Non Republican Conservatives Are Causing Problems for the GOP


This is yet another in the series I am doing on how non Republican conservatives are destroying the GOP.  The past part looked at the sources of the problem.  Today we examine how pervasive the problem is.  This is another of those pieces where I’ve been working on for several weeks.

The most important lesson we can take to the ballot box this political season is the fact that there is an energized conservative movement that is completely independent of the GOP.  They are made up of several factions I will detail below.  We must recognize they are extremely vocal and are represented by some of the most powerful factions in the media and online. They are represented by the alleged “Christian” values vote made up of “leaders” who were basically trying to broker power for themselves.  They took over the Republican Party in 1994.  Evidently their 14 year reign of terror is coming to an end.  They are floundering on the brink of being absolutely irrelevant.  We all know a dying monster is more vicious in the final moments of death than ever before.  Just look at Michelle Malkin.

Malkin has become blatant with her vicious dislike of John McCain   and my friend Lindsey Graham.  The most worshipful of Tantonites, Malkin’s whole point of relevancy is her embrace of “conservative”.  I don’t care what she says.  the problem is the fact that way too many people take their talking points from her without examining her sources.

It is a frightening study.  It is annoying.  It is destroying the GOP.  I don’t know if that is the actual agenda or not.  There are times when I think it is.  Then there are times when I realize the big problem are the multi-millionaire radio talk so egos who must be constantly fed.  They have created a army of syncopates who fawn and believe every drop of do-do shoveled into their open mouths.  It is not a pretty sight.

I have been called down by conservative sources for my ongoing vendetta against those sources that are out to do harm to the GOP.  I want to stress I am not against anyone who outwardly proclaims that they are an independent conservative or anyone who is a member of a third party.  I am after those who are not Republican but claim to be so in order to manipulate the agenda. 

The real problem?

Aside from those who are associated with Moon and Tanton, and those who are purveyors of hate, I think the l problem is the fact that the world has changed, and these people have not.

Pajama Pack gets it.    They really get it. In fact, they are doing some of the best writing on the subject.
I’m not sure if Newt Gingrich does.  I completely agree with his “99 Thesis Moment” – to a point.  What he fails to notice is the fact that we have a serious problem with conservatives being too conservative.  I see that Ruffini is working on “a new right”, to work with conservatives and the GOP.   And this is the problem.  IT IS NOT ABOUT CONSERVATIVE. It is about Republican.  It is about the Republican brand and only the Republican brand.

Want examples?  Let’s start with Mark Levin. He is determined to destroy the John McCainJohn McCormick calls him down, quickly. And exploits like the minutemen trying to hijack the convention this summer.

One problem with the GOP is its success.  Yes, we need somewhere for idiots like Karen Johnson to go besides the Republican Party. I think this may be one of the reason the GOP is having problems with ethics and some of our candidates.  We have been so successful, the GOP was the party dejour.


Once upon a time, just mentioning the name of David Duke was the kiss of death, let alone associating openly with neo-Nazis.  Now, people like Russell Pearce are accepted as “mainstream” by some conservative (not Republican) sources. How can you possibly take anti-immigration supporters serious when they honor former neo-Nazis? The worst of it is the fact that main stream conservatives are now quoting Pearce as though he was one of the good guys.  Malkin takes Russell Pearce over John McCain.  I don’t know about you, but there is something very wrong with this picture.

I think Tom Tancredo is the most embarrassing thing out there with a GOP label.  Fortunately he is not running, which is wonderful.

Jessica Echard, was on Shepherd Smith, gushing about how bad John McCain was, and how horrible the GOP is.  She is the perfect example of what is very very wrong with conservatives and how they are trying to manipulate their message to basically either destroy the GOP or turn it into something it never was.  I really want to use the word ‘dimwit’ here.  She thinks immigration enforcement is going win friends and influence people.

“…In districts where pro-enforcement incumbents lost, such as Arizona Rep. J.D. Hayworth’s (note: Hayworth has not conceded) and Indiana Rep. John Hostettler, their Democrat opponents actually campaigned on tough enforcement and border security. Hayworth’s opponent stated that “enforcing our nation’s immigration laws is an absolutely necessary ingredient to securing the U.S.-Mexico border,” and promised to “extend existing fencing in urban areas” along our southern border. Sounds like he’s taken a page out of “Whatever It Takes,” Hayworth’s recent book on combating illegal immigration. In Hostettler’s case, his opponent, a county sheriff, had this to say about the crisis of illegal immigration: “It’s also not right when an Indiana employer passes over an American for a job only because an illegal worker is cheaper. We need to tighten our borders, enforce the laws we have, and punish employers who break them.”…”

You’ve got to be kidding!

Then there is the “RINO” epitaph.

“…The Club for Growth Political Action Committee has long been attacked for intervening in Republican primaries and targeting the party’s most economically liberal incumbents. In 2000, Pennsylvania Rep. Jim Greenwood called the Club “cannibals.” When the Club ran ads against Ohio Sen. George Voinovich and Maine Sen. Olympia Snowe for resisting President Bush’s 2003 tax cut, Karl Rove deemed the ads “counterproductive.” And Newt Gingrich, the man who ushered in a conservative Republican majority in 1994, once denounced the Club. “Their strategy is explicitly wrong,” he said. “The key is to elect more Republicans and have a bigger majority and be more inclusive.”Now comes Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole, the man charged with rebuilding the GOP majority in the House. In a New York Times Magazine article, he denounced the Club for Growth’s involvement in a special election in Ohio’s fifth congressional district.“The problem I have with the Club is I think they’re stupid,” Mr. Cole said. “They spend more money beating Republicans than Democrats.”…”

Club for Growth


We all know I’ve criticized Hugh Hewitt, and he has deserved 99% of it.  BUT – Hugh Hewitt is becoming a stand up guy when it comes to John McCain and the GOP.  That’s all I ask – rational conservatives to behave rationally and honorably and learn how to govern like adults. Miss Beth’s Victory Dance – you gotta read “Miss Beth” for yourself. I’m loving this specific rant! Put Faultline in the same group! Same thing holds true for Called As Seen , Pajama Pack,  and The Opinionated Catholic.

John Hawkins is a perfect example of what I call HATE THE GOP CONSERVATIVES. He is Henny-Penny, the sky is falling.  He has the usual arrogance of conservatives who think they are the be all and end all of all there is.

“…Simple: because there was never the slightest doubt in the minds of conservatives that Ronald Reagan shared their values and was doing everything within his power to use conservative principles to make our country a better place. So, when Reagan did something that conservatives disagreed with, they figured he was just doing what he had to do for the sake of politics and didn’t hold it against him. Republicans today don’t have that luxury because the assumptions that conservatives made about Reagan have been reversed. If a Republican does something that pleases conservatives, they often assume that it is being done for political purposes while deviations from the conservative norm represent what Republicans really want to do. Until the Republicans can repair that breach of faith and convince conservatives that the GOP has the same goals as conservatives do on issues like spending, the size of government, and illegal immigration, the Party may win some battles, but it’s going to slowly, but surely lose the war for the future of our country….”

This is a pile of horse-hockey.
Adam’s Blog

Paul Weyrich is another of those conservatives who talk a Reagan game but betrayed him.  He’s after John McCain now, and is up to his eyeballs in anti-immigration rhetoric designed to manipulate the cowards Republicans in Congress.  Read the Townhall comments – and figure out how many who comment are actually Republicans.

The once mighty Eagle Forum has denigrated into this category.  Just read their front page.   They’re crazy, taking in every insane theory there is. Ron Paul’s Bots are gong to take over the GOP and reshape it into their own image (God help us all!). There is an entire cottage industry of these people.  If they are treated as they crackpots they truly are, no problem.  The problem is the fact that they are treated as sensible, rational, thinking individuals!

Bay Buchanan on H & C said that John McCain is showing conservatives no respect.  Well, it’s like this, the door swings both ways.  It is obvious conservatives are showing him no respect.

Jonathan Martin at the Politico points out that currently John McCain is enjoying an 80% level of support among all Republicans.  It should be higher than that. Martin quotes David Beasley, who was never the most astute of politicians. (I supported the other guy in the primaries ages ago).

“…David Beasley, a former South Carolina governor who was one of Huckabee’s most ardent backers in the primary, conceded that some of it may be related to conservative unease about McCain. 

While noting that such voters first “love Huckabee,” Beasley said “they dislike McCain, so there is a little protest factor.” 

“In November, though, they will vote for McCain because of their utter disgust for Hillary and/or Obama,” Beasley added. “Unless McCain does something new that really upsets the Right, I believe they will be energized voters against the Democrat nominee.” 

G. Terry Madonna, a political scientist at Pennsylvania’s Franklin & Marshall College, agreed. 

“These primaries are about letting voters vote their hearts,” Madonna said. “It’s a little protest. But before it’s over the contrast between Obama and McCain will be sufficiently drawn and the relevance of the election will be sufficiently understood that the protests will be gone.”…”

Let’s face the fact that there is a conservative hate John McCain crowd who will complain about anything he does – no matter what.  Doesn’t matter.  They hate him.  He isn’t pure enough for them.  Fact is, no one is.
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Laura at Pursuing Holiness is in a snit over the GOP Congress.  The reason they are such a bunch of sniveling little cowardly conservatives is because of Non-Republican conservatives who have not intention of voting for them, but call themselves conservative.  Laura is honest in that she does not call herself a Republican.  She is one of the few who does.
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They are their own special little club.  They have several things in common.  First is their abject hatred of John McCain.  The other is their abject hatred of anything “illegal”.  They worship at the altar of John Tanton’s anti-immigration hard line.  Anyone who does not agree with this hard line is evil and must be destroyed. (John McCain)
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