Barack Obama’s Plans for NASA and Space Exploration


Just like everything else he does, Barack Obama is sending mixed signals when it comes to his plans for NASA.  At first he basically said that he would not be funding the next generation shuttle program.  Then he signaled he would not push for an extension of the current shuttle program.  He has flipped, then flopped on his flip.  The bottom line here is I don’t think he can be trusted to support the advancement of space exploration.  Barack Obama is all about welfare and the give away.  He wants to make NASA international. That alone makes me shudder.  It also tells me that he knows nothing about national security.  We need a strong working space program to protect our country.  He has refused to pledge to keep NASA going.

“…Obama has changed an earlier position, in which he planned to delay the Constellation program five years and use up to $5 billion from the NASA budget for education. “Here’s what I’m committing to: Continue Constellation. We’re going to close the gap (between the end of shuttle flight and the next program, Constellation). We may have additional shuttle flights,” he said. “My commitment is to seamless transition, where we’re utilizing the space station in an intelligent way, and we’re preparing for the next generation of space travel.” In an interview with FLORIDA TODAY after the speech, Obama would not detail whether he plans to change President Bush’s vision of returning to the moon and going to Mars. Obama also would not pledge to sign a $2 billion increase to NASA’s $17 billion budget. The proposal might save some of the 3,400 jobs that are expected to be lost at Kennedy Space Center. “I don’t want to give clear figures yet. I want to have a thorough evaluation of a combination of manned and unmanned missions, what kind of exploration would be the most appropriate, and I want the budget to follow the plan. I’d want to see the proposal first,” he said….”

As a veteran of the old ‘space wars’ to keep NASA funded and alive when Democrats in the House and Senate did everything they possibly could to kill it, when you hear the terms “full evaluation” duck and run for cover.  It is Democratic double speak for – we’ll kill NASA and put the money in hand-outs.

The flip of the flop:
“…One of the better insights from the debate was when Garver was asked why Obama had changed his stance on funding Constellation. Obama and his staff early own, she explained, “did feel that Constellation was a Bush program and didn’t make a lot of sense.” That was reinforced by feedback from the scientific community, she added, that didn’t think human spaceflight was as valuable as robotic scientific work. However, after hearing from people in both the space and education communities, “they really thought it through, they recognized the importance of space.” Now, she said, “he recognizes that Constellation really is exploring with humans and robots beyond low Earth orbit” and that he truly supports it, rather than supporting it only as a tool to win votes in Florida.

Constellation is generally defined in the near term to be primarily the Ares 1 launch vehicle and Orion spacecraft, but she dropped a hint that a President Obama might be willing to reconsider that architecture. “Senator Obama has talked about Constellation and has not specified a specific architecture,” she said. “I think one of the reasons for that is that until you have the office, until you’re there and know what’s going on with these programs, you’re not going to make a commitment to it.” (The answer came in response to a question about the use of EELVs in the exploration program, not about alternatives like DIRECT.)…”

He has called for the re-implementation of the failed National Space Council. Barack Obama would be an abject disaster for manned exploration of space.  The real problem is he is calling for death of the shuttle program and not implementing the Constellation program for years.  This will leave us vulnerable with no way of launching humans into space to the ISS, which basically gives it to the Russians.

This man isn’t capable of being POTUS.