Obama Screwing NASA?



During the campaigns, The One (elect) did his level best to lie his way along the Space Coast, promising all things to all people. Now, though, it looks like he’s going to screw our future the way he’s screwing his more irrational supporters. He makes me harken back, not to the days of “Camelot” but the dark years of LBJ that followed.  It was known as the Credibility Gap.  If LBJ’s lips were moving, you know he was lying.

The Pink Flamingo followed Barack Obama’s anti-NASA, anti-Space lies throughout the campaign. At the same time, I followed John McCain’s pledge not to cut spending for NASA, no matter how bad things would get.  McCain realized that our future is in space and in space exploration.  Frankly, I don’t think Barack Obama gives a damn about our future or our country, only his own ambition and now his re-election. On September 18, I wrote extensively about Obama’s plans for NASA.

NASA Watch has a commentary.  From Florida SpacePort News comes this dire warning:

“…NASA May Struggle to Afford New Space Missions (Source: New Scientist)
Can NASA afford a shiny new generation of robotic space missions? The agency is developing the brawny Ares V rocket to take astronauts back to the moon. But it is also hopes the rocket will double up as a heavy lifter for robotic science missions which the current shuttles are too puny to lift off the ground. In the works, though yet to be approved, are a visible-light space telescope with an 8-metre mirror that would dwarf Hubble’s, and an interstellar probe that could explore space beyond the boundaries of our solar system.

But the huge price tags attached to these proposals could make it very difficult to scrape together the necessary cash, says a report by a US National Research Council panel. Many of the missions will cost a minimum of $5 billion each in today’s dollars. “If you look at what the NASA budget is now for science missions, it doesn’t seem like a lot of them would fit in that budget,” says panel co-chair and former shuttle astronaut Kathryn Thornton, who is now at the University of Virginia. (11/28)…”

Now advisors to The One are suggesting that NASA scale back the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle and cancel the Ares 1 Rocket.  I hate to say I TOLD YOU SO, but I TOLD YOU SO!

“…If that omission was enough to raise doubts about the incoming administration’s commitment to a rocket some believe will prove much tougher to field than NASA is ready to admit, the five-page list of questions Obama’s NASA transition team sent to the agency Nov. 24 probably will not make Ares supporters feel any better.

The questionnaire, “NASA Presidential Transition Team Requests for Information,” asks agency officials to provide the latest information on Ares 1, Orion and the planned Ares 5 heavy-lift cargo launcher, and to calculate the near-term close-out costs and longer-term savings associated with canceling those programs. The questionnaire also contemplates a scenario where Ares 1 would be canceled but development of the Ares 5 would continue.

While the questionnaire, a copy of which was obtained by Space News, also asks NASA to provide a cost estimate for accelerating the first operational flight of Ares 1 and Orion from the current target date of March 2015 to as soon as 2013, NASA was not asked to study the cost implications of canceling any of its other programs, including the significantly overbudget 2009 Mars Science Laboratory or the James Webb Space Telescope.

Obama’s NASA transition team also asked agency officials to investigate how much it would cost and how long it would take to build a smaller version of Orion and human-rate an Atlas 5 or Delta 4 expendable rocket to serve as its launcher.

Additionally, the questionnaire requests that NASA “[e]stimate the feasibility of designing a resized Orion capsule that could be launched by international launch vehicles such as the [European] Ariane 5 or the [Japanese] H2A.”

The transition team also wants information from NASA about accelerating plans for using the agency’s Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) program to fund demonstrations of vehicles capable of carrying crews to the international space station, a proposal Obama supported during his campaign. NASA is not asked what it could save by canceling COTS. Nor is NASA asked to contemplate canceling the space shuttle or space station programs, although the transition team does request the budget implications of flying the shuttle until 2015 and committing to U.S. utilization of the space station through 2020….”


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