It’s Official – We’re Screwed – Janet Napolitano for Homeland Security!



Michael Medved, for whom I have a tremendous amount of respect, says we need to quit bashing Obama for awhile.  I want to go on record stating that I am not bashing The One.  I’m just calling ’em as I sees ’em.

At least he’s an agent for change.

Change is bringing the former Senate Majority Leader back to power, even though his wife has a little lobby problem.  But – not to worry – it’s CHANGE.  And, his idea of change is a radical over-haul of our health care system. We’re also being warned that there are more Rezko like scandals on the horizon.

Just love that change!

Then there is that Inagural Coronation – that is going to cost way much – no wonder Obama wants Clinton’s list of financial backers!

CNN’s sources are reporting that Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano is going to be the Czarina of Homeland Insecurity, God Help Us All!  Unfortunately she is not a Clinton-hold-over.  You know it’s getting scary when we look to former members of the Clinton Administration to bring some rational experience to what is beginning to look a lot like a very incompetent Obama Administration.

I’d just as soon see Homeland Security trashed now that George W. Bush is no longer going to be in office.  I don’t trust such a vast police organization, now in the incompetent little hands of a (shush….lesbian – sorry, it was a cheap shot) very incompetent governor who is as anchored as is her soon to be boss.  She blows in the wind like the chimes I have hanging on my balcony.

This said, Her Imcompetence is going to be so – incompetent – I’d rather see her over-seeing Homeland Insecurity than someone who had visions of grandure.

Indeed, the only choice I would rather see would be Bill Richardson, who was so vastly incompetent when he bungled the Department of Energy that we still don’t know what happened up at Los Alamos.

Oh well, on the other hand, I keep telling my buddy, Glenn, that this is going to be fun.  We may as well laugh.

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