When You Create an Anglican Monster


The Archbishop of Nigeria is revolting, not only in his practices but against the Archbishop of Canterbury.  The American conservative Anglican community, who has chosen to worship Peter Akinola instead of the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit, is now threatening the very foundation of the Anglican Church. Not content to just destroy the Episcopal Church in the USA, he is now going to split the entire Anglican world, if it does not give in to his extreme demands. You see, Peter Akinola hates homosexuals.  He hates homosexuals to the point that he doesn’t even mind the extreme measures the Islamic government of Nigeria has thrown at them, including execution.

“…Senior sources said that the most likely outcome of the divisions over homosexuality and Biblical authority was an international “Anglican Fellowship” that would provide a home and structure for orthodox Anglicans. In an incendiary passage, Dr Akinola compared the Episcopal Church in the US and its liberals to those who enslaved Africans in the 19th century. He continued: “Having survived the inhuman physical slavery of the 19th century, the political slavery called colonialism of the 20th century, the developing world economic enslavement, we cannot, we dare not, allow ourselves and the millions we represent to be kept in religious and spiritual dungeon.” And he warned: “We will not abdicate our God-given responsibility and simply acquiesce to destructive modern cultural and political dictates.”

Addressing signs of disunity within the ranks of conservatives themselves, he accused the Archbishop of Canterbury and the US Church of a policy of “divide and rule” and said that they had used “money and other attractions to buy silence and compromise from some gullible African and Global South Church leaders”. In a section of the prepared speech that was omitted from his delivery, Dr Akinola had also raised the issue of Dr Rowan Williams’s recent controversial speech on Islamic law. He said: “In the face of global suspicion of the links of Islam with terrorism, Lambeth Palace is making misleading statements about the Islamic law — sharia — to the point that even secular leaders are now calling us to order. We can no longer trust where some of our Communion leaders are taking us.” The speech was greeted with applause and whistles by the delegates, who included 300 bishops, about 200 of whom are boycotting the official Lambeth Conference organised by the Archbishop of Canterbury at Kent University next month…”

Cooler heads are attempting to prevail.

“…Describing the Anglican community in the Holy Land as “orthodox,” Dawani told ENS: “We do not agree with recent developments in the Episcopal Church concerning sexuality, but that is not going to divide us. Unity is at the heart of the gospel and we as indigenous Christians in this Holy Land are committed to the work of peace, justice and reconciliation.” Expected to draw more than 1,000 conservative Anglicans, including some 280 bishops, the GAFCON summit is viewed by some critics as a “divisive event” and a rival to the 2008 Lambeth Conference, but is described by its organizers as an opportunity to develop a “renewed understanding of our identity as Anglican Christians.” Among GAFCON’s participants are Episcopal Church bishops Keith Ackerman of Quincy, Jack Iker of Fort Worth, Peter Beckwith of Springfield, Bob Duncan of Pittsburgh, five Anglican primates and several former Episcopalians, some of whom have been consecrated as bishops in other Anglican provinces but are not officially recognized as such by the Archbishop of Canterbury. GAFCON also brings together several Anglican breakaway groups that have formed in recent years. Refuting claims that GAFCON is about schism, Iker told ENS that the conference is “all about a renewal of confidence in Anglicanism.”…”

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