Another Anti-Obama Blog Has Its Plug Pulled?



For days now much of the poltical blog world has been following the saga of Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs. It seems Google has banned her blog. Is it a political commentary on the coming world of Obama, or the fact that Geller is one of the most anti-Islamic voices on the web?

Quite honestly, I would have more sympathy for Geller’s situation if her tale had not been picked up by World Nut Daily, that raging grocery store tabloid parrot cage liner of the far right conservative internet. On the other hand, Google is now listing Atlas Shrugs, so I’m not sure what’s going on here. The WND headline is Google is censoring “anti-Obama” bloggers.

Maybe so. All I know is once WND picks up a story, the truth basically ends up being the one murdered.

I was suspecting the latter until I read that Tulsa Today had its plug pulled. Perhaps Tulsa Today’s server was right and it could not handle the crush of on-coming traffic. I find the whole premise of “buying local” is a but pathetic, but if someone wants to be civic minded, go for it.  I’m sure not going to.

“…Tulsa Connect was provided advance notice of this story and invited to make a statement explaining their actions.  None was forthcoming as of this writing.  We understand their equipment dilemma, but it was not our responsibility to monitor their server traffic or anticipate and provision for their company’s growth.  Apparently they prefer clients with small web sites few visit.  There is some personal sadness in this change as I began Tulsa Today with the Tulsa Connect folks in 1996 when they were called WebZone…”

Is it all coincidence?  Let’s watch and see what happens.  If it is about Anti-Obama censorship, we’re all screwed.  If it is about something else, that’s another story, just as interesting.

I will admit, the fact that two blogs who are really pushing the birth certificate “thing” end up meeting similiar but different, but highly annoying fates is a little to much of a coincidence.

I have a feeling we’re going to need to put together a very active list of Anti-Obama bloggers and do links to our own sites.  We’re not going to be able to use “Blogrolling” because that has been hacked and nearly destroyed.

Okay, it is getting a little bit Twilight Zone out there.


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  1. As with her other claims, this one is totally made up by Geller. Check Google, you’ll see they’ve always included her stories, no matter how ridiculous they may be.

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