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Today is the single best show I’ve heard from Michael Medved.  I am absolutely SHOCKED at the scope of his knowledge about Native American culture and the abject depth of his knowledge.  It is absolutely freshing to hear someone tell the TRUTH about what really happened.

I have all the 1st person documentation of the massacre of 3 generations of my father’s family at the hands of the Sioux.  I cannot get one publisher to take the story because it paints the down-trodden Sioux in in a bad way.

You don’t know how much I appreciate his show today. The documented stories from my family are horrifying.  My father’s great-grandmother had her tongue cut out for crying out in horror.  She was scalped.  His grandmother hid under her hoop skirts after she fell.  During the Redbud uprising of the 1860’s in Minnesota the kids were instructed to hide under the women’s hoop skirts for protection.

The family’s infant was stabbed with a spear and impaled on a tree.

My great-great – grandfather was scalped.

Alma (my great grandmother) was about 6 years old at the time.  Only she and her brother survived.  Her mother was scalped and lived for two weeks, dying of typhoid.  It was known as the Dustin Massacre – 1863 Wright County, Minnesota.

Years earlier, in 1693 Haverhill, MA, my patron ancestress, Hannah Dustin was captured.  Her infant was 2 weeks old. The baby was drying as Hannah and one of Dick Cheney’s ancesters were led into captivity.  Her captor Indians took the baby and slammed it into a tree, bashing it’s head open, killing it.

While in captivity, Hannah Dustin was repeatedly raped, as was Dick Cheney’s ancestor.  After she returned home, no church would allow her to even step inside because she was a ‘fallen women’.  Even so, she became the first woman to be allowed to step inside a state house in the Colonies.  The first statue of a women in the New World is of her.  She received a huge bounty for killing and scalping her captors.

Unfortunately this aspect of American History has been purged.  It is politically incorrect and goes against the view of the gentle native culture. Medved writes in Townhall:

“…Big Lie No. 1, for instance, concerns the ubiquitous notion that the nation’s founders and builders followed a policy of “genocide” toward Native Americans.

In truth, disease caused 95% of the deaths that ravaged native populations of North America following European contact. Despite lurid (but historically baseless) claims of massive infection brought about by “smallpox blankets,” even the deadliest germs displayed no consciously hostile agenda.

In fact, intermarriage (including frequent intermarriage with African-Americans, slaves and free) and assimilation caused more Indian “losses” than all occasional massacres by governmental and irregular forces — incidents invariably condemned by federal authorities, never sponsored by them….”


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