The New Mexico Democratic Eastward Migration



Are you finding all this political “change” The One is bringing to Washington quite refreshing?  If so, you are the only one.  Frankly, I think it is hilarious.  I’m wondering how many little groupies for change are starting to have buyer’s remorse.   That’s just my little snippy aside because I’ve not said anything snippy about The One in a few days.

We are being told, by the local NM political blogs who do nothing but slobber and fawn over the messiah-elect, that this is all about the usual political fluff and the need for a viable Hispanic presence in DC.  We all know when it comes to Bill Richardson that’s a crock.  It’s political payback, pure and simple.  In the case of Patricia Madrid for Interior, I think it’s more about removing viable 2010 competition for the Democratic nomination for Governor.

Here in New Mexico, local rumor has it that Val Kilmer wants to become New Mexico’s answer to the Governator. The way things look now, Madrid is probably the only viable Democratic primary opposition he would have.  If Richardson does get his political payola and resigns as governor, NM will be treated to the same old same old, another Democratic political hack in Lt. Governor Diane Denish. (Sarah Palin she ain’t).  Denish is very much a political light-wight who can’t stand up to the alleged powerhouse that Madrid is.  If the primary is between Kilmer and Denish, we all know how that’s going to go.

NM GOP Senate loser, Steve Pearce seems to be planning on a run to be state GOP chair.  I have no earthly idea how this will play out because the NM GOP is a mess.  It has been a total wreck since we lost the great Joe Skeen to Parkenson’s a few years ago.

It looks like we will probably also be in for a repeat of the 2008 NM GOP Senate primary.  Steve Pearce has already announced that he plans on considering a run for governor.  We all hope Heather Wilson will do the same.  If it comes down to Kilmer running for governor, Pearce stands a snow-ball’s chance in you know what of defeating him.  Wilson, though, could do much better.

Getting back to the possibility of a Kilmer run for governor.  Just think how good it will look for The One to get into New Mexico and support a Hollywood candidate.  We’re talking incredible photo-ops here, along with some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.  It is match made in heaven.  It will look soooo good!  And, we all know pimping primping for the fawning media is the name of the game!

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8 thoughts on “The New Mexico Democratic Eastward Migration

  1. Thanks for the heads-up in NM. Over here in Southern California, we have a continuous fight between the RINO’s and the Conservatives. It truly is pathetic over, too. And that’s my party! They won’t discuss illegal aliens, crime, you know…things that matter. I’m about fed-up with what the other guy did (from politicians) so we don’t look at how messed up they are. lol. Who do they think they’re fooling? (Simon and Garfunkel(sp?) )

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