The Conservative Uncivil War Against the GOP Continues



According to the Hill’s Blog:

“…Meanwhile, unnamed Republican senators who have encouraged the GOP to abandon the legacy of Ronald Reagan are turncoats, and should feel welcome to leave the party if they do not like what it stands for, RedState’s Mark Kilmer asserts. Republicans must stop trying to “out-Democrat” the Democrats and mean what they say when they talk about freedom and limited government, Rob writes at Say Anything. The “anonymous” senator is just a Republican in Name Only (RINO), who would have the GOP say and promise anything to buy votes, MacRanger says….”

Give me a break. We’re facing two different things here.  If what I read is correct, liberal Republicans like Olympia Snow are so upset with the Dems, they’re ready for a pint of revenge.  If so, the poor little Reagan Worshipers need not worry.

I think Senator “A” has hit on something.  The greatest problem the GOP is facing is the ghost of Ronald Reagan. Mark Kilmer laments:

“…As for the “ghost of Ronald Reagan,” as your term the ideas at the core of the party of which you profess to be a member, please remember that Ronald Reagan had a spine. Ronald Reagan believed in a set of principles and he discussed them. He courted votes in that way, not by deciding that one can no longer win elections unless he endorses gals marrying gals and guys melting the globe….”

I remember Ronald Reagan.  In fact, I once stood just a foot away from him.  My grandparents treasured the Reagan years.  They loved him.  My grandmother Froehlich had to special order a cup and saucer like Nancy’s new White House china.  I so associated him with my grandparents, that the day he died, I truly began to mourn the passing of the grandparents, a decade earlier.  I sat in front of the television and cried every moment.  For some strange reason, with Reagan gone, my grandparents were gone.  That is how much I cared about and adored him.

But – Ronald Reagan is dead and buried.  The past is past and we need to start looking toward our future.  You can’t build a future worshipping a ghost.

We need to look for someone new and refreshing.

And, of course I have just the answer!

SARAH PALIN!  She is the future of the GOP, even if Mark Sanford is such an idiot he thinks she laughable.  I can’t believe Republican governors were so idiotic as to make him their “chair”.


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