What Is Richard Viguerie Doing with Bob Barr & the Libertarians


There has been a fascinating development along Libertarian lines these past few weeks.  Evidently Richard Viguerie, the “conservative” version of a snake-oil salesman had decided to take over the Libertarian Party to help his pal Bob Barr run for POTUS.  Neal Bortz is in on this along with the dynamic duo.

We know Viguerie wishes to do harm to John McCain.  Just what this tremendous trio is planning is quite obvious.  They are going to attempt to prevent John McCain from winning the election.  I have a feeling we are going to see an unholy alliance of the various “Christian” conservative leaders like James Dobson.  There are rumors that Barr doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance and will go the way of Alan Keyes.  It is all very interesting, rather shady, and they are very much up to no good.

There’s one other little problem here.  Viguerie is owned by Sun Myung Moon.  Robert Stacy McCain has been known to be a Moon flunkie.  Is this Sun Myung Moon’s way of trying to buy a political party?  We all know Moon does not like John McCain.  Neither does John Tanton.  A few of us have been waiting to see when they would show their hands.  Is this it?

This is all about keeping John McCain from winning the White House.  Have no doubts about it.  He is the multi-millionarie talking radio head’s worst nightmare.  Their era is over.  It has just dawned on me that these people are not about conservative values.  They aren’t about “saving” America.  They are all about padding their own bank accounts and keeping themselves in power.  That’s all it is.  If John McCain wins, they lose.

This is going to be very nasty.  We’re basically dealing with a group of “conservatives who would rather see Barack Obama win than John McCain.  Then they can teach any Republian who dares to step out of line a lesson.  You pander to us or kiss your political career good-bye.

Everyone is so busy crowing Bob Barr as the Libertarian nominee for POTUS, they are forgetting one little thing.   I’ve been hearing rumors that Barr may not be able to pull off the nomination. He could also be in a little bit of fundraising trouble.    Don’t think Barr is going to have an easy time of getting the nomination.  There are something like 14 candidates all trying for the gold.

As Jeff Worbel writes,

“…The standard operating procedure for the Libertarian Party is to choose from a set of long time party activists.  Occasionally this includes someone of modest fame, but more often it is someone who is virtually unknown among the general public.  Many Libertarians believe that despite Paul’s recent success, this same old party formula of choosing a relatively unknown candidate is doomed to failure once again.  There has been a push among some Libertarians to nominate a candidate with name recognition, even if the candidate is not solidly libertarian.

This presents a fertile environment for more famous candidates who want to take over the reigns of the Ron Paul Revolution.  Twelve standard-bearer Libertarian presidential candidates have recently been upstaged by newly declared libertarians, but more famous candidates, Bob Barr and Mike Gravel.  Even Jesse Ventura has mentioned the possibility of running as the LP candidate, though he has made no official declaration.

Much of the media seem to presume that Bob Barr will easily win the nomination for the Libertarian Party and have already discussed the possibility of Barr siphoning off votes from John McCain.  At the end of this weekend, the media may be shocked to discover that the Libertarian Party rejected Barr as their nominee.  While Barr has recently apparently wholly accepted the libertarian philosophy, many long time Libertarians are going to find it hard to look past Barr’s record as a leading drug warrior and his unconstitutional abdication of congressional responsibility in his vote to give President Bush authorization to use force.  Most libertarians consider these acts to have caused irreparable harm to the country’s freedom and its reputation, not to mention the resultant horrors of war.

The Libertarian Party has on average the most highly educated membership of any party.  Considering this, plus their long-standing refusal to sacrifice their principles for the sake of winning elections, it is unlikely that they will be fooled into nominating Bob Barr as their representative….”

There are any number of rumors circulating around Bob Barr and his actual intentions.  The most interesting is that Bob Barr and Richard Viguerie are in it together, and that Viguerie is planning on taking over the Libertarian Party.    What’s up and what does Robert Stacy McCain have to do with it?

“…Along with a lot of Barr supporters, both Knapp and McCain will be traveling in the same vehicle to Denver. What is to be discussed on that long ride will likely prove very interesting to those who follow internal LP rumors and conspiracy theories….”

I do not trust McCain. He’s been cited by the SPLC as a racist.

In Reason:

“…First off, it’s funny to think of Viguerie as a shadowy conspirator. The last time I saw him speak was… at a Libertarian Party meeting in Orlando last year, as an invited guest. It was no secret that Viguerie was dabbling with supporting at least Ron Paul and at most a full-on third party. In his (then-new) book Conservatives Betrayed, Vigurie wrote about third parties collaborating to get ballot access, although he preferred they could band together in a “third force” (rather than a spoiler party) once the right pressure was applied on Republicans. 

But David Nolan piles on:

Clearly, Barr and Viguerie are attempting to gain control of the LP    so that Barr can campaign on a conservative/libertarian hybrid platform and Viguerie can extend his fundraising empire into the libertarian quadrant of the political universe. If they succeed, the Libertarian Party will become just one more mouthpiece for malcontent Republicans….”

David Nolan writes:

“…Some of the principal officials working on the campaign for former Georgia Republican Congressman Bob Barr appear to be veteran “partyjackers.” Barr finance operative Richard Viguerie, a longtime conservative fundraiser, mounted an unsuccessful hostile takeover attempt on the American Independent Party back in 1976. In 2000, Russ Verney, now Barr’s campaign manager, first opened the Reform Party up to a successful takeover by “the Buchanan Brigades,” then defected and ran a rump convention to further split the party by nominating Natural Law Party invader John Hagelin. Recent events within the LP show a similarly disturbing trend. The convention organizers were told that they must invite Neal Boortz, a conservative Barr supporter, to be the speaker at the Sunday Banquet. Boortz had to cancel because of knee surgery, but the pattern of placing Barr supporters in many of the prominent speaking spots has continued. The convention organizers were told that they must have Barr himself as the convention’s keynote speaker. After Barr launched his presidential exploratory committee, they were then told that his replacement would be Richard Viguerie. This choice of having Viguerie, a movement conservative, deliver the keynote was imposed on the convention organizers contrary to their own desire, which was to fill the slot with one of the many Libertarian speakers available and eager to fill the keynote slot.

The LP’s former Executive Director, Shane Cory, used the national office to release without authorization a statement that many considered to be openly hostile to candidate Mary Ruwart. He then resigned and has since accepted a position within Viguerie’s organization. (The unauthorized press release appears to have been taken down, but here’s the text.) Sunday, it was announced that Mr. Viguerie has purchased the popular blog Third Party Watch, which until now has been a largely unmoderated site where proponents and opponents of all third party candidates could freely express their views.

Monday morning, longtime libertarian activist and Third Party Watch contributor Tom Knapp attempted to post a piece about a highly critical story appearing in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about Bob Barr’s fundraising practices. Within minutes, his piece was deleted and his previous posting privileges on the site were revoked. Clearly, Barr and Viguerie are attempting to gain control of the LP so that Barr can campaign on a conservative/libertarian hybrid platform and Viguerie can extend his fundraising empire into the libertarian quadrant of the political universe. If they succeed, the Libertarian Party will become just one more mouthpiece for malcontent Republicans…”

Viguerie’s new project;  Third Party Watch The interesting thing is why is Viguerie giving the keynote speech at the Libertarian Convention?  Neal Bortz is involved.
The Left Conservative

“…While I cannot say anything unpleasant about Mr. Viguerie the man, his purchase of Third Party Watch comes at a curious time. It turns out that Viguerie is a primary fundraiser for the candidacy of Bob Barr who is seeking the Libertarian Presidential nomination. As LP co-founder David Nolan notes here, Viguerie has been involved in attempts to takeover existing third parties before as a way of pushing his agenda. Third Party Watch was one of the most open and lively discussion venues on the net for coverage of the LP, but Viguerie’s purchase of the site should raise serious questions about its impartiality down the road. 

Meanwhile several folks previously affiliated with Third Party Watch have started their own site, Independent Political Report. Obviously IPR is an upstart site, but the format is very similar to TPW’s and we have added it to our blogroll.

The LP convention is going on as we speak, and I expect something of a fire fight. It is entirely possible that the controversial tactics utilized by the Barr campaign will become an issue with delegates. To add fuel to this potentially catastrophic inferno, the overtly non-libertarian Richard Viguerie will be giving the keynote address….”

Evidently Viguerie has basically taken over the Libertarian Party, assisted by Bob Barr and Neal Bortz.

“…Clearly, Barr and Viguerie are attempting to gain control of the LP so that Barr can campaign on a conservative/libertarian hybrid platform and Viguerie can extend his fundraising empire into the libertarian quadrant of the political universe. If they succeed, the Libertarian Party will become just one more mouthpiece for malcontent Republicans….”