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In many ways you gotta hand it to conservatives.  They are consistant.  I’m not talking about “all” conservatives, just the clueless ones who fall for any carney barker who dishes out the pathetic pabulum they need to survive as clueless conservatives. It really doesn’t matter who they are or what the newest “fearless” leader has to say.  As long as they say it the right way, well heck, he’s the 2nd coming of Reagan.

Mark Sanford has a very bad reputation in South Carolina.

“…”The problem with Sanford is he doesn’t exactly have what I’d call good party-building credentials,” said Neal Thigpen, a political scientist at Francis Marion University in Florence, S.C. “He’s caused considerable stress within the Republican Party here.”…”

This is the new face of the GOP?  This is the next great conservative hope?  If so, wave good-by to the GOP.  The problem with our dear clueless conservatives who fall for any con game handed to them is the fact that they rarely bother reading between the lines, unless they want to destroy someone.

Adam Graham has an interesting Race for 2012 piece.  He admits that Sanford wants to run for POTUS.  Problem is, Sanford is still smarting because he was not chosen as John McCain’s running mate.  One of the reasons Sanford is shredding the election is because he wasn’t the center of attention. He is still furious because he was not McCain’s running mate, but did nothing to earn that honor. He did not have the personal courage to endorse John McCain, or anyone in the primaries.

“…Had Sanford not abstained from endorsing and thrown his support behind McCain — whom he backed in 2000 — in the week leading up to this state’s primary, he would have likely been praised for delivering a Palmetto State win. He could have punched his ticket to the big show and soaked up overwhelming national recognition. In doing so, it would have been he, not Crist, that now finds himself the odds-on favorite to be McCain’s running mate.

Instead, Sanford’s post-gubernatorial ambitions of seeking a larger office have been left out in the cold. If Sanford had any delusions about being vice president, they’re now gone. He has lost a rare opportunity to become a major player on the national scene and keep South Carolina in the limelight.

Sanford had a clear shot at becoming the next vice president and possibly even making a run for president in the future, but he missed his Mark…”

Thanks to the late Carroll Campbell, South Carolina has a tradition of excellent Republican governors.  Unfortunate, Sanford is a pathetic heir, incompetent, and slightly corrupt. Like so many of his ilk, Sanford is doing a great job of hind-sight and destroying a party he did nothing to help during the election.

Lacking the courage to endorse a candidate during the primaries, Sanford was very much a johnny come lately when it came to endorsing John McCain.


Mark Sanford has a grudge against Sarah Palin. From the Palmetto Scoop comes this little piece of video where he laughs when Alan Colmes mentions that Palin is the future of the party.

Sanford Denigrating Sarah Palin

“…After Sanford finished listing the people he considered to be the future of the Republican Party, host Alan Colmes asked him “who else would you put in that category… Sarah Palin, for example?” Sanford burst out laughing before Colmes could even finish the question.

I don’t know if maybe Chad Prosser was whispering sweet somethings into his earpiece or if perhaps he was thinking about that time he got a crayon stuck in his nose as a kid or if he honestly thought the suggestion was funny. Whatever the cause, he abruptly stopped laughing after a couple of seconds and said “certainly, she’s among the mix.”

As usual, it was typical mindless, confusing Sanford. Of course, most Republicans would have broken out in similar laughter if asked whether or not they thought Sanford was the future of the party….”

What is it with these pabulum slurpers? Do they fall for anyone who says what they want to hear?  Frankly, I don’t see much difference between them and the Obamaites.  They’re just a different ideology.

Mark Sanford is NOT the future of the GOP.  If he is, we’re in really deep you know what.  He has a rather interesting reputation in South Carolina.  The Palmetto Scoop has been following his exploits for ages now.  He is petty.  He throws tax-payer money away on stupid projects.  Then there is his personal “slush fund“.


Did you know Sanford is ranked as the very worst governor for business entrepreneurs?  He has been ranked as one of the worst governors in the US.

“…As a U.S. Representative in the 1990s, Mark Sanford often slept on an office futon instead of renting a Washington apartment. That kind of conspicuous frugality helped him get elected Governor of South Carolina in 2002. But a growing chorus of critics, including leaders of his own G.O.P., fear that his thrift has brought the state’s economy to a standstill. This summer Standard & Poor’s lowered South Carolina’s coveted AAA-bond rating to AA+, citing unemployment of 6.3% and a per capita income ($27,172) stuck in the nation’s bottom fifth. The state had just lost its bid for a $500 million Airbus plant; Sanford was widely accused of making a miserly effort to lure the aerospace giant.

Business leaders are losing patience with Sanford’s vetoes of budget items like trade centers and tourism marketing. Even G.O.P. bosses charge that he is worse at economic development than at grandstanding, as when he visited the legislature last year carrying piglets to protest what he considered pork-barrel spending….”

Something you won’t find in the news is the fact that he blew the possibility of luring a major international manufacturing interest to Oconee County.  Trust me, I know all about it.  He refused to offer tax incentives to the business.  In fact, Sanford does not believe in offering tax incentives to lure business.


While Sanford is in power as the chair of the GOP governors, expect to see Sarah Palin thoroughly trashed.  There is a very good reason why.  First, Sanford could be supporting Bobby Jindal, even though Jindal has said he may not be running.  We all know that’s a crock.  Jindal is out there running, and being promoted as having so darn much experience, more than Sarah Palin.  We all know the reason.  He has a zipper in his pants. Since Palin is a woman, she must be denigrated and smeared at all costs.

Any thinking Republican knows that Sarah Palin is the future of the GOP.  She is everything we need right now. Conservatives are talking about taking back the youth vote – Palin is the key, there, too.

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