The Keyes, Simcox, Greene, Viguerie Scam Machine Is At It Again?


Captain Ed warns us that now some Dem operatives are manipulating a few bratty conservatives to rebel and deny John McCain the nomination.

“…However, not everyone wants to put the divisions behind them. When I got to Blogger Row this morning, the desks had been papered by Patriot PAC. They have launched a new website, OpenGOPConvention, to urge voters to deny McCain the outright nomination. Headlined “CONTAIN MCCAIN!”, they want Republicans to wait for a “real Ronald Reagan conservative” — as if no one thought of the idea before. They also left copies of a Washington Times column by Terry Michael calling McCain “the John Kerry of ’08”.

Frankly, that’s absurd, and the messenger is even more so. Terry Michaels used to be the press secretary for the DNC. Somewhat ironically, the first flyer warns of a media conspiracy to promote McCain, while Michaels now works for Washington Center for Politics and Journalism, the very nexus of which Patriot PAC warns. Now we have a Democratic press flack warning Republicans not to nominate John McCain — because he’s not Republican enough?..”

Several days ago I warned you Mark Kirkorian was thinking about a third party bid.   Jerome Corsi is running on the Constitution Party’s ticket.  I would be worried about this one if it weren’t for the fact that we’re dealing with what is obviously the Alan Keyes, Chris Simcox, Richard Viguerie, William Green scam machine.  I spent several hours looking a few things up and I am fairly certain this is coming through the Keyes scam system.  In many ways it is sad.  Once upon a time Alan Keyes was an honorable man.  Now, he’s little more than a conservative flim-flam artist.  This bunch has the habit of swooping in when they see an opportunity, making as much money as they can, and then cut out.  It doesn’t matter how much of a mess they make, the perfect example being William Greene’s disgusting display with the Terry Schaivo death watch.  Any one who signs onto one of their questionable ventures, be it the minuteman fence scam or some religious right scam deserves what they get.  They are conservative bottom-feeders!

This evening on H&C (as much as I could stomach) Jack Kemp was trying to explain to an increasingly hysterical Sean Hannity that Ronald Reagan was treated like dirt by many of the same conservatives who are out to stop John McCain.  Unfortunately Hannity suffers from the same disease many far right conservatives have – a total ignorance of history.

I am having a difficult time discovering anything about the Patriot PAC.  I Googled that specific page and there were primarily 20 pages of nothing but military references.  What I have found is rather interesting.  Open GOP Convention is using  Syypher Data Solutions.
syypher Data Solutions

The Web site is coming “soon”.

I did a little Google there and found “20 references”

The mailing address is syypher Data Solutions 
PO Box 2193, Staunton, VA 24402

When something like this pops up, I always see a few red flags.  I then made a fascinating little discovery.  Syypher Data Solutions has two things that pop out on the Google page.
Right March

Chris Simcox
Liberty Post – re Chris Simcox
And Alan Keyes.  In fact, on the Right March PAC page, you can make a contribution to Keye, and you are referred straight back to Syypher Data Solutions for processing.

There is 10 Commandment’s Day Syypher Data Solutions   It is a con job run by Ron Wexler.
Ron Wexler was a supporter of Bill Greene (of Right March) for Congress (defeated).  That starts a little “BINGO” in my mind.  I had an idea that Richard Viguerie might be behind this, but wasn’t sure.
And- guess what company is handling Green’s donations?

From Liberty Post

“…Support the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps by sending this DVD and the truth about the illegal alien invasion of America to everyone you know.

For a donation of $25, you’ll get a copy of the DVD sent to you. If you donate $100, you will receive five copies of the movie to share with your friends, family and community. Please fill out the donation form below to donate by credit card, or use the address below to donate via mail.

Your Full Name: (as it appears on your credit card) * Company Name: Billing Address Line 1: (as it appears on your billing statement) * Billing Address Line 2: Billing City: * Billing State/Province: *Please Select a State* *———–===========——- —-* *Country other than the US or Canada* *———–===========———– * ALABAMA ALASKA ARIZONA ARKANSAS CALIFORNIA COLORADO CONNECTICUT DELAWARE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA FLORIDA GEORGIA GUAM HAWAII IDAHO ILLINOIS INDIANA IOWA KANSAS KENTUCKY LOUISIANA MAINE MARYLAND MASSACHUSETTS MICHIGAN MINNESOTA MISSISSIPPI MISSOURI MONTANA NEBRASKA NEVADA NEW HAMPSHIRE NEW JERSEY NEW MEXICO NEW YORK NORTH CAROLINA NORTH DAKOTA OHIO OKLAHOMA OREGON PENNSYLVANIA PUERTO RICO RHODE ISLAND SOUTH CAROLINA SOUTH DAKOTA TENNESSEE TEXAS UTAH VERMONT VIRGIN ISLANDS VIRGINIA WASHINGTON WEST VIRGINIA WISCONSIN WYOMING *— ——–===========———–* Armed Forces America Armed Forces Other Areas Armed Forces Pacific American Samoa Micronesia Guam Marshall Islands Northern Mariana Islands Palau Alberta British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick Newfoundland Nova Scotia Northwest Territories Nunavit Ontario Prince Edward Island Quebec Saskatchewan Yukon * Billing Zipcode: * Billing Intl. Province: (Outside USA & Canada only)

Billing Country: * Phone Number: E-Mail Address: Fax Number: Yes, please include me in future e-mailings Required fields for all donations are marked with an asterisk (*)

Donation Amount * $25 – One DVD $75 – Three DVDs $50 – Two DVDs $100 – Five DVDs

If you want more than five DVDs, please enter the quantity here, and you will be charged $20/each:

Credit Card Number: * Credit Card Expiration Date: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Month * 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Year * Credit Card C V V Security Code: (Help) *

You will have the opportunity to review your donation details on the next page before your credit card is charged.

Payment Processing © Copyright 2004-2007 syypher Data Solutions…”

There is also the Common Sense Gun Lobby

You know how Google will “leave out” repeated information?  Well, this is a doozy. Are you ready for the list of companies that use syypher?

United States Justice Foundation – Minutemen
Minuteman Civil Defense Corp PAC
Border Fence Project
Crise from the Border
Donate to the Minutemen
Declaration Alliance – In Jesus’ Name Project (Alan Keyes)
Persuade the World Ministries – Legal Defense Fund
Second Amendment Foundation
Jim Gilchrist For Congress
Bill Greene for Congress
Right March

This whole list uses the VERY SAME form and URL feed!  What do they have in common?  Chris Simcox, Alan Keyes, Bill Greene – all linked through Alan Keyes.

I have a feeling Richard Viguerie (Conservative HQ) is in on this.  I can’t prove it.  Read his “blog” from Feb 6 and see what you think.

“…But what if the Republicans end up with an open convention? It’s true that open conventions, common in times past, are rare nowadays.  The last major-party conventions at which more than two candidates had sizeable blocs of delegates were 1952 for the Democrats and 1948 for the Republicans, and the 1976 GOP convention was the last time that either party’s nominee was not determined in advance.  But with four candidates and with none of them acceptable to a strong majority of Republicans or conservatives, it’s possible that no one will have sown up the nomination before the convention.  If that happens, anyone could theoretically win – or, failing an outright win, he or she could exert great influence.

But who?

Former Virginia Governor and Senator George Allen was considered a frontrunner for this year’s GOP nomination before he lost his reelection campaign in 2006.  But his loss can be chalked up to his mishandling of charges of racism and to voter resentment toward the Iraq War, and to the fact that Democrats, desperate to win the Senate, swallowed hard and nominated a former Reagan Administration official to run against him.  If losing one’s previous statewide campaign disqualified a person from being president, neither Lincoln nor Nixon nor the elder Bush would have won.

Or, if the goal of a last-minute conservative candidacy is to rally the movement and build for the future, Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma could get into the race.  Coburn could be the Barry Goldwater of his generation – someone who plants the seeds for a future flowering of conservatism, as Goldwater planted the seeds of the Reagan Revolution. Other possibilities for a serious conservative candidate include Senator Jim DeMint or Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina.

I’m urging conservatives across this country to start a national discussion, and to e-mail me at with their thoughts on these questions: Do you think opening up the race is a good idea?  Do you have any other suggestions for candidates?  Could someone come in off the sidelines, change the direction of the momentum, get the fans back into game, and lead us to victory?

If enough conservatives think and talk about an open convention and a new candidate, perhaps someone will seize the opportunity, unprecedented in modern times, that is presented by the current chaos – the opportunity to help rebuild the conservative movement and change the course of history. Who could come in off the sidelines and save the day?  Let me know what YOU think….”

Bill Greene, from the above list of suspects is a protégé of Viguerie and seriously involved in Right March.   The links between these suspects are many – and they are all about MONEY and power.
And more. Viguerie was so angry with Reagan he threatened his re-election chances!

“…“…Conservatives may not back President Reagan for reelection in 1984 unless he reverses what they consider “almost a stampede to the left” in the White House, New Right leaders said Tuesday. “Quick and comprehensive changes” in Reagan’s staff and policies are needed to win back longtime supporters in the conservative wing of the Republican Party, they indicated. Howard Phillips, who heads the Conservative Caucus, and Richard Viguerie…’”

Finally, at the bottom of Bill Greene’s now defunct Congressional campaign web site there is a little tag that is identical to the one on the Open GOP Convention site.  It all makes sense.

Chuck Baldwin could also be in on this.  Check his Vdare piece.