If the Economy Is So Bad, Why Won’t People Work?



I am not going to name the large southern-midwestern city that is located on the Mississippi River.  Let’s just say it went overwhelmingly for The One (elect).

I know someone who has been in business for nearly a year, now.  It is highly successful


Getting reliable help is difficult to find.

We’re talking a city that is having some economic problems.

People allegedly need work – right?

Well, they don’t show up when scheduled.

They come in when they want to, and are then separated from their jobs.

They don’t care.

This person is having a difficult time finding reliable help.

If times are so hard and jobs are so precious, and they’re being offered health insurance, why aren’t they willing to work?

Are these the people The One (elect) wants to help retrain and find New Deal work?

I truly wish him luck.

They don’t want to work.

Oh, there are many, many people who are willing to do anything to support their families – or so we’ve been told.

So, where are they?

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