Why Isn’t a New Mommy (Sarah Palin) Qualified to be VP?


Right now you are very fortunate that I have given up profanity for Lent.  While I was reading my usual sources this morning, low and behold I discovered a certain conservative male on a very reasonable site which is political but fair to both sides of the aisle.  I must also add that it is one of my ‘Must Read’ sites every day. Oye (and that’s not profanity)

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More on the announcement.
Here Palin is seen downplaying the whole idea of a VP turn this time.  I keep thinking about Dick Cheney.

Let’s face it, the GOP is in a corner. There are qualified individuals who are neither white nor male.  Every time I hear our white, males list potential candidates, they do not have enough creativity to consider the fact that they are neither the only gender nor race.  I think this is the year for someone other than a middle aged white male. 

Lo and Behold:  (no profanity please)  Some Neanderthal wrote site that Sarah Palin, the very competent and very pregnant (7 months) governor of Alaska is probably out of the running for VP because she will be a new Mommy and would probably want to stay home with baby!  (no profanity please – it’s Lent).

What could be better?  It is quit obvious we Republicans are going to have a serious financial deficit to deal with when it comes to fund raising.  If Barack Obama is the Democratic Nominee, he has nearly a hundred million dollar financial advantage over John McCain.   Can you imagine the publicity her selection would generate?  We’re talking F-R-E-E publicity, fawning and gurgling over a brand new baby Palin.

This is like one of those Ronco info-mercials.  It gets even better.  Not only do you get ‘The Hottest Governor in the US’ with her 90% approval rating AND all that FREE publicity, you get even more.  This is two for one here.  Wait – not only is it two for one with Mommy and Baby, but you get even more – more I tell you!  For just the addition of Sarah and Baby Palin you get the added advantage of completely mutilating the feminist movement!

She doesn’t like special interests.  She is something of an idealist.  She has enough executive experience to appear young and fresh to counter anything the Obama Campaign might throw at John McCain.  She is a champion of ethics reform.  Have I mentioned that she is young (46) and pretty?

Unfortunately, there are those, liberal and conservative alike, who now think just because the woman is pregnant she is disqualified to become the Vice President of the United States of America!  Can you image such a Neanderthal thought process?  (I want to apologize to any Neanderthal who might be offended by this politically incorrect slur upon their mental capacity).

In a world where working mothers are celebrated (I personally stand with Dr. Laura on the subject), but want to be near baby, what could be a better arrangement?  Surely my Republican counterparts cannot object to a VP discretely nursing a cute little baby in her EOB VP suite.  Who could possibly complain if she brought baby to work.  After all, a VP is what ever the President wants her to be.

Let’s follow the thought process here.  We have new mommies who go off to war in Iraq and Afghanistan.  No one says they can’t do that.  Women have babies every day, and go back to work in situations where they must either put their children in day care, or leave them entirely to the graces of lest than optimal situations.

This would not be the situation with Baby Palin.  The little type would have every advantage any baby in the world would have.  He or she would be the most publicized baby since the birth of Prince William.  The child would be a super-star, sucking up every iota of good will and free publicity a cash-starved Republican campaign needs.

Honestly, this would be enough to give any pregnant parent pause.  Would Sarah and Todd Palin want to subject a new baby to this sort of publicity?  We can only hope they will answer in the affirmative.  After all, they’ve done a very good job of balancing politics and family thus far.  Why not take it a step farther?

Who said a new mommy cannot be Vice President of the United States of America?