Once Again, It Looks Like Hillary Clinton Has Been …..?



The biggest surprise that has come out of this entire election season is the admiration and respect I’ve acquired for Hillary Clinton.

Who woulda thought it?

I think it all had to do with that breakdown she had in New Hampshire where she was so tired she just sat there and cried.  For the first time in many years I saw a “normal” woman in her.  She did what any normal “Daddy’s Spoiled Little Girl” does when backed into a corner. She cried and phoned home for help. At that moment “we bonded” and I have come to her defense when necessary.

At first I thought the idea of putting her in State was grand.  She would be recognized, and we would have the rational thinking of Bill, behind the scenes.  All in all, it was nothing more than my disparate realization that even left-over Clintonites are better than The One (elect) and his mindless minions.

Now, though, I have been having second thoughts on the whole thing and truly hope Hillary Clinton will thumb her nose at The One (elect) and refuse his offer for State.  It is obvious he is only trying to muzzle her and prevent her from running against him in 2012.


Is he afraid of something?

Barack Obama should be afraid of Hillary Clinton.  He should be very afraid of her – he should be very afraid.

Has Samantha Power been put back in a role of power to appease the growing ranks of Obamaites who are upset with The One (elect) who is not doing what they demand? (Memeorandum)

Why would The One (elect) bring back Samantha Powers?  Is this a sign that the others who were kicked off his campaign bus are going to return?  Are we going to see Bill Ayers called in as the Champion of Patriotism and Ambassador to Venezuela?  What about Jeremiah Wright?  Will he soon be leading the White House Prayer Breakfast?

One thing I do know, this is a slam aimed directly at Hillary Clinton.  Is she going to sit down and take it or thumb her nose and walk away from The One (elect)?  I think by now it is obvious the only reason The One (elect) is going to put her at State is to keep her from running against him.  Seriously, how long is this woman going to put up with the lack of respect The One (elect) spews against her.


Kyle-Anne Shiver writes:

“…Let’s start with Hillary, shall we? If there is a single, starry-eyed American who does not understand that the price of Bill and Hill on the stump for wet-behind-the-ears Barry O. was the cabinet post where Hill could most brightly shine and most aptly prepare for her own run in 2012 (or 2016), the Guinness Book folks would like to find him.

If Bill and Hillary Clinton are anything, they are perhaps the most astute political minds in the country today. The economic meltdown we are in had a foundation directly traceable to Bill Clinton’s modifications of the Community Reinvestment Act and both Clintons understand well that once an economy as large and diverse as ours spins out of control, there is no way a single president — even a two-term president — can bring it back to its pre-meltdown status.

If anything, I imagine that Hillary Clinton is quite thankful that she is off the hook on the economic disasters that wait like ticking bombs in the disillusioned minds of Obama’s maniacal voters….”

I suspect the reason Powers was invited to return is because The One (elect) needs to appease his rather irrational followers.
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