One More Time – The Pink Flamingo’s 90th Edition Thursday Thirteen





1.  I want to thank TT Suzanne Bird- Harris of VAssistant Services for taking pity on the Pink Flamingo last week and stepping in to help me tweak the Word Press blog into something decent.  She’s good!

2.  This is the 2nd attempt at my TT.  Press Harbor’s server went down and I lost the entire TT.  I am going to attempt and recreate what I had.  Sorry about that. My original posting was fairly close to 4PM.

3.  Sameless Plug:  The Pink Flamingo is working on a survey about the economy.  It takes about 15 minutes to do.  If you are a TTer who lives in the US. please consider taking it and then forwarding the link to as many people as possible.  (I’m working on an article).

4.  I cooked. I made cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and my Tutti Frutti Dressing. I use cornbread, diced apples, the usual celery and onions, a cup of shredded coconut, dried ginger root, a half cup of dried raspberries, a half cup of dried pomegranate, cup of currents, cup of chopped pineapple.  I pour a cup of OJ in it, also.  Oh, put a cup of wild rice in it, also.  WARNING:  It grows.

5.  Two of the new Tiffany lamps I ordered arrived today.  One was missing half it’s parts.  Good thing I ordered them from Target.

6.  Leroy got stuck at Wallyworld, had a snit fit, and was late getting back to the shop to do my hair.

7.  My “sister” Alicia called, babbling.  Her tale of woe was sad, but funny in that it’s not my life with the problems!  I’m sorry, she was hilarious.  I think I laughted at her.

8.  Got some great news about a perspective rector for our parish.  He’s been my choice from the very beginning.  I hope he gets the job.  We could use some prayers here.

9. I don’t remember what #9 was.  Couldn’t have been important.

10. Thinking about doing Christmas Cards!

11.  Putting up my Tree on Friday. Okay, that’s not an excuse.

12.  Christmas presents are piling up in my entry waiting to be wrapped.  Nah, that’s not an excuse either.

13.  Okay, I admit I ran out of ideas.


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  1. Happy belated TT! Thanks for stopping by and commenting, sorry it took me so long to get back to you!

    Hey, several of those are better than some of the excuses I have for sucky TTs! And after 90 TTs I think that any TT is good!

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