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The Pink Flamingo has moved – full time, to the new blog.  If we could figure out a way to easily migrate the archives, things would be almost perfect.  As it is, I’ve come up with one idea.  When I cross-reference an article I’m simply going to re-post it over here.

I’ve spent the day changing URL’s and doing additional tweaks to the new site. I’ve been experimenting with my limitations and learning how to do the blasted Word Press thing.  I’m not unhappy with the results. The worst part – now that I have the blog finished, I’m going to be forced to go back to “work” and finish up the edits on the blasted book I’ve been avoiding.


Space X tested a new engin today!

Saving the Gar?

Have you heard the one about the bigfoot fingerprint?


Born: John Wallis, mathematician, 1616, Ashford, Kent; Dr. Thomas Birch, historical and biographical writer, 1705, London.

Died: Louis, Duke of Orleans, brother of Charles VI, assassinated at Paris, 1407; Thomas Tullis, composer of church music, 1585, Greenwich; Richard Hakluyt, chronicler of voyages and travels, 1616; William Bentinck, first Earl of Portland, favourite minister of William III, 1700; Antoine Francois Prevot, novelist, 1763, Forest of Chantilly; Thomas Henderson, professor of astronomy, 1844; Sir John Barrow, author of biographies and books of travel, 1848, London.

Feast Day: St. Clement, pope and martyr, 100. St. Amphilochius, bishop of Iconium, confessor, 100. St. Daniel, bishop and confessor, 545. St. Troll, confessor, 693.


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