More Merry Minutemen Making Merry


I think the greatest contribution Mike Huckabee could possibly make to this nation has already been made.  As far as I am concerned, his candidacy is now a roaring success.  To me he could withdraw right now and I would put a gold star by his name.  You’ve seen me complain about him during the past few days because of his flip-flop on immigration, but now I realize it is inspired. In one fell swoop he has managed to expose the abject duplicity of the whole nativist movement.  He has managed to show just what these people are and what they believe.  Frankly, I’ve reached the point where I don’t know what Huckabee believes on the subject.  I was truly disappointed when he changed his reasonable immigration stance to one of extreme hard line, but now I am starting to wonder about it.

I just have one question for Mike Huckabee.  Does he know about Jim Gilchriest’s white supremacist, KKK, and neo-Nazi associates?

A year ago all was sweetness and light with William Gheen, Jim Gilchrist, Chris Simcox and our lovely little friends at Stormfront who were promoting the anti-immigration version of Malta with a meeting of the Triumvirate and the second coming of Tom Tancredo.  NOTE:  At least a year ago, William Gheen confronted me about associating his good name with that of Stormfront.  He assured me he had no associations with Stormfront or anyone connected with it.  This was in 2005.  The following is from 2006.  Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

“…Supporters of ALIPAC: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC’s, William Gheen, is headed to DC where he will join the rally featuring Congressman Tom Tancredo and Jim Gilchrist and Chris Simcox of the Minuteman Project and Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. The details of the rally are listed below. Please come and show your support if you can. Even if you can’t make the event, please call the offices of your US
Senators immediately and tell them that you hope to see your Senate representatives at this event. Here are the lobbying tips and contact information lists for you US Senators. (Found in the ALIPAC Action Panel at…howpage&pid=25 William Gheen will also be speaking at a press conference on Thursday, attending the CPAC Convention, and working to carry your message to the members of the US Senate and DC movers and shakers in person.

The Message:
“No Guest Worker Amnesty! Enforce our existing immigration laws and secure our borders now!” Please keep up your distribution efforts on the National Flier Campaign. An exciting Phase II will be announced next week. Need more fliers? Visit this link in the Activism section of our ALIPAC Action Panel…howpage&pid=24

Wednesday, February 8, 2006
11:30 A.M. – 2:00 P.M.
Grass area on WEST side of U.S. Capitol Building (on First Street between Constitution Avenue NW and Independence Avenue SW) Washington, D.C. Join Jim Gilchrist (Minuteman Project Founder) and Chris Simcox (Civil Homeland Defense Founder) for an important rally. A request has been sent to every U.S. Senator to meet with Gilchrist and Simcox and other law-abiding Americans to address 3 issues of primary concern: (1) Proposed illegal alien guest worker programs; (2) proposed illegal alien amnesty; and (3) a fair moratorium on legal immigration to protect the rights of legal residents & reduce the flow of illegal aliens into the U.S. (an issue strongly supported by Congressman Tom Tancredo). Minutemen are also asking for those interested to assist in lobbying Senators and Congressional Representatives at this crucial time when the Congress debates guestworker/amnesty plans. For more information, please contact: Email: XXXXXXXXXTelephone (toll free): 1-877-NO-ILLEGALS (or 1-877-664-5534) Website: Not an ALIPAC Contributor yet? Don’t wait for the next 10-15 million illegal aliens to enter America illegally before you take action.Lend your support today at……”

Heck, if Stormfront is for it, who could possibly be against these three.  Now, though, the peace has been broken, and the ménage de trio has been split asunder.  Gilchrist has betrayed the rest, maybe stolen their thunder and gone with that no good immigrant loving Mike Huckabee.

In 2005 this bunch was supporting one another. It’s quite plain that Huckabee has split them apart.  For this, he has my eternal gratitude.


Sunday I reported that the various and sundry nativist population has turned on Jim Gilchrist for “betraying them” by endorsing Mike Huckabee.  You might ant to check out Malkin’s thinly veiled threats delivered via the White Supremacist dominated Washington Times. The beautiful part of all of this is the fact that Jim Gilchrist is not going quietly into the long good-by of minutemen scamming (as there is too much money to be made and too much publicity and power to be had) so he’s hitting back at William Gheen and Chris Simcox.   Thus the minutemen, et. al prove the old adage that there is indeed no honor among thieves!

This is what is published on William Gheene’s little ALIPAC forum from a flunkie of Jim Gilchrist.

“…For years now, many leaders and volunteers of the Minuteman Movement have remained quiet about things they know to be true. We all believed it would hurt the movement if Americans knew how their donations were being spent, or what kinds of narcissistic nitwits are leading some of these organizations.
Minutemen held their tongues and soldiered on with the mission. Despite this attempt to protect the movement through silence, Americans have not turned out in the numbers that the original founders had hoped. Why? Because America still sees us as a racist, kooky, fringe group. In three years there have been less than 6,000 Minutemen that have ever patrolled the border. They are divided into several organizations with many members belonging to two or three of these organizations. Some of these organizations charge a “membership fee” (sometimes referred to as a background check), or monthly dues. But the bigger groups also use professional fundraising companies to raise money from direct mail campaigns and donor drives.

Patriotic Americans often give money in lieu of going to the border, and many of these groups exploit them by claiming that the donations are used to support the Minutemen on the border. However, more often than not, most of the money goes straight into the pockets of the leadership. Not that they are stealing vast sums of money, but after half of the donations are paid back to the fundraising firm, and twenty-five percent split between various creditors, and another twenty percent to operating costs (staff), that only leaves five percent (5 %) of the donations left to actually fund the cause.

Chris Simcox is the president of one of the largest Minuteman Project spin-off groups, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC). Chris and MCDC split away from Jim Gilchrist’s Minuteman Project over two years ago to become a “project” of Declaration Alliance. Chris hired a slick Washington Consulting company (Diener and Associates) to handle MCDC’s finances and raise money for the organization. Before Simcox knew it was happening, he had lost control of his organization to a DC beltway insider’s coalition. They took control of MCDC’s parent corporation after Simcox was convicted of a weapons violation on Federal land. For the record: Simcox was legally wearing a sidearm until he accidentally entered a state park. The felony prevented him from remaining the head of the group, but the fundraising company kept him on as the “Founder” and sent him on the paid lecture circuit. With a wife and children to consider, Simcox was in no position to turn on his masters.

Last year almost half of the members of MCDC revolted against Simcox and tried to take the organization away from its real owner, fundraiser Diener and Associates. The members claimed that they received no financial support from MCDC and were instructed to send what little donations they could scrape up to Headquarters for redistribution. Many Chapter leaders complained, but they were dismissed or ignored.
At one point the majority of the chapter leaders called for a meeting with Simcox to ask where the money went. Simcox had no idea and no one from the fundraising company would tell him. The rebelling members demanded to see the financial books, but Simcox didn’t have them and wasn’t sure who did. He then did the only thing he could do; he ran away and hid. At this point Simcox had become jealous of the success of Jim Gilchrist’s Minuteman Project. The Minuteman Project had just survived its own 911-style hijacking attempt, but only lost a handful of members over it. The difference was simple, Gilchrist always retained control of his organization and its finances; it was easy for Jim to have an independent audit and to make his books public. Jim Gilchrist was still able to get choice interviews and was requested for more public appearances than Simcox because he had less baggage, better media people and was just more interesting than Simcox. Gilchrist also had invested more than 7,000 hours of non-paid time and as much as $70,000 into the Minuteman Project since its inception on October 1, 2004.

Gilchrist has always been an odd duck among the secure borders groups. Jim never hated or blamed people for trying to find work or build a better life; he blamed the government of Mexico for causing the problem and our own Government for doing almost nothing to stop it. Unlike the fringe leaders, Jim took an active role in weeding out racists and “nuts” from his organization instead of promoting them.

Most Minutemen first heard about the movement from seeing Gilchrist on TV. It was Gilchrist who tirelessly spread the minuteman word through television and radio interviews, rallies, border operations, coast-to-coast caravans, speaking tours and protests, and endless appearances at various city council meetings throughout southern California. It was Gilchrist who was attacked at Columbia University, Gilchrist who was protested and verbally assaulted by the NSA (Nazis/skinheads), and it is Jim Gilchrist who has time and again risked his life to bring America one simple message: We must secure our borders and enforce our laws!

It had grown quiet between Simcox and Gilchrist prior to Jim’s endorsement of Mike Huckabee. Jim was finishing the reconstruction of the Minuteman Project leadership, preparing to launch a new “nationwide project to prevent illegal aliens from voting” and also considering a run for Congress against incumbent Loretta Sanchez (D) of California’s 47th District.

It was Huckabee who contacted Jim Gilchrist and asked him to read his nine point plan on immigration. Jim was excited that a “top tier” candidate understood the problem and had committed himself in writing to a workable plan to solve it. Jim did not come to this decision overnight. He and his closest associates researched primary sources and considered the fact that Huckabee was the only candidate in the top three Republican choices (Huckabee, Romney, Giuliani) with an immigration law enforcement advocacy platform.

Jim wrote a list of questions for Huckabee, which he asked him in person. Jim started that meeting with Huckabee stone-faced and unconvinced, but he left it in good spirits. For the first time in several years, Jim Gilchrist was optimistic about our nation’s future. A week later, he traveled to Iowa and formally endorsed Mike Huckabee for President of the United States. No Minuteman Project money was used for this trip.

Without so much as a phone call to Jim Gilchrist asking him why, several leaders of Minuteman fringe groups viciously attacked Jim and Mike Huckabee with the hopes of getting some cheap publicity for themselves. The same people who complain when someone quotes the propaganda of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) because of its bias were quoting comments by the Club for Growth against Huckabee. The Club For Growth is the same anti-gun, pro NAFTA, Giuliani supporting Club for Growth propaganda machine that pejoratively refers to the Minutemen as “vigilantes” and “militia types”.

It only took Simcox two days to pile on and take his cheap shot at Jim Gilchrist as well. He and his friend William Gheen (ALIPAC) have started a “destroy Gilchrist and Huckabee” campaign with help from among the kooks and zealots of the movement.

William Gheen, President of ALIPAC, has had a personal grudge against Jim Gilchrist since the Minuteman Project was founded. Gheen makes his living soliciting donations from unsuspecting Americans in the name of border security. What most people don’t know is just how much of the donor money coming into his organization Gheen pockets. He has never opened his books to the public or explained what happened to the money that many hard working people have given to him. William Gheen uses fear- mongering and race baiting to scare old people out of their savings with stories of “the savage invasion from the Southern border”.

When Gilchrist founded the Minuteman Project many patriots believed that Jim was doing more for the movement than all of the dozen of other activist organizations combined. This caused the donor money to dry up for Gheen and ALIPAC, and Simcox and MCDC. And, oh, how they ranted and cursed Gilchrist and the Minuteman Project!

To preserve their “cash cows”, the naïve American donor base that has already sent them millions of dollars, Simcox, Gheen, and other so-called secure-borders advocates have to attack Gilchrist’s endorsement of Mike Huckabee. If Huckabee is elected President he promises “in writing” ( to secure the borders within two years, actually enforce immigration laws, and severely punish the unscrupulous employers that hire and exploit illegal alien labor. That certainly would end our mission and the need for a minuteman movement….”


William Gheen’s response. Okay, I’m enjoying this.  Gheen is something of a hot-head who insists on having the last word.  From personal experience with him, I’ve learned he is carefully guarding his reputation, completely ignoring the abject slime he is associating with.

“…The money did not “dry up” after the launch of your group. In fact, our fundraising continues to set new records each year. In fact, we have raised and spent far less than you have while achieving much more per dollar raised! I have never made the statement “the savage invasion from the Southern border”. A quick search of Google shows ZERO matches. This comment does not exist in the 18 thousand posts I have made online or any of the documented thousands of radio, TV, and newspaper interviews I have conducted. A quick review of our open records at the Federal Elections Commission will show that I worked for over one year without compensation. Then I made $500 per month for awhile. Currently, I receive $3,500 per month as compensation for working on ALIPAC exclusively for over 60 hours per week. After taxes, this means I make less than $12 per hour, which is beneath the average wage of my home city of Raleigh, NC. This is also far less than the $60,000 per year you were paying your twenty year old press director Tim Beuler. While I must have some compensation to care for my family, I make less than many fast food workers because I care deeply for this cause and the battle against illegal immigration.

It does not surprise me to see you resort to lies and personal attacks in response to the fact that over 70 leaders of different immigration enforcement organizations have already signed a letter rebuking your endorsement of pro-Amnesty Mike Huckabee. Soon, there will be close to 100 leaders across the nation standing against your improper endorsement of a candidate, which stands against all we have worked for.

The Executive Board leaders of Minuteman Project have come out against you! Co-Founder of the Minutemen, Chris Simcox, has come out against you! Most of the independent Minuteman groups have come out against you! Mark Edwards, who gave you his Unite to Fight organization has come out against you! Even Dr. Corsi, who co-authored a book with you, has written an article for World Net Daily that is scathingly critical of your endorsement of Huckabee!

Meanwhile, no groups or leaders in our movement have backed your endorsement. None, ZERO, nada! You just don’t get it because your ego and arrogance has consumed you! Your false claims against ALIPAC are obviously the actions of a desperate man and anyone can easily verify for themselves that your claims are false. It is no wonder that we find you in the back pocket of a liar like Mike Huckabee and your organization in shambles. The truth is the only thing that can save America and lead to victory for our cause. You have abandoned the truth and now will reap what you have sown….”

From Dave at Ornicus comes additional information from one of Gilchrist’s associates.

“The last hijacker, Barbara Coe surprised everyone when she sided with Marvin Stewart and Deborah Courtney-Peterson-Sielski-Peters. Barbara had been seen as a driving force in the movement since she wrote and became the chief proponent of Prop 187. However, as it turns out, Barbara Coe didn’t write Prop 187 (Ron Prince did) and she was not the chief proponent (Dick Mountjoy was). In fact it was the California Republican Party and the California Republican Assembly that did all of the work and raised the money. What did Barbara Coe do? She took credit for the victory.

Barbara Coe built her reputation on the labor and sacrifices of patriots. She used her ill gotten cache with the liberty community to grow her organization, the California Coalition of Immigration Reform (CCIR). She neglected to inform her members that she also belonged to the Council of Concerned Citizens (CofCC), a racist group that uses the Confederate flag as its ensign. Barbara was the key note speaker at two CofCC conventions and is still a member in good standing today. Barbara neglected to tell anyone in the Minuteman Project of her connection to racist groups because she knew it wouldn’t be tolerated.

Barbara Coe introduced Jim Gilchrist to CCIR and he became a regular attendee of the monthly meetings. Not knowing the truth about Barbara’s past, Jim was happy to accept her support and friendship. But soon it was Jim Gilchrist that the members of CCIR came to see and the Minuteman Project they were donating to. It wasn’t long before Barbara noticed that donations to CCIR were dwindling while the Minuteman Project was prospering. Barbara and Deborah Courtney hatched and implemented a plan to divert funds and volunteers from the Minuteman Project to CCIR.

The plot sickens…

Barbara Coe must have known it was just a matter of time before Jim discovered that Deborah was diverting volunteers and donations to CCIR. She also knew Deborah was on thin ice with Jim; all she had to do was convince Marvin Stewart that he was next. That piece of the puzzle came from Paul Sielski, who read the truth about Stewart from an online forum; now Barbara and Deborah had the means to control Stewart, if they couldn’t buy him off.

Again, each of the hijackers had something to hide and they all knew that time was running out, but they weren’t ready yet; they needed a few things first. Barbara Coe sent her CCIR goons to the Minuteman Project office on a day she knew that neither Jim nor Steve Eichler (Jim’s Chief advisor) would be there. The goons copied the mailing lists, financial records and other crucial information onto flash drives and attempted to format the hard drives. They also took files, equipment, official stationary, furniture and broke into Jim’s office to steal anything with his signature on it. When Jim Gilchrist heard about the break in he called Barbara Coe to ask if she knew anything about it. Barbara claimed it was to protect the Minuteman Project from Steve Eichler.

Here’s where the plot gets interesting; the hijackers had to have a reason to take control of the Minuteman Project, and they needed a scapegoat. They knew that Steve Eichler had been trying to convince Mr. Gilchrist to dismiss Deborah Courtney since May, 2006. Steve Eichler had also confronted Marvin Stewart about Stewart’s unauthorized spending of Minuteman Project funds for luxury items (Stewart also presented Jim Gilchrist a bill for speaking engagements). The hijackers believed that if they could drive a wedge between Eichler and Gilchrist, Jim would side with them; they could get rid of Eichler and have plenty of time to alter the records to cover their tracks. What the hijackers didn’t know is that Tommy Crenshaw (Gilchrist loyalist) had recently backed up all of the files and given Jim a copy.

Jim Gilchrist immediately began reviewing the files Tommy Crenshaw had provided him a few days before. It didn’t take long before he discovered the problem; someone was stealing, but it wasn’t Steve Eichler. As Jim studied the books he received a call from his webmaster, Linda Muller, informing him that she had been locked out of the website. When Jim asked her who could have done such a thing Linda replied, “Only Paul and I have access to change the password”. It was official; Barbara Coe and Deborah Courtney were up to something.

Jim called a meeting of all parties the next day in the hope of getting some answers; it was February 2nd, 2007. The hijackers arrived together with copies of the altered documents in hand and immediately began to attack Steve Eichler; they had no idea that Jim had been reading the originals. Jim allowed the hijackers to have their say before he confronted them with copies of the original documents. Then he fired them. Deborah Courtney made one last ditch effort to blackmail Jim and Steve with threats of “taking down the Minuteman Project” if Jim didn’t buy her off. A lesser man would have wrote a check and hoped they would go away, but not Jim Gilchrist.

And so, the war was on. The hijackers used Minuteman stationary to write up phony documents and used a scanner and laser printer to forge Jim’s signature. They submitted these documents to the Delaware Secretary of State’s office claiming to be the new board of directors of Minuteman Project; now they had the papers they needed to empty the bank accounts. The hijackers immediately changed the website; the front page had a post claiming that Jim Gilchrist had been fired and the contact page showed Marvin Stewart as the new President. The page also named Deborah Courtney as the Treasurer; a close friend of Deborah Courtney’s commented that making her treasurer was like making Michael Jackson the Dean of a boy’s school.

As Deborah and Paul Sielski used the mailing and email list to slander Jim Gilchrist, Marvin Stewart tried to gain support from the local Republican Party. The GOP was still sore at Gilchrist for running as an Independent against John Campbell in 2005; Stewart believed he could use the Party’s dislike for Gilchrist against him. However, a member/delegate of the California State Republican Party, Edwin R Williams had already warned the County Central Committee to stay clear of both sides until the matter could be sorted out in court. At the time Williams was reportedly working for the Minuteman PAC (a division of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps), but he had once served on the Minuteman Project board as the Director of Special Projects. Edwin had warned Mr. Gilchrist about Deborah Courtney in May of 2006 when he resigned from the Minuteman Project, but he had no documented proof. It was a “he said/she said” situation. When asked if he believed the advisors had the power to fire Gilchrist, Williams said, “They had no more power to fire Jim than I do to fire the Governor. We chose the title Director so that we could look like big shots, but Jim always had the final say in all decisions”.

At the darkest hour Jim’s webmaster, Linda Muller was able to convince the server to freeze the Minuteman Project website until Jim could fax the paperwork, proving his ownership. It took two weeks to convince the server to issue Jim a new password; by then Linda had created a new website that featured a “Hijacker Update” page.

Paul Sielski was the hijackers “webmaster”, but he had few skills and was mostly incompetent. Paul didn’t have the skill to create a new webpage, so he had all of the hijacker’s new domain names point to his MySpace page. Although MySpace is a good online community site, it is a poor substitute for a real website. Paul spent his time “trolling for friends” on MySpace, writing disjointed hate mail and making threats on online forums. Fortunately for Paul, the other hijackers were even less computer literate than he was. He lied and told them he was accomplishing important tasks, knowing they would never know the difference.

Paul posted a badly edited recording of the February 2nd, 2007 meeting on his MySpace page ( Of course he edited out the part where Jim fired them all and the part where Deborah became unhinged and made every threat she could think of. In fact most of the interesting parts of the meeting were removed, but what remained still made Marvin and Deborah look bad. After studying this story for the past few months, I’ve come to the conclusion that Paul Sielski just isn’t very bright.

Another thing the hijackers didn’t know (except Deborah) is that Paul Sielski was a fugitive from the law and has a history of domestic abuse, fraud, spousal rape and battery. Paul was arrested and sent back to Maryland in July 2007, where he is awaiting trial and facing 25 years in Federal prison. You may notice that his MySpace page and the website has not been updated since. So now the hijackers have no internet presence at all, except for the stolen email lists.

After the news of Paul’s arrest the hijacker’s attorney, Jim Lacey petitioned the court to be removed from the case. He would be the first in a long line of lawyers to flee the hijackers after getting to know them. Apparently the old expression, “you can get a lawyer to sue anyone for anything”, may not be completely accurate.

Despite the Cease and Desist order, Deborah Courtney is still spinning lies and spewing hate through her stolen email list. Her ineloquent name calling and hateful rants have become more and more bizarre over the last few weeks. She hasn’t yet learned that everything she writes has been forwarded to the Minuteman Project Attorneys who keep all such letters in a special file. The funniest thing is she apparently doesn’t remember what version of her story she had already sent out to the list; her story changes from email to email.

Marvin Stewart has been taking advantage of the people’s confusion over the rightful control of the Minuteman Project. He attempted to settle a lawsuit the Minuteman Project had filed against Compton City College out of court; the trouble was, Stewart didn’t file that lawsuit, Jim Gilchrist did. Once again Marvin Stewart was caught red handed committing fraud. Before this incident he had artfully avoided publicly violating the court order by calling himself, “the President of the Minutemen”, while having others introduce him as “the President of the Minuteman Project”, but now he couldn’t explain away the $9,000 he attempted to con from Compton College.

Lately even Barbara Coe has distanced herself from Stewart and Courtney. Barbara’s attack on Jim Gilchrist caused most of her supporters to turn their backs on her. Now CCIR is a shadow of its former self and the donations have dried up. After 20 years of taking credit for the work of others and raking in the money of well meaning patriots, Barbara Coe may be looking for a real job….”

Chris Simcox is not pure in all of this mess.  His minuteman scam is fascinating. From People for the American Way (I know, it’s liberal, but they have the dirt correct). From Media Transparency.

“…Three months after cleaning up his act, it was no longer Simcox’s makeover that was drawing interest. Several former Minuteman comrades have gone public with charges that Simcox has not been accountable for the money the organization had raised. In addition — and apparently unbeknownst to many of its members — the organization has taken to calling itself “a project” of the Declaration Alliance, a group controlled by Black conservative Alan Keyes. And despite his recent appearance with the Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly, where he assured the talk show host that everything was on the up-and-up financially, all is not well in the border-vigilante community.

Simcox has forged close political ties with a gaggle of conservative Christian organizations including Renew America (website), an organization that supports “the ‘Declarationist’ ideals” of Keyes; Response Unlimited (website), Philip Zodhiates’ direct mail outfit; Diener Consulting Inc. (website), a public relations firm headed by Phil Sheldon, the son of the Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, the founder of the Traditional Values Coalition, and (website), founded by William Greene, a protégé of direct mail guru Richard Viguerie.
According to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project, “Earlier this year, Response Unlimited — “the nation’s best and most comprehensive source of mailing lists for conservative and Christian mailers and telemarketers” — began offering for sale a list of 61,000 Minuteman Civil Defense Corps donors at a price of $120 per thousand names.“These donors realize that a porous border potentially means unfettered access for illegal drugs and terrorists to infiltrate our country,” Response Unlimited says in its pitch. “Count is expected to increase rapidly over the coming months.”
Former members want to know what happened to the money

Since its founding, the Minutemen has recruited hundreds of volunteers and raised a substantial amount of money. According to the Rev. Sun Myung Moon-owned Washington Times, several of the group’s “leaders and volunteers are questioning the whereabouts of hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of dollars in donations collected in the past 15 months, challenging the organization’s leadership over financial accountability.”

Concerned not only about where the money has gone, and questioning why the money was “funneled through” Keyes’ Virginia-based operation, a number of key Minuteman officials “have either quit or are threatening to do so, saying [that] requests to Minuteman President Chris Simcox for a financial accounting have been ignored,” the newspaper reported in late July.
Simcox told the Washington Times that the group had raised about $1.6 million in donations, and all of it has been “handled” by the Herndon, Virginia-based Declaration Alliance, which was founded and is chaired by Keyes. Simcox “said the donations, solicited on the group’s Web site and during cross-country appearances, included $1 million directly to MCDC and $600,000 for a fence on the U.S.-Mexico border.” The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project described the “Minuteman Border Fence” as “a slick fundraising campaign with a stated goal of $55 million.” The money was supposed to be earmarked for the construction of “a high-tech security barrier along 70 miles of private ranchland on the Arizona border.” The Minuteman Civil Defense Corp sent out direct mail solicitations and has placed “full-page color advertisements in the Washington Times “promot[ing] the Minuteman Border Fence as an ‘Israeli-style’ barrier ‘based on the fences used in Gaza and the West Bank.’ Fundraising illustrations depict a 6-foot trench and coils of concertina wire backed by a 15-foot steel-mesh fence crowned with bulletproof security cameras. Estimated cost: $150 per foot.”…”

There is more about Simcox from The Feathered Bastard, my new favorite liberal.

James Corsi’s latest scam is screwing Jim Gilchrist via WND. The most fun of this is the fact that Corsi just so happens to omit the fact that he co-authored Gilchrist’s book.   From Con Web Watch:

“…A Dec. 15 WorldNetDaily article by Jerome Corsi features numerous figures in the Minutemen anti-immigration movement attacking Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist’s endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. But Corsi offered no in-depth examination on controversies involving the Minutemen and the split between its two factions and fails to disclouse his own conflict of interest.

Nowhere does Corsi mention that he co-wrote a book with Gilchrist promoting the Minutemen’s efforts. Further, while Corsi gave Gilchrist a chance to discuss the reasons behind his endorsement, they consititute only three paragraphs of Corsi’s 23-paragraph article; the vast majority of the remainder are attacks on Gilchrist by others in the anti-immigraiton movement. That would seem to be a betrayal of sorts of Gilchrist by Corsi and a choosing of sides with Gilchrist’s former Minuteman partner, Chris Simcox, whom Corsi prominently quotes attacking Gilchrist.

Corsi only lightly touches upon the split between Gilchrist’s Minuteman Project and Simcox’s Minuteman Civil Defense League, noting only that the groups “split two years ago over funding” and that they are “completely separate organizations of citizen volunteers seeking to curb illegal immigration.”…”

As Con Web Watch points out, in order to make up for his slander against Gilchrist, Corsi wrote a more favorable piece about him on WED Dec 16!

The Constitution Party, once Gilchrist’s old stomping ground has denounced Gilchrist.

Okay, it’s not just ALIPAC, but the whole tarnished bunch.  Yesterday William Gheen announced the following,

“…While Huckabee has released a 9 point immigration plan which appears to be strong on enforcement, the plan lies when it claims that illegal aliens would be given 120 days to leave the US and get in line. His plan imitates the pro-enforcement positions of Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies, but in truth, Huckabee intends for illegal aliens to leave for a day and then return legally.  Huckabee’s true intentions to provide illegal aliens with a ‘touch back’ amnesty is found in his interview with Fox News Sunday: “Choosing the President” which aired on Dec 9, 2007 where he states…  “Look, if we can get a credit card application done within hours, it shouldn’t take years to get a work permit to come here and pick lettuce… You do have a pathway to get back here legally that would take days, maybe weeks, not years.” “Americans want illegal aliens to leave as the current law states they must,” says William Gheen of ALIPAC. “The problem with Mike Huckabee and Jim Gilcrhist is they are trying to trick Americans by not telling voters that the illegal aliens only leave for a day, if that, under the Huckabee Amnesty plan. We want to warn America about this trick!” ALIPAC speculates that many illegal aliens would be allowed to go to their consulates inside the US, which legally qualify as foreign soil, to pick up their new paperwork under this plan. Over 80 leaders are standing together to rebuke Mike Huckabee and Jim Gilchrist for perpetrating this deceptive amnesty plan on American voters. ALIPAC is considering commissioning a phone poll into 50,000 Republican households in Iowa to ask, “Do you support Mike Huckabee’s plan to have illegal aliens leave and walk back in legally within a day?”…”

The following anti-immigration nativists have turned on Jim Gilchrist. Now, if you want to have some fun, why not check out the SPLC and see how many of these organizations are considered “Hate Groups” and how many of the following individuals have been profiled.  You just might be surprised.

William Gheen
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

Ron Woodard
NC Listen Border Project

Peter Gadiel
9/11 Families for A Secure America

Dan Sheehy
Author of “Fighting Immigration Anarchy: American Patriots Battle to Save the Nation”

Citizens Against Illegal Aliens

Danny Smith
American Freedom Riders

Wanda Piety
Save America Fund

Brook Young
Immigration Watchdog

Andy Ramirez
Friends of the Border Patrol

Sandra Beene
Co-founder TX Minutemen

Hal Washburn
MCDC Washington State

Allen Taylor
Hoosiers for Secure Borders

Jack McDermott
Pennsylvanians Against Illegal Immigration

Joseph L. Ray
MCDC Chapter Leader

Jeff Wilson
Report and Deport

S. Byron Gassaway
Rescue Without Borders

Melissa Gardner
Let Freedom Ring America

Michael Apple
Minutemen Civil Defense Corps.
California-North Bay Chapter

Johnny Tex
Johnny Tex and the Texicans

Gianluca Zanna
Co-Founder Mohave County Minutemen

Ruthie Hendrycks
Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform

Steve Hampton
Protect Our Borders

Hayward Vickery Jr.
US Border Watch

Michael Franks
Former Texas State Republican Executive Committee Member.
Former Political Director, Texas Republican Liberty Caucu

Teela Roche & Mark Thies
South Carolinians for Immigration Moderation

Margaretann Bianculli
Greater Farmingville Citizens’ Association

Bill Strong

Jon Healy

Wally McCormick
Utah Minuteman

Phyllis Sears
Citizens Council on Illegal Immigration

Barb Coe
California Coalition for Immigration Reform

Daniel Smeriglio & Andrew Woodring
Voice of the people U.S.A

Bob Cox
Patriots Border Alliance

Steve Salvi
Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC

Bob Baker & Leon Donahue
Washingtonians For Immigration Reform

Michael A. Jackson
Government for the People

Tony Dolz
U.S. Congressional Candidate (California 30th District)
MCDC California

Carl Braun
State Leader MCDC- CA

Dan Amato
Digger’s Realm

Jeff Schwilk
San Diego Minutemen

Joe Turner & Chelene Nightingale
Save Our State

Conner Collier
V.P. of U.S. Border Watch

Joe & Barb McCutchen
Arkansas Freedom

A. B. Flanagan, III

Jan Herron, Columnist
Magic City Morning Star

Robert M. Copley Sr.
Colorado Minutemen

Burr Deitz
New York Constitution Party

Paul Streitz
CT Citizens for Immigration Control

Janie McCormick
Constitution Coalition

Saul Lisauskas
Stopp SPP & NAU

Frosty Wooldridge
Author & Paul Revere Riders

Kathy McKee, founder/chairman
Protect Arizona NOW

Lupe Moreno
Latino Americans for Immigration Reform (LAIR)

Ted Hayes
Los Angeles Activist

Nedd Kareiva
Stop the ACLU Coalition

Peter B. Gemma
columnist, Middle American News

Paul & Jo Separk
The MidNight Writers

Frank Jorge
Antelope Valley Independent Minutemen

Ron Bass
United Patriots of America

Michael Kelley
NC Voice

Duane Smith
Nevada Action Coalition

Mark Edwards
Founder of Unite to Fight 1 & 2 and Wake Up America

Scott DiBenedetto
Pahrump Minutemen

Theresa Harmon
Tennesseans for Responsible Immigration Policies

Susan Smith
Nebraskans Advisory Group

Jim Ludwick
Oregonians for Immigration Reform

Robert R. Galbreath Jr.
Citizens for a Constitutional Republic

George Gush
Boycott State Farm Insurance

Jim Palmer
Buy Direct USA

Chris Davis
America in Danger

Michael Williams
Border Hawks

Chris Simcox
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps
Co-Founder of the Minutemen

Walter Adams
PA Minutemen State Director

Joseph Ureneck
Massachusetts Citizens for Immigration Reform

Mike Vanderboegh
Alabama Minuteman Project

Dennis Murphy
Nebraska Minuteman Civil Defense Corp

Marvin Steward & Deborah Courtney
Minuteman Project Inc

Michael Strauss & John Loucome
LaPorte County Illegal Immigration Taskforce

Edward & Cynthia Kolb
Desert Visions

Doug Roy
Kentuckians for Immigration Reform and Enforcement

Michelle Dallacroce
Mothers Against Illegal Aliens

Hal Netkin
Watchdog America