Sheriff Joe, Russell Pearce, the FBI, and Immigration Reform


We are now learning that just everyone wants a Russell Pearce (friend and lover of Neo-Nazis everywhere) yard sign.  Don’t you, I know I sure can’t wait, even though there is a waiting list. Evidently they are lining up in Maricopa County to get their little friends of the Nazis signs.  Isn’t that special?

Did you know if you practice your right to freedom of protest in Maricopa County and go against the good Sheriff Joe (Arizona’s own answer to the Sheriff of Notthingham) you are subject to harassment (to say the least).  It doesn’t matter who you are, or what your position is.  Take Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon. It doesn’t even matter if Sheriff Joe refuses to serve a back-log of over 40,000 arrest warrants.  If the perk ain’t illegal, he don’t care! The beauty of all of this is the Good Sheriff’s poll numbers have slipped to 54%.  What are all those anti-immigration people going to do if Sheriff Joe loses?

“…Second, I have asked him to help make our community safer by focusing on the 40,000 felony arrest warrants – of dangerous criminals – that are still outstanding in Maricopa County; to focus on the “worst of the worst” – rapists, murderers, drug dealers, violent and repeat offenders. Like other jurisdictions do.

Finally, I have asked the sheriff to respect the Constitution and the civil rights of all American citizens. Recently, this newspaper, the East Valley Tribune, the Washington Post, Valley media, the Anti-Defamation League and associations of pastors, priests and rabbis have noted specific examples of the sheriff’s refusal to follow federal civil-rights requirements when pursuing illegal immigrants. But he must respect civil rights. American citizens and U.S. veterans who fought for our rights are seeing their own rights violated. Immigrants, who are here legally, with paperwork in hand, are being treated like criminals. Vendors, with valid visas and properly licensed equipment, are being detained. All those things are wrong and unacceptable.

I have asked investigative journalists to come to Phoenix and join with local journalists to tell this story because it needs to be told. Not because we don’t want immigration laws enforced. We do. (In fact, Phoenix police have arrested 11,000 criminal immigrants and turned an additional 4,000 over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the past two years alone). We want this story told because the civil rights of citizens and others here legally must be protected.

We all have a basic right to be left alone by law enforcement if we have done nothing wrong. The sheriff sees it differently. It is my hope that when a national journalistic spotlight shines on the sheriff’s bizarre, dangerous and constitutionally challenged choices, the decision-makers in Washington, D.C., will see the sad results of their neglect and finally be moved to act….”

And we learn that Sheriff Joe is being profiled by the FBI for doing a little illegal racial profiling of his own.

“…The FBI investigation has been in operation since at least the spring and is actively being worked, said Lydia Guzman of Respect/Respecto. Guzman said FBI agents were investigating the sheriff’s office before Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon formally requested an FBI investigation in a letter to U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey on April 4. She said the FBI’s investigation appears to have intensified during recent weeks. Last month, Department of Justice spokeswoman Carolyn Nelson said officials were monitoring the sheriff’s office’s illegal immigration enforcement operation but declined further comment. This week, John Lewis, who heads the FBI’s Phoenix office, would neither confirm nor deny whether the agency is investigating the sheriff’s office, in accordance with FBI policy concerning any potential investigation. Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Thursday he had no knowledge of an FBI investigation concerning his office. “Never heard of anything. I think we would know, right?” he said. Guzman said residents have brought forward a variety of complaints, including allegations that sheriff’s office personnel have retaliated against people who have spoken out against Arpaio through the news media. “The kinds of things are publicly parking outside of people’s homes and intimidating people, going into their properties without any warrants or anything,” she said. She wouldn’t give the names of people who have been interviewed by FBI agents, because, she said, she is afraid of jeopardizing her organization’s relationship with the FBI. FBI agents have given her no indication concerning whether they believe the complaints have merit, she said. Lewis said the FBI encourages people who believe their civil rights have been violated or who have knowledge of public corruption to come forward. One of the FBI’s top priorities is investigating allegations of criminal activity by public officials, such as lawmakers and law-enforcement personnel, he said. Those types of allegations also are among the most difficult to prove….”

And from the Stein report:  Arpaio can do no wrong with those racists looking on.

“…”This is my response to Mayor Gordon’s plea to the national press to investigate my crackdown on illegal immigration in hopes of “stopping the madness.” Your Washington antics (paid for by Phoenix taxpayers) before the national press corps made me chuckle,” says Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the Arizona Republic. “While in D.C., you insulted my office, called me a false messiah and said I am a lawbreaker. You begged various entities to investigate me as if I were a common criminal. What you are really doing is pandering to a small, vocal constituency that supports open borders and refuses to see the collateral damage caused by unchecked illegal immigration.”…”