The Great Cat Round-Up



Robert came this evening to help with the Great Cat Round-Up.  This morning was the “last straw” when I realized Little Joe had clawed Bat Masterson again.  I called the vet.  They’re going to do the big snip on him, probably tomorrow.  Then Robert is going to take him and see if he can “gentle” him.  If not, according to the vet, he’s always going to be a problem.  If he can’t be gentled, he’s going to go live with my parents’ cats.  I can’t do anythig else.  Last night he tried to beat up Bubbles.

It was a rather interesting event.  Robert and his girl-friend basically tore the guest room apart to catch the cat.  Bubbles paced.  She peeked in the door.  She leaned through the stairs.  I never knew a cat could have body language. It was an epic battle, complete with the cat climbing the wall!

Yes, I know it sounds horrid, but I had no choice.  I can already see a difference in Bat Masterson’s behavior.

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Born: Francis Xavier Quadrio, learned Jesuit, and historical writer, 1695, Valtellina; Henry Gaily Knight, illustrator of architectural antiquities, 1786.
Died: Hernan Cortes, conqueror of Mexico, 1547, near Seville; Margaret of Navarre, grandmother of Henry IV, 1549; St. Francis Xavier, Catholic missionary, 1552, China; Gerard Mercator (Kaufmann), geographer, 1594, Doesburg; Philip, Duke of Orleans, Regent of France, 1723; Amelia Opie, novelist, 1853, Norwich.
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