ku Klux Klan by putting his blog’s URL in his comment this evening. I really could have not informed readers this well without you….”

From Georgia Green: Things you might not know about Ron Paul