McCain Will Not Freeze Science/NASA Spending


I don’t mind admitting when John McCain said that he was planning a spending freeze – across the board – I gulped air.  NASA and science are always the first things that get cut when Washington decides to count pennies.  The campaign today said neither would be cut. (Sigh of relief).

“…Under McCain, funding also would increase for NASA and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Brannon said. After noting the several years of essentially flat funding that have passed since the Clinton and Bush administrations, along with Congress, completed a project to double the NIH budget to $27 billion in fiscal 2003, Brannon said it was time to increase funding.

“Now is the time to kind of begin again,” he said. “That’s certainly what Sen. McCain is committed to do.”

The Obama campaign says it would double science funding over 10 years….”

This leads one to a second terrifying moment.  Does Barack Obama even grasp the idea that the United States has a Constitution which prevents him from being in office beyond 8 years?  Or, does Obama plan to ignore the Constitution when he implements his own special little Hugo Chavez/Fidel Castro vision for America?

The other day John McCain sent a message to Florida Today. (H/T Space Politics)

“…Recently John McCain sent a letter to the President about the strategic challenge that our reliance on the Russians poses to the United States, and the need to preserve the option to continue shuttle flights beyond 2010. We must also redouble our efforts to advance progress on the Constellation program by committing to the additional funding needed to speed up progress to close the space gap….”