The Great Birth Certificate Debate



Wyatt Earp’s last words were, “Suppose, suppose.”

Maybe last words are appropriate for this.  I’m not going to get into a discussion about the validity of the Obama birth certificate.  I have no earthly idea.  My gut reaction is that it’s all quite legal.

Instead, I want to discuss the possibility of the “what if’s”.

What if the messiah – elect was born in Kenya?

What happens if the SCOTUS rules that he cannot legally be POTUS?

Will we see blood flowing in the streets?

If he is not legal, do the Supremes have the courage to admit he isn’t?

If he is not legal, and the Supremes rule that he cannot be sworn in as POTUS what then?

What if the whole Indonesia adoption thing is legal?

Then what?

We all know it a ruling like this would be tantamount to firing shots for a 2nd civil war.  Is upholding the law worth it?  Is upholding the letter of the US Constitution worth the riots that would surely begin with the anouncement that he is not legal?

Is the torch then passed to Joe Biden?

If the Supremes rule in favor of John McCain, what then?

It’s all about morality, honor, honesty, and courage.  We all know Barack Obama lacks all four of those qualities.  We know that at least 3 of the 7 SCOTUS justices do.

I know that preserving the Union and the Constitution at all costs is more important the threats of violence.  Barack Obama likes to claim he had the same courage and calling as Lincoln.  Somehow I doubt that he does.

We shall soon see.

Don’t count on anything juicy happening.  Obama has way too excellent luck when it comes to just about anything.  A little thing like the Constitution, laws, etc. isn’t going to stand in his way.  The worst of it, I wish I felt differently about him.  I wish I could rely on the fact that he treasured the Constitution and the Bill of Rights above anything else.  So far he has proved me to be correct, that the Constitution is for trashing and the Bill of Rights are to be flushed at a moment’s notice.

Suppose, suppose.

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