The Pink Flamingo’s 89th Edition Thursday Thirteen

The Pink Flamingo’s 89th Edition Thursday Thirteen
Thirteen Photographs of Tombstone, AZ.

Welcome to the Pink Flamingo’s new Word Press format.  For the record, I absolutely detest Word Press and am only moving to the new format because it is necessary.  I’m still working on the kinks.
I could do an entire Thursday Thirteen list of where I have been this past month or so.  At least two of the Wednesdays I was in Las Cruces with the parents doing medical appointments.  Another Wednesday I had Altar Guild.  Last week was my very best excuse.  I was in Tombstone!  Regular Pink Flamingo readers must realize, by now, that Tombstone, Arizona is one of my very favorite places on earth!  I try to spend a least a week there, three times a year.  (Below are photos from my 2008 visits).  When I am in Tombstone, I stay at the Larian Motel, and cannot recommend it more highly. We’ve become very good friends with the owner, Gordon Anderson.

The most important part of the week is attending church at the historic St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.  Constructed in 1882 by Endicott Peabody.  Monday, November 17 was his “saint” day.  The Episcopal Diocese of Arizona has begun the process of Anglican sainthood for “Cotty”.

Last week I was attending a writer’s conference, The Annual Western History Symposium and Book Exposition.  A grand time was had by all (except for the fact that I “ruined” my left shoulder and neck lifting a heavy box of books).  I sold quite a few copies of three of my books. I would link to the site for Wyatt Earp Books but Yahoo has done something to it, so forget that for a few days.

While I was in Tombstone, a beautiful statue honoring Wyatt Earp was dedicated.  It is located at the Wyatt Earp House, on Fremont Street, just a block north of the OK Corral.

I love taking photographs in Tombstone.  As you will soon see, it is like stepping out of the modern world and right into the Wild West!

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16 thoughts on “The Pink Flamingo’s 89th Edition Thursday Thirteen

  1. I’m reading Light in August by Faulkner right now and those pictures somehow remind me of the era from which he writes.

  2. Wow, what an amazing place. I had no idea Tombstone still looked like this. I’ve always been fascinated with this part of our American history. This place is going on my vacation list. I’d love to visit. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I’ll be honest: I hate Arizona south of Flagstaff. This looks like something Poor Hubby would love, though. I was groovin’ on the horsies. :)
    Happy Thursday!

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