There Is No Difference Between Jeremiah Wright & Patrick J. Buchanan


I’m really tired of people on the left damning anyone who criticizes Jeremiah Wright as a racist.  I’m also sick and tired of those on the right defending their hard-line stance on immigration reform while criticizing the likes of Jeremiah Wright.  They are both cut from the same cloth, just a different pattern.

Last evening I posted the trivia about the new McCain ad and Powers Boothe on the top Tombstone forum.  It was well received, but on another forum the haters came out of the woodwork.  I was afraid of this, and did my best to insulate the owner of the main board before I posted.  It’s a cool link.  Any Wyatt Earp freak will have a blast with it. My editor emailed me about the crazies on the other side.  I basically emailed back with the first paragraph of this rant and rave.

There is no difference between Jeremiah Wright and Pat Buchanan. They are the same person, different sides of the aisle. They are both heroes to their constituencies.  They both practice the same moral relativism. Their supporters embrace their impaired morality to the point where the are a detriment to their perspective parties.

If Wright and Buchanan are two sides of the same coin, then where does that put someone like Barack Obama or Ron Paul?  They are the same.  Both are embracing an agenda that is destructive, harmful and will ultimately lead to their political demise. They are divisive.  They both preach their own version of “change” which is nothing but reactionary “hate” repackaged.  Neither Obama’s supporters or Paul’s supporters will admit their darling is tainted by some horribly unsavory associations.

Unfortunately there is yet another similarity between the men.  Liberal supporters, for the most part, refuse to admit either man has a serious association problem.  The same holds true for conservative supporters.  When I say liberal and conservative here I am talking about the extremes of both ideologies, not your ‘normal liberal’ or ‘normal conservative’.  In fact, I had an e-mail back and forth with a friend today on this very subject, which we agreed to change to that of baseball and me complaining about the Braves.

The real problem is a failure to acknowledge the racists among us, then to ‘witch hunt’ those who are innocent. Liberals and conservatives are both guilty of this.  We must be able to decry those among us (even those with cherished ideas) before we can honestly go after those of a different ideology who are also racist.  It is called intellectual honesty.

But – we also need to stop destroying an individual because their 4th cousin twice removed once dated someone who knew someone who was a member of the KKK or Black Panthers.  This sort of thing does no one any good.  We’ve reached the point in politics where only the absolutely perfect are allowed to run for office (unless you are a Democrat with a few …. well you know).  If a person wants to run for office they must literally begin in nursery school, and creep forward, manipulating and planning this artificial life that has offended no one, done nothing, and left no footprints.  There can be no record.  So, those of us who are normal, once in awhile over draw our checking account (look, I grabbed the wrong check, okay?) forget to pay our credit cards on time, or have a poodle who has been banned from polite society are rendered completely ineligible for public office.

There is something very wrong with this.  No wonder we are stuck with certain politicians.  They are the only ones who meet the purity standard.  It’s also why most of our political figures are personally wealthy or come from wealthy families.  Overdrafts are paid.  Credit cards are bailed out quickly. And poodles with misspent youths go to obedience school. Flakes like me don’t stand a chance.

If this is the case, why do our elected officials and those who aspire for office get away with very real associations that manage to call into question our judgment.  Being a flake is one thing.  Having a very real shoe problem should not be a disqualifier for higher office.  Look, I can’t help it if I’ve bought …. Let’s just say I’m averaging 2 pair of shoes a week in 2008.  That should not disqualify me from office.  In fact, I should be commended for my shopping abilities and the way I’ve shopped for 2 years for the pink mixer I want.  Instead of paying the nearly $300 retail price, I managed to find one for just $125 and free shipping.  Heck, just my ability to search for a bargain should make me a prime candidate for Congress.  And, how many other women like me are out there.

I know, it sounds like I have digressed from my theme, but I haven’t.  I am trying to prove a point.  I am a (somewhat) normal person with allegedly normal friends and allegedly somewhat rational associates. We have normal lives.  People like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have not lived normal lives.  I know for a fact that Hillary Clinton has been plotting her political career since she was in elementary school. Barack Obama has coldly calculated his political future since he was a child.  He calculated his home, his career, and even his church.  If he were so coldly calculating why the heck did he not fail to realize he was dealing with a man who was the polar opposite to Patrick J. Buchanan (a man normal Republicans avoid like the plague).  Is it possible Barack Obama is not a normal Democrat?

Let’s try this another way.  I don’t like racists.  I don’t care what color, shape, orientation, gender, etc. they are.  I don’t like them.  Yes, I’ve known a few and am related to a few, but I try to avoid them like the plague.  When I find out that someone is a racist – liberal or conservative, I try to separate myself from them ASAP. We’re not stupid you know.  Right is right and wrong is wrong and Wright is very wrong.  Any thinking person knows he is.  But – in the rarified ward healer world in which the Obamas reside, evidently Wright is right.  Funny, but even the ultra liberal Oprah severed her ties with Wright’s church a few years ago.  So, why not Obama?  Is he so lacking in personal character and courage (I think this is the case) that he felt leaving a church such as Wright’s would render him less palatable to the very liberal base?

When is someone going to call down the various members of the House and Senate immigration caucuses?  Doesn’t anyone care these people are being manipulated by the worst form of hate?  Frankly, I see no difference between the anti-immigration, anti-Hispanic rhetoric of Tom Tancredo than I do with that of Jeremiah Wright. It’s the same thing.

Liberals and Conservatives all much have the intellectual honesty and character to begin demanding a little less racism and a little more Kum bi ya.  We also need to start letting shoe-shopping, credit card manipulating normal people catch a break.

When the Constitution was written, it was envisioned that “normal” people, not professional politicians, would run for office and be the voice of reason.  Something has gone terribly wrong.  Simply because of the ups and downs of life, normal people, who do normal, stupid things are basically disqualified from holding offices and thereby fulfilling the vision of our Founding Fathers.  Only the ultra ambitious professional politician need apply.  And, those were the very people George Washington did not want to see running for office.

If this is the case, and people must be perfect, and pure, how the heck are they getting away with all their liberal and conservative racist associates?

Maybe the problem is with us for allowing it.