The Great Immigration Debate


StrataSphere pointed me to it the debate.  Right Voices is hosting a forum on immigration. The following is my comment, plus a bit more.  If we don’t get a handle on the movement of drugs across the border, nothing is going to matter. The problem is – no one wants to believe it.

The thing that frustrates me is the fact that the hard-line anti-immigration supporters are obscuring the real issue:  the trafficking of illegal narcotics.  The only time the subject is even mentioned is when an “illegal” either on drugs or trafficking drugs commits a crime that results in the death of an innocent legal (and I stress the word legal) American.  They talk a good game about “securing” the border from terror, but fail to realize the very real terror is not from Islamic factions but from the spill-over of the narco-wars going on along the border.

Because of the extreme rhetoric and the illusion of millions of voters switching votes, etc. the resources we need to control the border, to prevent the fighting from oozing into the US, are busy rounding up illegal migrants who are just trying to survive.  Demands for more Border Patrol agents are being answered by a degradation  of  training and a curtailment of extensive background checks.  The standards for choosing BP agents are being lowered.  We already have what I believe is an extensive problem of bribery and corruption within the ranks of the Border Patrol.  This is only going to make things worse. I see a time when so many critical BP agents are on the payroll of the drug cartels that the problems we have today with “migrants” will seem like a joyous walk in the park on a Sunday afternoon.

I’ve been writing about this for weeks.  My sources tell me (and some of this you see in the news) that the fighting is spreading from Brownsville, Laredo, and Juarez into El Paso.  There is an entire series of back roads from El Paso to Arizona through New Mexico that are now no longer considered safe to travel alone and unarmed.  (You aren’t hearing this in the news).  The drug cartels, squeezed out of other areas by those blasted “walls” are moving into the territory where I live.  We see a lot ‘action’ out of Cochise County via the anti-immigration organizations.  This action is allegedly all about the movement of migrants across the border.

The problem is the fact that these alleged anti-immigration organizations and minutemen, etc. are little more than an illusion in Cochise County.  They talk a good game, but have very little presence and even less interaction with “normal” people who live there. Consequently, because of the “presence” of these organizations and their dominions of supporters, resources are once again diverted from the real problem.

The problem is narco-trafficking.

The problem is the movement of Central American criminal gangs into the US.  By lambasting and turning the illegal Mexican migrant into the demon monsters they now are, and by diverting ICE and the BP into tracking these people who have been pushed farther and farther into the wastelands of the vast deserts along the border, once again the wrong people are allowed to slip through, unmolested.

The problem is the fact that the anti-immigration hard-liners know little or nothing about the culture and geography of our border with Mexico. Some idiot who comments over at the Pink Flamingo lambasted me the other day for yet another of my exposes on Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  This person evidently did not realize that Arpaio is in Maricopa County and that Maricopa County is not along the border with Mexico.   They don’t understand the parks and ranches are now being “trashed” because traditional migratory routes, that have been traveled since humans have lived in the southwest, are being blocked.

The problem is the fact that the narco-traffickers are using loop-holes in our gun laws to purchase (legally) massive numbers of guns here in the US.  In Mexico a person may legally own nothing more than a .38 and it must be purchased from the Police.   The guns are loaded into stolen late model pick-up tricks and SUV’s and easily moved back across the border.  They then feed the war.

Anti-immigration hard-liners like Malkin are just positive these weapons are going to Islamic terrorists.  She and her associates have any number of conspiracy theories to prove their point, but none of them hold up under scrutiny and reality.  The movement of these weapons is going to the drug cartels.

You can talk about all the reform you wish.  You can discuss the political ramifications of hard-line immigration reform.  We can discuss the very real ramifications this will have on the GOP with the Hispanic vote.  None of it matters in the end.  The very real problem is while we are playing chicken little and allowing the sky to fall on people like Malkin, Tancredo, Dobbs, Tanton and the like, we are allowing a well armed and well-funded criminal element to creep across the border and begin to overwhelm local populations and law enforcement.

Yes, I am angry.  My beloved southwest is endangered by the movements of drug cartels across the border.  Before long, it will no longer be safe to go into Cochise County.  In fact, the back roads along the border, heading into the county from the east are no longer safe to travel. Ten years ago I could roam them, alone, unafraid.  Today they are moving closer to ground zero in drug war no one is noticing.

Doesn’t it make you wonder why no one is mentioning the drug war on the border?

I have a lot of respect for Beth at Blue Star Chronicles, but she is being conned by the illusion that the minutemen are an actual presence on the border.  They are smoke and mirrors and a giant con game.   But this techno border camera is a crock.

It is all smoke and mirrors.  This is the real problem:

“…The Mexican border cities of Juárez , across from El Paso, and Palomas, south of Columbus, N.M., have seen recent spikes in crime as rival drug gangs battle for territory and distribution routes. Juárez has seen more than 200 murders since the beginning of the year. More than 2,000 Mexican troops are now patrolling the city of 1.3 million. Palomas was recently left lawless after its remaining police officers abandoned their jobs and the police chief sought political asylum in the United States. More DEA resources have been moved into the Palomas area, Riley said Luna County officials, as well as representatives from U.S. Sen. Jeff Bingaman’s office, will meet April 17 with area law enforcement and Mexican officials to discuss ways to deal with border violence issues. According to Luna County sheriff’s Capt. Arturo Baeza, there is good cooperation between U.S. and Mexican authorities. When there’s something in Palomas that could present a problem for Luna County, Mexican authorities notify the Border Patrol, which in turn calls the sheriff’s office, Baeza said. “The same if it works the other way,” he said. Riley said as dire as the situation may seem, the violence south of the border could be worse and could have already spread north of the border if not for the work of his agents who have been able to better cooperate with their Mexican counterparts.He said agents have thus far been able to disrupt murder and kidnapping plots in El Paso, though he would offer few details so as not to compromise ongoing investigations….”

This is the real problem. Then those silly, pathetic little minutemen think everything will be fine if they patrol the border.  So, they move into a place like Cochise County a week or so several times a year, posture, drink beer, scratch their rears, and belch a lot.  They spend a heck of a lot of time talking racism at the OK Café in Tombstone, then head to Palominas where they are allowed into one specific ranch (and no other).  They send out a bunch of press releases and pose for the cameras.  Then, they head back home to brag and raise money from unsuspecting people who truly are trying to do something good and worthwhile.  People in Cochise County, with the exception of a few in Tombstone, consider them a joke.

The Cochise County Militia is the latest group to grab the headlines.    Several notices have been sent out to local law enforcement about them.

I question the number of Illegal immigrants the Border Patrol is alleged to be capturing in Arizona.  Here is a month’s worth of articles from Sierra Vista. If you believe all the anti-immigration hype, Sierra Vista is ground zero. The number of people captured just doesn’t appear to be there.