The Biggest Winner – Sarah Palin, of Course!



By now you know that Saxby Chambliss has spoiled Harry Reid’s plans for a filibuster – proof Democratic majority in the US Senate. The Red bleeding has been stopped, for the moment.  Naturally it occurred in the South, which is still the most GOP part of the country.

Three important things happened in Georgia with this GOP victory.  First, it proved the much vaunted Obama turn-out machine is not perfect.  Second, it proved that these third party conservatives are ruining it for the GOP and helping the Dems win, big.  Thirdly, and most important – Sarah Palin is the biggest winner of the night.

GOP Rock Star!

There is a poetic beauty that Barack Obama, sent his minions into Georgia in an electionary version Obama’s Scorched Earth Get Out the Vote policy.  He lost.

Palin Campaigns for Chambliss

Getting back to Sarah Palin, every media outlet in the nation covered her campaign swing into Georgia promoting not only Saxby Chambliss, but rubbing salt in conservative wounds by sticking up for John McCain!  It wasn’t necessary, but there she was, standinb up for John McCain.  I did not think she could rise in my estimation of her, but somehow, she did.


Mike’s America

Flopping Aces


There must be some nasty little thingie going on with the Politico, a few green-eyed monster supporters of Mitt Romney, and their “get Palin at any price” campaign.  The latest is their smear about  Palin running for the Senate. Why would Palin run for the Senate when she is the “front-runner” for 2012?


We are reading and hearing all the different plans to rebuild the GOP.  In many ways we don’t need that much rebuilding.  We need to modernize.  Then, we need to get behind our future, our rock star, and shove her into the White House!

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11 thoughts on “The Biggest Winner – Sarah Palin, of Course!

  1. “…we need to get behind our future, our rock star, and shove her into the White House!”

    We need to get involved in politics at the local/state level and kick out the old boys’ network of country club Repugnican’ts, reclaim the party with an at least pseudo-conservative set of values (instead of simply rubber-stamping the Dhimmicrap-lite candidates we’re offered by the Repugnican’t machine) and thereby demonstrate that someone like Palin has a party worth leading.

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