Is the Economic Grinch Stolen Christmas …. Or Is It The One?



Am I imagining things, or is the Obama-Lovin’ media creating a new version of Political Correctness:  Thou Shalt NOT Give Christmas Gifts?  Maybe I’m just a little sensitive because there’s nothing this self-confessed Scrooge loves more than giving Christmas gifts. Okay, go a little crazy.  This year is no exception.  Quite frankly, I am insulted at all the all knowing, smug comments that according to FOX News, we’re to cut back on our gift giving.


We live in a country where the economy is based on consumer-ism.  The liberal elite can make fun of President Bush all they want, but he kept the economy afloat during those dark post-9/11 days by suggesting that shopping was patriotic!

George W. Bush is my kind of leader.  Shopping is patriotic!  He helped me realize I was doing my patriotic duty by patronizing Bloomingdale’s web site and ordering shoes!  (Regular Pink Flamingo readers may realize by now that I have a very serious shoe problem.  It’s okay, I can deal with it.  Just one more pair….and I promise I will seek professional help!)

Along comes the messiah-elect and all that patriotism is out the window.  We’re told it is no longer good to shop and spend money.  All the cute blond FOX anchors can do is gush about saving money, and getting through these hardest of times.


The reason we’re being told it isn’t good to shop and give a bunch of Christmas this year is plain and simple.  The Obamas don’t give gifts!  Last July I wrote about the Obamas and the fact that they make it a point not to give birthday or Christmas gifts to their daughters. (original post)  There is something very wrong with people who do not give. My “psychological” discussion about people who don’t give aside, even Oprah is now being effected by the Obama Grinch-style giving.  She’s only going to give 10 items on her give away Christmas show, and at least one thing will be “free”.

In other words, since the Obamas do not have the decency and generosity to give gifts to their daughters, we are to roll over and die as their special little Grinch steals the nation’s Christmas.

Sorry, but I don’t play by those rules.

If children are not given to – generously – they do not learn how to become givers as adults. It is that simple.  I will be willing to bet my poodle that either one or both Obamas, as children, were not on the receiving end of either birthday or Christmas gifts.

What are these people trying to prove, that it is better to be selfish than to give?

If The One were really interested in helping our economy he would get out there and tell people to start buying gifts for Christmas.  As as aside, it is going to be interesting to see of the Obama Girls are allowed to receive Christmas gifts now that their daddy is messiah-elect.


This sounds shallow, and may be explained by my limited group of friends, but I don’t know anyone who is “suffering” the way FOX News is saying “the folks” are all suffering economically. I have retired friends who are dealing with stock-based pensions that are taking a hit.  From what I gather they’ve been taking a hit for awhile. Anyone who has market-based finances is in trouble.  BUT – anyone who puts all their investment eggs into one basket is rather foolish.  Your stocks may be taking a hit, but if you have precious metals, you’re okay that way.  If you are invested in real estate you are okay. (I’m not talking housing, but actual real estate).  If you have CD’s things may even be looking up with a tad bit higher interest.

The world is not coming to an end.

I have some friends who are looking at this “economy of doom” in an entirely different way.  There are fortunes and very good livings to be earned if you have the mental capacity to re-tool your thinking and figure out what people need.  We have a mutual acquaintance who is literally going under because she refuses to reformulate her business and to lower her already very high prices.

The little FOX litany is that with hard times people are cutting back on services such as yard, pedicure, anything they can do for themselves.  Now that’s fine if you must cut back, but if you’re in good shape financially and cutting back just because the blond bimbos on FOX tell you to do so, you’re an idiot.  You are also helping to seriously hinder our national recovery.


We are now told the world is coming to an end and everyone needs to stop having their legs waxed and quit giving Christmas gifts unless you are re-gifting or doing something hand-made.  I don’t know about you, but I live in a small community.  Regifting is not an option.  I also don’t do hand-made unless we’re talking world-class artistic.  I don’t want your cheap home-made cookies you’ve baked from a Pillsbury roll. Feed ’em to the chickens.

Better yet, go out and quit watching the stupid blond bimbos on the news and go buy something from a local business that needs your patronage.


If we do not go out and patronize – anyone we’re going to start such a domino effect that there really will be a major economic crises.  If you are the owner of a small retain business the worst thing that can happen is people listen to the messiah-elect telling everyone to stay home and not spend money.  That’s how you start a depression.

If you are as patriotic as am I, let’s roll up our sleeves and go shopping!  We have nothing to fear but stupidity itself.

Heck, we all know Democrats are selfish miserable people who don’t give to charity and don’t have a sense of humor.

Are you going to let them ruin your Christmas giving?

I’m not!

No selfish Democrat tells me what to do!

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  1. After 8 years of dhimmicrats talking about everything that is wrong with the economy (which, btw, is not true), are they surprised people have no confidence in them? I’ll be spending my money as well. I just won’t spend it anywhere I am not allowed to say, “MERRY CHRISTMAS”. After all, this is the real reason for the Season. ;)

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