Newsbusters Is UnFAIR to the SPLC, Promotes FAIR’s Agenda



(Pink Flamingo, December 26, 2007)
I know I sound like a broken record, (I covered some of this story on the 23rd) but when one of The Pink Flamingo’s loyal readers alerted me to this, I simply had to do something about it.  I simply don’t understand why allegedly intelligent, logical, and ‘fair’ conservatives don’t bother to use the brains God gave them when dealing with the issue of immigration.  I am not even going to bother going into the psychological issues here, and the fact that people must obviously want something to be true in order to believe it.  I know I am using an extreme example, but I think it is now quite obvious how Hitler (or any other dictator) was able to sell his perverted political views to what were allegedly good and decent people in Germany.  Evidently they wanted to believe what he was preaching.  The only logical explanation I can come up with for conservatives who constantly fall for the FAIR John Tanton pile of what my grandfather called papa cow excreta is they actually want to believe it.

Also, as I have repeatedly stated I AM A REPUBLICAN.  I have conservative tendencies, but NEVER AGAIN will I call myself ‘conservative’.  I have too much honor, pride, and decency to be associated with a group of people who constantly and consistently

Lynn Davidson’s Newsbusters blog entry about FAIR’s Iowa campaign is most unfair!  Ms. Davidson is woefully ignorant about FAIR, John Tanton, Dan Stein, and their minion of adorable little racist friends.  I don’t give a rip if information comes from a liberal site.  If it is accurate and factually correct, it is accurate and factually correct.  The SPLC has an excellent report this month about FAIR, Tanton, Stein, and the above, including a list of quotes from these lovely enlightened individuals.

Ms Davidson wrote:

“…The Des Moines Register reported that last week, the Southern Poverty Law Center added FAIR to it’s list of hate groups operating in the US, claiming FAIR “has ties to known racists and a long track record of bigotry.” I don’t know if the SPLC’s label of “hate group” is warranted or if FAIR’s message simply does not agree with the PC idea that criticizing illegal immigration is automatically racist. Often inflammatory labels are thrown out to silence debate. As for ties to “known racists” and a “record of bigotry,” that could describe Barack Obama and his Trinity United Church of Christ and Ron Paul and his Stormfront fans as well. Where is the SLPC on the unindicted co-conspirator CAIR and its ties to terrorists and known anti-Semites with records of bigotry and terrorism? Judge for yourself the validity of FAIR’s information tomorrow and whether it should be given weight….”

Obviously Newsbusters isn’t as honorable as claimed.  I always thought, as conservatives, we were to be more honorable and intellectually honest than liberals and Dems.  I’ve been through a very unfortunate learning process to discover that conservatives were just as tacky about things, just as dishonest, and just as dishonorable as liberals.   If Ms Davidson had bothered to check the back story on the SPLC on the above,
she would discover that the SPLC is nearly impeccable when it comes to their sourcing and their documentation.  I’ve learned they are far more reliable than Newsbusters which is a crock because of its reliance on such questionable sources as Newsmax, World Net Daily, and the Washington Times. I’ve also learned that when it concerns the whole immigration scene, the SPLC is right on target, and perhaps a little conservative when it comes to exposing all.

Ms. Davidson questions if the SPLC has bothered with Ron Paul, white supremacists and the Nazis, CAIR, and misc. African-American racist organizations without even googling their site.  If so, she would have discovered that these topics have been covered in detail.  In fact, there are so many references to “Neo-Nazi” that I’m simply going to provide references to Bill White, the neo-Nazi who spoke out in support of Ron Paul, and is a personal friend of Francis Combs (WTimes).

I believe this is “enough” for now.  If Ms Davidson’s research on the SPLC decision declaring FAIR a “Hate Group” is any indication of just how shoddy Newsbusters actually is, Heaven Help Conservatives!  No wonder they are so outright ignorant when it comes to PROVABLE FACTS. When writers do shoddy research into hate groups, they usually end up slimed the way a SC reporter did when she did a gushingly favorable report of Stormfront and their little goose-stepping associates.

Ms Davidson falls into a long line of far right conservative pro-immigration conservatives who have chosen to take the same path as Victor David Hanson.  Lee Cokorinos wrote:

“…He also abuses his progressive critics for allegedly falsely charging the anti-immigration movement with racism. “To discuss the issue rationally,” he claims, “is to expect charges of racist and nativist.” He then blithely condemns American schools for promoting “the fiction of cultural equality.”…”

He writes of Pat Buchanan

“…Although he pays lip service to the legal changes brought about by the civil rights movement from the mid-1950s onwards, in his book State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America, Pat Buchanan deplores what he calls America’s “national guilt over racism.”

Buchanan believes this guilt is leading toward national and racial suicide (“demography is destiny”), a theme once championed by Theodore Roosevelt that has a long history in the American nativist movement. In attempting to explain this guilt phenomenon, he points to the “seminal” work of Peter Brimelow, who argues that America’s alleged obsessive guilt about racism was caused essentially by an overreaction to the genocidal crimes of the Nazis…”

It should be noted that Michelle Malkin, who is now defaming John McCain writes a weekly column for Brimelow’s publication, Vdare.

“…Brimelow, an English immigrant who runs VDARE, a website filled with white supremacist and anti-Semitic material, has called the Pioneer Fund, a foundation that has backed racial eugenics research, a “perfectly respectable institution.” Buchanan writes a regular column for VDARE, for which Tom Tancredo has also written.

In the acknowledgments section of State of Emergency, Buchanan singles out the late Sam Francis (who edited the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens’ paper, The Citizens Informer) and Brimelow as the vanguard of the anti-immigration movement. And while he praises the leaders of the anti-immigrant think tank infrastructure, such as Roy Beck of NumbersUSA, Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies and Dan Stein of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), he cites a slew of VDARE columnists in the book and thanks James Fulford of VDARE for help with the manuscript….”

Tangled alliances.  Please pay attention to these.

“…According to, the Olin foundation provided $100,000 in funding for VDARE through Sally Pipes’ Pacific Research Institute. Olin also funded the John M. Olin Institute for Strategic Studies, of which Samuel P. Huntington is the founding director. The Smith Richardson and Bradley foundations provided support for Huntington’s Who Are We? Bradley also provided support for the Center for Immigration Studies. A report advocating the mass deportation of illegal immigrants, “The Economics of Immigration Enforcement,” has been published by Henry Regnery’s Georgia-based National Policy Institute. The Pioneer Fund lists the National Policy Institute as its largest grant recipient on its 2005 federal tax return….”

NOTE: This article about the anti-immigration racist roots by Lee Cokorinos in Black Agenda Report is one of the VERY BEST I’ve seen to date.  I highly recommend reading the article.  I would suggest the folks at Newsbusters familiarize themselves with the information, but somehow I do not think they possess the intellectual honesty to do so.


: “…Immigrant-rights groups are criticizing the organizers of an upcoming radio event that will promote a crackdown on illegal immigration. The groups accuse the Federation for American Immigration Reform of trying to promote bigotry and racism. The group, also known as FAIR, is sponsoring a broadcast marathon for Thursday and Friday in Des Moines. The event is expected to include 22 radio talk show hosts from across the country. “We don’t agree with their views that are demonizing immigrants, and we don’t appreciate their coming to Iowa telling us what we should think about immigrants,” said Alicia Claypool, chairwoman of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, says FAIR is “demonizing immigrants.” Dan Stein, president of FAIR, says critics are demonizing his group and discrediting an entire side of the immigration debate….”

It is quite obvious John Tanton and FAIR have issued their marching orders and their little syncopates on the far right. Powerline is hitting Huckabee on immigration. Then we hear from Raw Story that Fred Thompson is now blaming the mortgage crises on immigration.

“…During what must’ve been a strenuous day of campaigning in Iowa, GOP candidate Fred Thompson told potential voters at his one-and-only appearance that immigrants deserve some of the blame for the mortgage crisis. “A lot of them couldn’t communicate with the people they were getting the mortgage from,” the lagging Republican told an Iowa audience during his “Clear Conservative Choice bus tour,” according to the Los Angeles Times. Thompson’s stop in Mason City, Iowa, allowed him to play on Republicans’ fears of immigrants and riff on apparent frustration with hearing options in Spanish on recorded phone messages. Janice Easley, one voter in the audience, was boiling with frustration at having to hear, “Para el español, prensa dos,” whenever she called the power company.

“Everything is in Spanish,” she said. “It’s sickening.”

“You are so, so right,” Thompson said, calling for English to be made the national language, before placing the blame for the sub-prime mortgage crisis on non-English-speakers.

Thompson’s anti-immigrant rhetoric — which apparently wasn’t limited just to those people who enter the US illegally — came as the former Tennessee senator and Law & Order star tried to breathe some life into his lackluster campaign. His attempt to come across as the “true conservative,” came just days after the virulently anti-immigrant Tom Tancredo withdrew from the presidential race, and it marked a 180-degree switch from his attempt to appeal to Hispanic voters at a Spanish language debate less than three weeks earlier….”

According to a recent Pew Hispanic Center Poll, nearly all Hispanic adults born to immigrant parents are fluent in English.

“…Nearly all Hispanic adults born in the United States of immigrant parents report they are fluent in English. By contrast, only a small minority of their parents describe themselves as skilled English speakers. This finding of a dramatic increase in English-language ability from one generation of Hispanics to the next emerges from a new analysis of six Pew Hispanic Center surveys conducted this decade among a total of more than 14,000 Latino adults. The surveys show that fewer than one-in-four (23%) Latino immigrants reports being able to speak English very well. However, fully 88% of their U.S.-born adult children report that they speak English very well. Among later generations of Hispanic adults, the figure rises to 94%. Reading ability in English shows a similar trend. As fluency in English increases across generations, so, too, does the regular   use of English by Hispanics, both at home and at work. For most immigrants, English is not the primary language they use in either setting. But for their grown children, it is…”

In other words, there is no difference between Hispanic immigrants than immigrants from any other country, yet Fred Thompson appears to be saying something quite the contrary.

Dan Stein’s blog today is pushing a ‘hit’ on John McCain.

“…”When Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., campaigns in Iowa this week, sooner or later, he will surely be asked at a town hall event about one issue that has bedeviled him for months: illegal immigration. It comes up at almost every stop, no matter what state he’s in — Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan or South Carolina,” ABC News reports. “For many of those same voters, McCain — co-sponsor of the immigration bill that died in Congress earlier this year — is on the wrong side of the issue.”…”

I told you McCain was going to be hit and hit big this week.  John Tanton and FAIR don’t want either he, Mike Huckabee, or Rudy Giuliani elected.  That’s the whole point.  The WTimes, is right in there, because owner Sun Myung Moon does not like Hispanics and disapproves of Hispanic immigration.  (look it up).  So – the most powerful conservative forces, both with very strong and blatantly obvious WHITE SUPREMACIST TIES (Including Malkin) are hitting and hitting hard.  The conservative talking points have been issued.  I also predict this week that Rush Limbaugh’s inside the Beltway handlers are going to yank his chain and are going to spoon feed him his pabulum Group Think talking points.  Let’s face it, Limbaugh has either sold out or has cause to follow the CONSERVATIVE GROUP THINK talking points. So, as predicted, Malkin hits John McCain this week. Funny how she pretends to support and worship our soldiers but can’t wait to defame and denigrate a genuine American Hero.  Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?   Malkin declared McCain nearly dead in July.

Want to know about Michelle Malkin? Just google Malkin, Vdare, and SPLC.  Vdare is a hate group.  Malkin writes for them weekly. Vdare is anti-Semitic.  It has ties to the KKK.  The owner, Peter Brimelow, has a twin brother who was seriously involved in one of the misc. National Socialist Party hate groups.

I don’t use this term HATE GROUP lightly.  I don’t record this information without documentation.

I also don’t understand the GROUP THINK CONSERVATIVES who claim to support the War and our troops but refuse to support the two US Senators who have been their strongest ally simply because they disagree on immigration.  Now, though, because John McCain stands up for what he believes, he may be enjoying the success of the surge. It’s called courage, honor, and the ability to stand on principle.

The Hot Air hit.

Stop the ACLU has a list of the conservative bloggers who are now backing Fred Thompson’s futile campaign.  Interestingly, these are some of the most eloquent and extreme anti-immigration leaders. Is it possible the real reason far right conservatives are backing a loser like Thompson is because they do not want anyone to win?  If Hillary wins, they have another 8 years of extreme hate to preach.  If a Huckabee, McCain, or Giuliani wins, it is their worst nightmare.


Right on target, and as predictable as Christmas, the WTimes (owned by cult leader Sun Myung Moon and featuring such die-hard white supremacists as Francis Combs) has produced a major hit on Mike Huckabee, complaining about his record on immigration.  There is nothing new in the article and is simply a re-hash of the temper tantrum William Gheen had last week when he was told to destroy Huckabee. This is not surprising since it appears as though Moon is leaning toward Mitt Romney.

NOTE: For more information about the WTimes, Francis Combs, and his connections to Bill White, one of the leading neo-Nazis in the US, you need to use the Max Blumenthal.  Before expressing any conservative ire against a tainted liberal source, please note that Blumenthal utilized the assistance of George Archibald, a CONSERVATIVE who became fed-up with the racism at the WTimes and has told all.

I don’t care who he is or what he as done in the past, when a pundit like Rush Limbaugh goes after anyone simply because they were insulted, it is obvious they have become too petty and so far removed from the real world that they need to have an attitude adjustment. No one should have as much power as Limbaugh and his Group Think followers think he has.  Watch him turn his hatred this week to John McCain and attempt to destroy McCain.


Is the term “Illegal” a buzzword for hate?  I’m forced to agree with the libs on this one.  Joe Garrido has a commentary on his Hispanic News site about just this. Racist organizations such as FAIR and Numbers USA (both branded as hate groups by the SPLC) and Lou Dobbs constantly harp on the numbers of illegal HISPANICS and MEXICANS who are here, but do not provide accurate stats nor put their doctored stats into perspective.  Garrido and I both agree that the US has a problem with illegal immigration.  BUT as Garrido points out, the constant use of the word “ILLEGAL” clouds the issue beyond staunch law and order in much the same way conservatives embrace Joe Arpaio as a law and order lawman when he is probably the worst example of a lawman in the country.

Garrido writes:

“…politicians are dealing with the reality of an electorate enraged over illegal immigration, liberals prefer the fantasy that the real ill in “illegal” is racism, not lawlessness. This from Lawrence Downes, who has been a member of The Times’ editorial board since 2004: I am a human pileup of illegality. I am an illegal driver and an illegal parker and even an illegal walker, having at various times stretched or broken various laws and regulations that govern those parts of life. The offenses were trivial, and I feel sure I could endure the punishments — penalties and fines — and get on with my life. Nobody would deny me the chance to rehabilitate myself. Look at Martha Stewart, illegal stock trader, and George Steinbrenner, illegal campaign donor, to name two illegals whose crimes exceeded mine. Good thing I am not an illegal immigrant. There is no way out of that trap. It’s the crime you can’t make amends for. Nothing short of deportation will free you from it, such is the mood of the country today. And that is a problem. America has a big problem with illegal immigration, but a big part of it stems from the word “illegal.” It pollutes the debate. It blocks solutions. Used dispassionately and technically, there is nothing wrong with it. Used as an irreducible modifier for a large and largely decent group of people, it is badly damaging. And as a code word for racial and ethnic hatred, it is detestable.
“Illegal” is accurate insofar as it describes a person’s immigration status. About 60 percent of the people it applies to entered the country unlawfully. The rest are those who entered legally but did not leave when they were supposed to. The statutory penalties associated with their misdeeds are not insignificant, but neither are they criminal. You get caught, you get sent home. Since the word modifies not the crime but the whole person, it goes too far. It spreads, like a stain that cannot wash out. It leaves its target diminished as a human, a lifetime member of a presumptive criminal class. People are often surprised to learn that illegal immigrants have rights. Really? Constitutional rights? But aren’t they illegal? Of course they have rights: they have the presumption of innocence and the civil liberties that the Constitution wisely bestows on all people, not just citizens…”

This all fits perfectly into a piece from the Immigration Prof Blog About the over-blown anti-immigration hype in Iowa, the Sacramento Bee points out that there is a tremendous mis-representation in the stats that are being used to denigrate Hispanics in Iowa so that “conservative” GOP candidates can PANDER for the racist vote. I’m sorry, but that is all it is – pandering for the racist vote.

“…Since 1990, the number of Latinos in Iowa has increased from 32,647, which was then 1.2 percent of the state’s population, to 112,987, or 3.8 percent of the current population of 2.9 million. Some demographers expect the number to triple again in just over 20 years, increasing to 335,000 by 2030. The trend has pushed illegal immigration into the forefront of presidential politics – at least among Republicans – as Iowa prepares for its first-in-the-nation caucuses on Jan. 3….”

The Immigration Prof Blog points out that the article neglects to point out how many of these people are “Illegal” almost allowing the reader to assume that we’re dealing with 100,000 illegals in Iowa, when this is not the case. The Immigration Prof Blog links to a Pew Hispanic Center study of the Hispanic population in the US.

“…Hispanics are the nation’s largest minority group, numbering 47 million (about 15.5% of the total U.S. population). About a quarter of Hispanic adults are unauthorized immigrants, most of them arriving as part of a heavy wave of immigration that began gathering force in the 1970s….”


From the Phoenix New Times comes a tale of the chilling story of Sheriff Joe and his DA handler who have created a reign of terror among the Hispanics of the community, even those who are US Citizens.  Many now carry their passports with them to prove they are Americans.  This should not be allowed to occur in the United States of America, but thanks to FAIR we’ve entered into a horrifying new era of hate and racism.  The good thing is in Maricopa County, among the Episcopalian set, most of whom are conservative Republicans, many are now turning against him!

“…But Arpaio announced from the beginning that he had no problem arresting illegal immigrants for crimes like jaywalking or spitting on the sidewalk. “Ours is an operation where we want to go after illegals, not the crime, first,” Arpaio told the Republic in March. “It’s a pure program. You go after them and you lock them up.” He didn’t waste any time. His office is now notorious for traffic stops that turn into deportations as well as arrests of food vendors and day laborers around the Valley. Father Glen Jenks of Good Shepherd of the Hills Episcopalian Church in Cave Creek found his parish at the center of the fight after Arpaio made it a point to station deputies outside a day-labor center the church operates in its parking lot. Jenks says the church started the center as a way to keep day laborers from wandering the streets, a major complaint in the northeast Valley community. “That created a chilling effect. They’ve created terror in the Hispanic community. The consequence of that is whatever the percentage of the population that’s Hispanic can’t report a crime,” he says. “They can’t even let themselves witness a crime.”

Activist Alfredo Gutierrez says that’s the point. “The intent is to Satanize a group of people. He’s made them morally equivalent to real criminals,” he says. “The guy walking down 34th street looking for a job has got to be as dangerous a criminal as a child molester.” Jenks says that in his parish (which he points out is about 80 percent Anglo conservative Republicans) the sheriff is losing respect. “These are not people who have a stake in the issues we’re talking about,” he says. “They just have a sense that the sheriff and his deputies are gunslingers and do not really respect them or trust them at all. They’ve told me this point blank….The situation with the police has become so bad that even legal immigrants and citizens are afraid. Miguel Gomez-Acosta, pastor at the Lutheran Mission of San Pedro and member of the Valley Interfaith Project, moved to Phoenix from Seattle last year and still isn’t accustomed to living in Maricopa County. “I carry my passport and I carry my daughter’s birth certificate,” he says. “I grew up in this country. I served in the military and became a citizen, and despite that, I still have to carry my passport and my daughter’s birth certificate because she looks brown. Like me.”

There has been at least one case in which his deputies detained a man, Manuel de Jesus Ortega Melendres, who had legal paperwork. He was pulled over outside Good Shepherd of the Hills in Cave Creek and detained for nine hours, even though he had a legal visa. The man’s lawyers have filed a lawsuit against Arpaio in federal court. Antonio Bustamante, the Phoenix lawyer fighting the smuggling law, says probable cause and due process rights are being violated but says that’s hard to prove in court. All the witnesses get deported.
“Arpaio is doing racial profiling, though he says he’s not. Who’s going to prove otherwise — especially people who get thrown out of the country. You got rid of the witnesses. You can do whatever you want,” he says. “‘The public loves me,’ he always touts. ‘I’m doing what they people want.’ Well, so did [Jim Clark] in Selma.”… Arpaio insists that his deputies do not engage in racial profiling. Barnarrdino, a 27-year-old immigrant from Guatemala, disagrees. Barnarrdino came to Arizona six years ago with a coyote, by way of Mexico, after life in Guatemala became too violent for him. When his apartment was robbed by two men carrying a grenade and semiautomatic rifles, he decided it was time to get out of the country, regardless of the consequences in the United States. He says he doesn’t regret coming to Arizona to live, but his run-ins with the police have not been pleasant. About three months ago, he says he was leaving a movie theater with his wife when he caught the eye of two sheriff’s deputies. “I said to my wife, ‘Watch, they’re going to follow us,” he says through a translator on the steps of his central Phoenix church.

They did and one of the deputies pulled him over. “He came to the car and asked me, ‘How many drinks did you have tonight, wetback?’ I told him I don’t drink,” he says. “He asked me, ‘Are you a wetback?’ I didn’t answer, so he made me get out of the car.” The officer forced him to take a Breathalyzer test and conducted field sobriety tests on Barnarrdino. He passed each one. He hadn’t been drinking; he’d been at the movies. He says the officer also asked his wife, who is Mexican but has a pale complexion, “What are you doing with a wetback?” The officer also harassed him because his identification was from the Guatemalan consulate.
“I gave him my ID and he asked how much I paid for it. I told him $80 at the consulate office. He asked where I got it and I gave him the address of the consulate,” he says. “After a while he let me go, but he told me if he ever sees me again, I will sit in jail for a very long time.” Barnarrdino was very lucky. But the experience stayed with him.

“I’m honestly very afraid. Every morning, I make the sign of the cross and say, ‘God, it’s up to you,'” he says. When asked if he would report a crime to the police if he witnessed or was the victim of one, he says no: “For what? To be asked for my papers? I don’t think so.”

The Guatemalan consulate confirms that Barnarrdino is registered with the office and has valid identification.
Undocumented immigrants may not understand their due process rights, but they do understand that Arpaio is a man to be feared. Many have even stopped going to church for fear of getting stopped on the way.

Reverend Sau’l Montiel of Epworth United Methodist Church and his colleagues at the Valley Interfaith Project say they’ve seen a decline in attendance. Connie Andersen of Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church says her congregation feels it in the collection plate. Montiel sees it in the pews as well….Andersen knows of people who won’t even send their children, who are legal citizens, to youth group anymore, and she worried that her church’s annual Virgin de Guadalupe celebration would not happen this year because people are too afraid to leave the house.“This is a faith tradition,” she says. “This is affecting our ability to practice our faith and do it openly.”Andersen was right. Attendance at the Virgin de Guadalupe celebration on December 12 was noticeably down. “We weren’t as packed as usual,” she says. “Normally people are hanging from the choir loft to get a place.”…”

I don’t see how to even appeal for mercy for these people now or even to appeal to conservatives to have humanity or decency.  It has been bled out of them.  I am so saddened by the these events by people I once respected that my heart is breaking for my country.  It is being destroyed in the name of “border security” by the agents of pure evil and hate.  I have no idea where it ends.  All I know is when it comes down to standing up for what is morally right and wrong, I am a Christian.  What would Jesus do?  He sure wouldn’t be calling ICE to report innocent people.  Fact is, if he were here today, I have a feeling he would be coming as an illegal Mexican migrant to test just how “Christian” we actually are.  I’m afraid most of our good “Reagan” conservatives who claim to be “born again” are going to fail  his test.