Video of Massive Canadian Fireball



It has taken several days for Youtube video of that massive Canadian meteor fireball to surface.  The police dash-cam of the event is the stuff science fiction dreams are made of.

Canadian Meteor Video

Photo by Andy Barlett

More from the CBC:

“…Dr. Christopher Herd, a University of Alberta earth and atmospheric sciences professor.
Herd was getting reports of the meteor touching down in all parts of Alberta. “It’s a massive fireball; it’s one of the brightest that we’ve seen in the area. And it almost certainly dropped meteorites, it looks somewhere around the Alberta-Saskatchewan border,” he said. Scientists who are interested in finding meteorite fragments may have a number of sites to choose from. “It was a pretty good-size rock that came in, and these rocks tend to fragment into pieces,” Herd said. “If anything makes it to the ground, there’ll be probably a number of pieces spread over an area of a few kilometres across, so that’s basically what we’re looking for now….”


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