White Supremacist Leaning Witherspoon Betrays GOP Takes On Graham in Primary


I don’t want to sound hysterical, but is the Witherspoon candidacy the first overtly outright move of a newly invigorated movement that is dominated by individuals with obvious and open toes not only to the racist Council of Conservative Citizens but others as well. As alarming is the fact that one of Witherspoon’s first fund-aisers and backers was none other than Marcus Epstein, who has extensive CofCC, KKK, white supremacist and Neo-Nazi ties, On Thanksgiving Day the SC Hotline Press made the exclusive announcement that Witherspoon was indeed going ahead with his plans to betray the GOP and run against Lindsey Graham.

“…these are the groups who operate within the mainstream of American society and who wield awesome power both at the voting booth and in the halls of government.The neo-Confederate Movement is, to many, considered to be a little daffy and somewhat eccentric. Often the operation is thought of as harmless and benign and something engaged in by those malcontents in the South whom, for whatever reason, never got over losing the Civil War. Nothing could be further from the truth. And nothing could be more dangerous than allowing this Movement to flourish – and believe me, it is doing precisely that.Like the neo-Nazi’s and the whole White Supremacy movement, the neo-Confederates’ contingencies are varied with a number of groups making up the whole. Unlike the neo-Nazi’s, they appear to be a lot more cohesive in their efforts to present a united front. Vehemently opposed to immigration, homosexuals, inter-race marriages, and integration, membership in these groups spans the United States and boasts about an alarming number of members. Additionally, the movement is spearheaded by individuals of prominence and sometimes wealth. The neo-Confederates are but the tip of the ice-berg in the grand scheme of this repugnant hard-right morass, however. Behind every “movement” there has to be largesse – and lots of it. As we move through the members and the leaders of this “Southern Swamp” we will attempt to connect the dots. There are connections – and we think we have found some of the money trail.
The premier group among these neo-Confederates is the Council of Conservative Citizens who were largely unnoticed prior to Senator Trent Lott being outed as an honorary member and staunch supporter of the group.
In the 1950’s South racism was the norm. In Mississippi it was perpetuated by a group called the “White Citizens Council” and a racist infrastructure that was unparalled and virtually impossible to destroy. Robert “Tut” Patterson was the founder of the White Citizens Council and together with a handful of other small businessmen and shop-owners, as well as Mayors and other white community leades the organization grew to a membership of over 250,000 in and out of Mississippi. The group prided itself on their ability to threaten and harass those who advocated civil rights. The Council was a segregationist organization and they often wielded a heavy hand and quite a bit of power within the communities.
The White Citizens Council was often referred to as the “Uptown Klan” as it appeared that sheets and hoods had been discarded and replaced by suits and ties. The ideology of this group was much like that of the Klan believing that whites were superior and “uppity Negroes” had to be kept in their place. According to the Sisters of Selma website, “Uppity blacks found themselves jobless, black professionals had credit, insurance, or license problems, and all blacks who tried to register to vote were placed on a blacklist.”…”

Buddy Witherspoon, whom I profiled several weeks ago, is formally announcing his unprecedented decision to run against Senator Lindsey Graham.  Witherspoon, duly elected by the South Carolina Republican Party’s State Committee to serve in the honored position as a member of the Republican National Committee is going where no Republican has gone before, and betraying both the GOP, SC, and his seated Republican Senator.  The move Witherspoon is making is UNPRECEDENTED in the history of the Republican Party, both in South Carolina and NATIONALLY.  His dishonorable decision is one for the record books. Witherspoon only recently denounced his White Supremacist (pro KKK) ties to the Council of Conservative Citizens.  For more of a background on the CofCC and their racist past, Left of Center has one of the best profiles I’ve found to date.


In a further duplicitous maneuver, Witherspoon is utilizing the services of Marcus Epstein, of Team America Pac, controlled by another ultra conservative Republican, Tom Tancredo.   As if to also further prove Witherspoon’s ultra conservative WHITE SUPREMACIST leanings, Epstein is a columnist for Vdare, ruled over by Peter Brimelow and his neo-Nazi ties.  (Michelle Malkin is a columnist for Vdare.)  Epstein’s anti-Semitic writings can be found on the pages of Vdare. Epstein’s Robert A. Taft club has been sited by the SPLC as an organization with extremists ties. Epstein has also appeared on The Political Cesspool radio show. The Political Cesspool is noted for its ties to the CofCC, Stormfront (a white supremacist, neo-nazi leaning organization that is the sister organization to the CofCC) and to outright individuals who are noted members of the neo-Nazi party. Also, Epstein is tied to the Ludwig von Mises Institute’s Austrian Scholar’s conference.


In my earlier article about Witherspoon, I pondered the Ron Paul connections.  In the SPLC piece about Epstein and The Taft Club, the SPLC’s hatewatch blog wrote…

“…The Taft Club is led by Marcus Epstein (right), who serves as the executive director of both white nationalist Pat Buchanan’s The American Cause and the Team America PAC, which is run by Buchanan’s sister, Bay Buchanan. Epstein writes for the anti-immigrant hate site vdare.com and he advocates for white supremacist organizations. He is especially fond of American Renaissance — a white supremacist journal that has suggested that blacks have “psychopathic personalities” — and attends the journal’s biannual conferences. In 2006, Epstein invited the head of American Renaissance’s parent organization, Jared Taylor, to speak to the Taft Club on the issue of “Race and Conservatism.” Taylor isn’t the only extremist Epstein has invited to speak at the Taft Club’s meetings. Both Paul Gottfried, who has spoken at American Renaissance gatherings, and Robert Stacy McCain, a foe of interracial marriage who is an editor at The Washington Times, have spoken to the club. (Epstein is listed as one of McCain’s friends on McCain’s Facebook Internet page). This past February, Epstein invited two members of a racist and anti-immigrant Belgian party, Vlaams Belang, to speak to his group. In 2004, an earlier incarnation of the Vlaams Belang, Vlaams Blok, was banned on the grounds that it incited racial hatred….”

It is quite obvious to me that there are extensive Ron Paul ties (and all that entails) to the Witherspoon candidacy. Epstein and Jared Taylor CofCC’s piece by James Edwards of the neo-Nazi leaning Political Cesspool.

Ultra conservative gone bad, Pat Buchanan is raising money for Witherspoon.

Ironically, even Tom Tancredo and his Team America Pac are no longer trying to hide their white supremacist and neo-Nazi ties. Ironically, while I was working my way through their site, I was suddenly greeted by “Downtime” Under Construction.
They feature commentary by:

Tony Blankley
Peter Brimelow – Neo-Nazi ties
Pat Buchanan
Ann Coulter
John Derbyshire
Marcus Epstein – Neo – Nazi ties
Mark Krirkorian
Heather MacDonald
Michelle Malkin
John O’Sullivan
Steve Sailer – Neo – Nazi Ties
Robert Samuelson
Phyllis Schlafly
Thomas Sowell
Diana West

The Hill

Southern Political Report


According to Dan Hoover, Lindsey is also being challenged by Tim Carnes and several other also runs.  At least they will be splitting the Ron Paul, KKK, Neo-Nazi, Libertarian, “Christian” Conservative, and other nut case votes.

All of this leads me to ask, what the H – E – DOUBLE TOOTHPICK is going on in South Carolina?  Check out Voting Under the Influence from Feb of this year.

‘…Wilson remained on the State Board of Education and served until being elected to Anderson County Council. Ron Wilson won the Republican nomination in a primary over the unpopular incumbent Bill Dees, who by all accounts ran virtually no campaign. Councilman Wilson faced no opposition in November of 2006 for the seat. The result of that election is now the Republican Party has among its elected officials a man with at best a questionable background on the issues of race and the like. My own experience tells me we also have among our elected Republicans a man who will take tactics in politics that seem to be more like those of the Gestapo than of Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater. The Republican Party has no place in its big tent for those whose ideals of bigotry, racism, and political lackeys “going after” or “investigating” people have been long been thrown upon the trash heap of history. Our party is the party of Reagan and of Goldwater, men who believed in freedom, and in America. To learn more about Ron Wilson, you can visit his website at  There, you can check out the catalog bookstore, and see some of the conspiracy and other types of books he offers for sale. Further, you can find out more about Ron Wilson at Southern Poverty Law Center website. While I might disagree with them on some things, they have done outstanding research on hate groups, both black and white, and offer some pretty interesting tidbits about Councilman Wilson. Throughout the next weeks, in between more important issues addressed on this blog, I will offer more on RINO Ron Wilson and how he is a disgrace to the Republican Party, and why Katon Dawson ought to publicly distance the South Carolina Republican Party from RINO Ron Wilson. The Conservative movement and the Republican Party has no room for such people as Ron Wilson. For far too long, we in the South who are conservative have been unfairly tied to racists and the like. The South Carolina Republican Party can do us all a big favor by publicly distancing itself from Councilman Ron Wilson, a RINO of a different breed….”

Then we have Nazis parading on the steps of the SC State Capitol in Columbia in April.    While this Oricus posting reflects TJ Ready and Arizona, it reflects the state of affairs in SC.  It also goes to show that this sort of nasty thing is breaking out all over, and they are no longer trying to hide their affiliations.

This is not the South Carolina Republican Party I grew up in, or the one presided over by Henry MacMasters a decade ago.  I can’t imagine someone like Witherspoon being allowed to even be involved on a local level up through the 1990’s. If, when I was a county chair in SC, I had known that someone like Witherspoon was involved in my county, I would have exposed him.

The Secessionist Movement is big in SC.