CHEAP SHOT ALERT: Who Knew The One (elect) Had $30,000…?



I do not begrudge Michelle Obama getting a baubble that cost thirty thousand bucks, trust me.  I just wonder if the American Obama Media will mention the cost?  I doubt it.  Of course we must have a blow by blow account of Sarah Palin’s togs, not that they were actually hers.

It’s like this.  I am a jewelry person.  I knew my jewelry.  I also know a “grudge gift” when I see one.  Why is The One (elect) who doesn’t give birthday or Christmas gifts to his own children giving his wife a world-class piece of jewelry?

Services rendered


“Hush” honey money?

The problem is rather simple.  In the grand scheme of Presidential gifts this is a little much and oh so tasteless when we are heading into a “recession” and ‘the folks are hurtin'”.

Who financed it?

Do the Obamas’ have that much cold hard cash?

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2 thoughts on “CHEAP SHOT ALERT: Who Knew The One (elect) Had $30,000…?

  1. According to his tax returns, Barack Obama made more than 4 million dollars last year. Both of his books have been on the bestseller’s list the entire year, so no doubt he made at least that much again this year.

    So yup, I would think he can afford to get his wife a 30,000 ring. I would also add that seeing as how she spent the last two years campaigning for him and being practically a single mom to his kids, she certainly earned a nice thank you.

    IF, that is, this story is even true. Which his spokesperson said it isn’t.

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