To Retract (or No To Retract ) That Is the Request


NOTE:  I find fascinating the fact that the only way my Buddy Witherspoon information can be attacked is via this small amount of material about Marcus Epstein.

I’ve been placed in an unusual situation.  Marcus Epstein is a very young, idealistic “paleo-conservative” (just a year or two out of William & Mary) who is now the Executive Director for Tom Tancredo’s Team America Pac and The American Cause. He is very young, very political, and very idealistic.  I know the mind-set.  I worked with them for years before I walked away from all things DC.  They have the world on a string and they are the yo-yo Zen Master.  It is obvious he believes very strongly in the conservative agenda, not to be confused with Republican.  He is half Korean and half Jewish, and appears to have a problem his Jewish background, which is quite tragic.

I was going to go for the jugular with young Master Epstein, but I realized I am dealing with the rash and heady enthusiasm of youth. I’ve been in his position, and know the feeling.  One can only hope his zealotry will be replaced with the hard-knocks of experience, humanity, and humility.  This is a young man who plans to go to law school.  He is still growing up, I trust to see the world outside the beltway.  My greatest wish for him is that he be stranded somewhere in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico where he is forced to discover that there is another culture in the United States that existed several hundred years before 1776, and is a culture he and his anti-immigration, anti-Hispanic xenophobes wish to destroy.  I want him to be faced with a terrified woman who is here illegally, cannot speak the language, is separated from her husband, and has six very hungry children to feed.  I hope and pray he can be moved by that experience before it is too late and he loses his humanity to the likes of Pat Buchanan, Tom Tancredo, and John Tanton.

My intent was not to harm Marcus Epstein.  I was trying to expose Buddy Witherspoon for what he is.  If Mr. Epstein is one of the casualties of war, I am truly sorry.  He is a casualty because of his associations (be them professional, social, casual, intense, accidental, linkage, or intentional) to a group of individuals who are less than exemplary in their associations.  The truth is sometimes quite ugly.  It can be painful looking into a mirror.  If I have held this mirror to the face of Mr. Epstein and forced him to look at his reflection, I am not sorry.  He should be truly glad he still has a reflection to gaze upon.

From what I gather Mr. Epstein is anti-Bush, anti-war, anti-homosexual, anti-abortion, and right now extremely angry with me because, in an article for Blog Critics, I wrote the following

“Witherspoon has additional white supremacist ties. Marcus Epstein is founder of the Robert A. Taft Club, denounced by the SPLC as an extremist organization.  Epstein hosted Witherspoon’s first fundraiser. He is a regular contributor to the racist VDARE, owned by Peter Brimelow who has National Socialist ties.  He also contributes to the racist publication American Renaissance, which is edited by Jared Taylor, another noted extremist with National Socialist ties. Epstein has also appeared on The Political Cesspool, a white supremacist radio program hosted by James Edwards. The Political Cesspool, like the other organizations, also proudly admits to hosting a plethora of KKK, white supremacists and Neo-Nazi “personalities”.”

Mr. Epstein has complained to Eric Olsen, publisher of Blog Critics, who has left it up to me as how to handle things.  Yesterday evening I forwarded a reply to the following email from Mr. Epstein.

“First I never held any fundraiser, or for that matter attended a fundraiser,  for Buddy Witherspoon.  Secondly, I have never written for American Renaissance.  I have absolutely no idea where SJ Reidhead gets his information, but it is completely unfounded and untrue.  I would recommend that you issue a correction.  Given that these inaccuracies have been repeated by a number of blogs, and they could seriously harm my career and reputation, I would appreciate if you would issue a correction, with somefanfare, rather than simply changing it. If you have any questions, please contact me.Thank youMarcus Epstein (XXX) XXX-XXX”

NOTE:  This is not the first time Mr. Epstein has complained about his associations with Jared Taylor. I find fascinating the fact that if Mr. Epstein were so worried about being linked to Taylor and American Renaissance he would be denouncing him, repeatedly.  Instead, he wants others to apologize for him?

I replied to Mr. Epstein by doing a copy and paste in full of the SPLC article about him and the Robert A. Taft Club.

“Mr. Epstein;I know there are several “Marcus Epsteins” if you are not the person mentioned by the SPLC, I have no earthly idea what to do.  If you are not, and do have a blog or web presence, I will gladly add it to the Blog Critics piece, and I will do a special posting making note of this on The Pink Flamingo.  If you are the “Marcus Epstein” mentioned by the SPLC, you need to deal with them.  If the material they printed is wrong, I will gladly print a retraction for using it as a source.This is a copy/paste from the SPLC:…The Vdare Link Another SPLC LinkAmerican Renaissance on Jared Taylor speaking at the Taft ClubEpstein writing for American RenaissancePat Buchanan’s American Conservativeon Marcus Epstein’s roll in the fund-raiser for Witherspoon. If you are not “this” Marcus Epstein, then I am truly sorry.   If you are “this” Marcus Epstein, then I stand by my work as should you.  Vdare, American Renaissance, The Robert A. Taft Club, etc. have all been noted as “extremist” at best.  I have used those organizations and their web sites, along with the SPLC as my sourcing.  If this is the case, then I stand by my work.  I find the messages promoted by these sites, Brimelow, Taylor, etc. to be disgusting at best, and immoral  if down-right “unAmerican” at worst.  We are all entitled to our opinion.  Once again, if I have used the wrong “Marcus Epstein” I truly apologize.SJ Reidhead The Pink Flamingo”

This morning the following email appeared from Mr. Epstein.

“They are referring to me, but the SPLC article if you read it, does not state that I write or have written for American Renaissance.The extent of their mentioning of me vis a vis American Renaissance is that I” attends the journal’s biannual conferences.”This is false as I have only attended a single conference, and even that is incredibly misleading as I was not a registered attendee, but a member of the press, and clearly had a press pass, and in fact wrote a critical article which I could not get published. (sic) and that “In 2006, Epstein invited the head of American Renaissance’s parent organization, Jared Taylor, to speak to the Taft Club on the issue of “Race and Conservatism.” “This is true but again incredibly misleading and out of context, as they don’t mention that this was for a panel, rather than to endorse his views, and that there was an African American Gentleman as well.That being said, the point of issue is that you said “He also contributes to the racist publication American Renaissance, which is edited by Jared Taylor, another noted extremist with National Socialist ties.”Nowhere in the SPLC article does it say that I have written for the publication and a simple review of their archives will show I never attended.I have already spoken to a lawyer who said that this could very easily be considered libelif (sic) this is not corrected in a public way. Furthermore, I could easily show this to be quite harmful.  As your article notes, I do work with immigration reduction groups, and writing for American Renaissance has been enough to people with near identical jobs as myself fired. I am also attending law school next year, and lawyers have been fired for writing for thePublication–both of which I can document.I really do not want to get to that point, and a simple retraction that says something along the line of  “We incorrectly printed that Marcus Epstein contributes to the publication, American Renaissance. He has never written for the publication in either their print or online journal.”would be enough for me, and I would appreciate if this point is made to the many other websites which took up the story after you posted it.Thank you”

This appeared in my “inbox” at 4:27PM today.

“Repeated quotes of this entry are piling up more and more, If I do not here from you by tomorrow afternoon, then I will refer this directly  to my lawyer.”

I fine the above letter rather bemusing.  While Mr. Epstein wants a retraction about the American Renaissance connection he says absolutely nothing about his relationship with Vdare, which is as extremist as American Renaissance.

Team America Pac’s site is down, except for the contribution to page!  There is a list of contributing commentary:  Mr. Epstein’s name is no where to be seen on the site.

Tony BlankleyPeter BrimelowPat BuchananAnn CoulterJohn DerbyshireMarcus EpsteinMark KrirkorianHeather MacDonaldMichelle MalkinJohn O’SullivanSteve SailerRobert SamuelsonPhyllis SchlaflyThomas SowellDiana West

The other problem is the fact that I can find no mention of Mr. Epstein on The American Cause’s web site, nor on the Team America Pac, even though, in Mr. Epstein’s bio, he mentions that he is the Executive Director of both organizations.

The Robert A. Taft Club
appears to present panels that are ‘balanced’.  The appearance of Jared Taylor was in a panel that included John Derbyshire and Kevin Martin. According to One People’s Project, a youthful Marcus Epstein once wrote (2003)

“…”While I don’t consider myself to be a White Nationalist (I am half Korean), I do hold a Darwinian-Galtonian view of racial differences, believe strongly in restoring Western Civilization, and am agnostic in religious matters, so this letter seems to apply to me. I agree with (17th Century Jesuit scholar Baltasar Gracián y Morales) that one can recognize that Christianity was important in the developing the West without believing in Christiantiy (sic).” “Most people are not philosophers and rely on the mythical to develope (sic) their moral codes. Christiantiy (sic) has served the West well, not necessarily because it is true or that God gave his blessing to the West, but because of the values that it promotes. I think one does not have to embrace the scriptures to love the west, but they need to recognize the generally positive influence it has. Certainly one can not be vehemently anti-Chriatian (sic) and pro-West.””Christianity is not perfect in the values it promotes. In Multiculturalism and the politics of Guilt. (Paleoconservative professor from Elizabethtown College) Paul Gottfried comes up with some aspects of Christianity that have led to the current mess we are in. Nonetheless, it is true that Christianity has existed for over a thousand years without being intertwined with the multiculturalist dogma. The ‘We Shall Overcome’ Christianity is more a symptom of the Decline of the West rather than the disease.”…”


On March 10, 2005 American Renaissance REPRODUCED one of Epstein’s Vdare columns  from the previous day.   His byline is on the article, but it is an excerpt from the Vdare article. American Renaissance reprinted another of his articles, this one from Lew Rockwell, dated January 18, 2003.   It is about the Myths of Martin Luther King.  American Renaissance reviewed the debate at the Robert A. Taft Club about Race and Conservatism American Renaissance then posted a reprint of an article from One People’s Project that included a brief bio of Epstein.

“…The Leadership Institute, whose mission is to cultivate right-wing activists and journalists, such as Republican strategist Karl Rove, and is especially known for funding right-wing university student newspapers such as Rutgers University’s Centurion, was not an official sponsor of the event, but they were a major part of it. The host, 23-year-old Marcus Epstein, is the Leadership Institute’s South Carolina Field Representative. Although Epstein is of Korean and Jewish decent, he has placed himself in the circles of mainstream white supremacists, and has defended them and their causes. He writes for the anti-immigration racist websites VDARE, where one can find an obituary written by Epstein for Samuel Francis, the editor of the Council of Conservative Citizens’ rag the Citizens Informer, and, where Epstein has published an article titled “The Myths of Martin Luther King”.

In addition, he also works for the anti-immigrant group Team America PAC, which is headed up by Rep. Tom Tancredo and Pat Buchanan’s sister Bay….”American Renaissance then cross posts (from Lew Rockwell, on May 18 – no date but says “Reprinted On” Lew Then, there is the following posted by Marcus Epstein on American Renaissance.

The Robert A. Taft Club Presents The Vlaams Belang’s Filip Dewinter and Frank Vanhecke.  And the website he put up to promote the event.    It was posted on Feb 13, 2007.Epstein wrote the following:

“…WHEN: Friday, February 23. 7:00-10:00 PMWHERE: Crystal City Marriot,
1999 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington, Virginia 22202,
directly above the Crystal City Metro StationSome various generous donors are helping fund this event, but currently, we only have funds to pay for the room. We would like to have money to help pay for a bar and food, so donations are still greatly appreciated. They are tax deductible, but not through the American Cause, so if you would like to contribute, please send me an e-mail and I can give you more information. As usual, feel free to show up if you do not RSVP, but please RSVP as soon as possible, and forward this to as many people as possible. Please post this on your blogs, and promote this as much as possible, as we would like to give these men a show of the American solidarity.If you are in press or politics, I am setting up some smaller meetings with journalists and Hill Staffers, so please contact me about that if you are interested.Marcus Epstein, phone and email.”


This is obviously posted directly by Marcus Epstein.  While he is not a regular contributor or write directly for American Renaissance, I think there is adequate information here to prove that he is not antagonistic to his work being reprinted by them, or asking for their assistance. It is also obvious the above item dated Feb 13, came from a press release.  The interesting question?  How did American Renaissance get it, and why didn’t young Master Epstein protest the posting on American Renaissance.
From Top Drawer Blogroll

“…As for being a breeding ground for “aspiring young men and women of the emerging Beltway right,” allow me to share how the Taft Club has boosted the beltway careers of people associated with the group.  Before our first meeting was held, an e-mail was sent out to Republican congressional and Whitehouse staffers not to get involved with the group for god knows why.  My involvement with the Taft Club has led to press releases against me by both the Anti Defamation and the Southern Poverty Law Center.  A number of my close friends were nearly being fired from a mainstream conservative organization. …”

Epstein has appeared on The Political Cesspool.
I also question why Mr. Epstein has not called down the Michigan Messenger that printed the following,

“…Earlier this year Paul addressed a gathering of the Robert A. Taft Club in Arlington, Va. The club is run by Marcus Epstein, executive director of the conservative Team America PAC, or political action committee.  Marcus Epstein, executive director of the conservative Team America PAC, or political action committee,  also writes for the anti-immigration site, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled a hate site, and is a regular writer for the white supremacy journal American Renaissance.  The Law Center said it was not clear if Paul knew of Epstein’s supremacist ties.”On Epstein’s publications page, I cannot find a piece that is ascribed to American Renaissance, though Epstein has American Renaissance on his “links”. “ 
American Rennisance 
Tongue Tied 
Stalking the Wild Taboo 
Project USA 
The Social Contract Press 
The American Immigration Control Foundation 
Issues and Views”

Mr. Epstein has also disputed my claim that he was involved and hosted a fundraiser for Buddy Witherspoon.  This is from “The Shot

“…It seems that Pat Buchanan’s team is raising cash for Lindsey Graham primary opponent Dr. Buddy Witherspoon in Washington, DC.One of the hosts was Marcus Epstein, the E.D. of Team America PAC (Tancredo’s organization) and The American Cause (Buchanan’s organization).  Isn’t it a bit ironic that an RNC Committeeman would have an event hosted by a Buchanan guy since Pat Buchanan divided the GOP by running against Bush 41 in 1992 and later left the GOP to run against Bush 43 in 2000 on the Reform Party ticket?  Could this be that “DC fundraiser” that Katon Dawson was talking about this morning in The Greenville News??The Email Invitation:Dear Friends,We are pleasured to invite you to a Meet & Greet on Thursday, November 15th held in the NumbersUSA Riverview conference room, located in Arlington, VA. Get to know Dr. Buddy Witherspoon, National Republican Committeeman for South Carolina & a potential candidate for the U.S. Senate seat from South Carolina in ‘08 .The event will begin at 8 AM, and a hot breakfast will be provided. This is an informal meeting, purely for the purpose of making connections. Things should conclude at about 9:30.Please RSVP by noon on Wednesday, November 14th, so that we might have an accurate count for breakfast. We will be making name-tags, so be sure to RSVP with your name, affiliation and title to . Hope to see you soon!ADDRESS: 1601 N. Kent St., Suite 1100
Rosslyn Spectrum Plaza


Re: To Retract (or No To Retract ) That Is the Request
by SallyVee on Wed 28 Nov 2007 06:32 AM MST |  Profile |  Permanent Link
PF, this makes my blood boil and at the same time makes my blood run cold… cold with the realization of the monstrous ideas that have taken root in our midst, and boiling over at the taking of innocent minds such as Marcus Epstein.

You have done this kid a great favor whether he realizes it or not. I think you’ve been more than charitable, and I concur that his motivation can mainly be chalked up to youthful zealotry at this point. However, it is bound to soon turn him old and bitter and outcast before his time, should he continue much longer consorting with white masters of the universe and other cranks.

Marcus, I urge you to take a holiday from hate — and especially the hatemongers. Christmas is a perfect time for such a vacation. Speaking as one who walked quite a few miles with fervid “conservatives,” I can tell you that far too much of the agenda requires constant, burning rage and suspicion to keep your own soul in tact… the rage simply cannot co-exist with anything else more healthy and productive. It will exhaust you and skew every relationship and experience you have. The biggest shock will be when your mentors discard you the first time you question their absolute moral authority. I’d like to see you avoid that kind of a crash.

Marcus, ever hear of Amos Lee the singer? Great young talent, very hip. Check out his song Soul Suckers. It’s a little bleak but so is the subject… it speaks to me very clearly. Then follow it up with Lee’s Shout Out Loud or Freedom, and take a load off.

Re: To Retract (or No To Retract ) That Is the Request
by Stephen R. Maloney on Wed 28 Nov 2007 03:45 PM MST |  Profile |  Permanent Link
Hi Cindy: Apropos of nada, I taught at Wm. & Mary (English, mostly grading papers) from 1967-1970, long before Mr. Epstein was ever imagined. It’s critical to realize that, as Mike Huckabee noted (and scared off some follower), there is some “racism” in the opposition to Immigration Reform. There are also some hard-liners against “illegals” who are not racist. I’ve written about the problem from a perspective that isn’t unique, but sometimes seems so: We Republicans/conservatives/whatever have to stop offending huge groups of people: Blacks, Hispanics, women professionals, union members, environmentalist, young people, and others. We have put ourselves in a position where it’s a wonder we ever win an election. Yes, something has to be done about illegal immigration. But what? Reagan “solved” the problem by granting amnesty to just about anyone in sight. Millions of “illegals,” children born in the U.S. are not in fact illegals, but rather American citizens. Many other illegals are hard-working people, often mothers and fathers, whom we should be proud to have as citizens. My stance on immigration may have hurt my blogging success (especially when I was on Townhall). However, in any political issue, the key is to find out what is the decent, Christian thing to do. The answer is not always self-evident. No one seriiously believes, except perhaps Messrs. Tancredo and Tanton, that we are going to deport 12 million people. To do so would lead to a revolution. It pains me terribly that we Republicans are giving the finger to the country’s fastest-growing group, Hispanics who are American citizens. Again, how are we ever to prevail politically if we basically reject the support of 60%-plus of the population (including Hispanics)? We don’t need the support of Darwinian-Galtonian. We need the support of “normal” people, a group we seem to be offending in ever-more-creative ways. Cindy’s writings on this subject are excellent. Mr. Epstein has to “get a life.” He can’t lie down with pigs and except to emerge odorless.

steve maloney
ambridge, pa

Re: To Retract (or No To Retract ) That Is the Request
by TruthIsImportant on Thu 29 Nov 2007 11:19 PM MST  |  Permanent Link
You should be ashamed of yourself.
You did not contact Marcus Epstein before you wrote.
You relied on SPLC info. SPLC info is about as accurate as Hillary Clinton’s campaign finance records.
You joined the ranks of Dan Rather with this one, and you’re proving to be just as arrogant.


Re: Re: To Retract (or No To Retract ) That Is the Request
by Midwest Conservative on Thu 10 Apr 2008 10:10 PM MDT  |  Permanent Link
I could write pages, in response to this ridiculous and illogical entry, which uses the typical left-wing smear tactics, but for now, I’ll just say, to this last commenter: very well put!

Any “conservative” blogger who continually references the SPLC (a very liberal organization whose tactics, and ultra-low threshold for “hate” labeling, has discredited them not only among all conservatives, but many moderates and others as well) – has a serious credibility problem. Even the SPLC’s followers and supporters had problems with their attack on Marcus Epstein – that piece on their site was universally criticized.

Calling Marcus a “white supremacist” is laughable… He himself is non-white… as am I. I know Marcus, and he has not a racist bone in his body.

That any “conservative” or Republican commentator takes accusations like this seriously – and repeats them in public forums – is truly scary.

Re: To Retract (or No To Retract ) That Is the Request
by Anonymous on Tue 10 Jun 2008 09:54 AM MDT  |  Permanent Link
It’s smears and misinformation like this that can destroy someone’s career. You should be ashamed of yourself.


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