The Great NM Transition Team: Part II – The Val Kilmer Edition


It only gets crazier.

Is this a preview of things to come – quite possibly the biggest primary of the 2010 campaign season?

Or is this just a shameless ploy to provide something for your entertainment as you read my little rant and rave about our ding-bat Lt Governor and her Transition Team that is starting to rivel that of The One (elect) in scope and nuisence.

Is this a scene from the 2010 Democratic Primary for Governor? Doc Holiday v. the Dingbat Lt. Governor?

Val Kilmer has made no secret of the fact that he is considering a run for Governor in 2010.

Would someone please explain to me why the Lt Governor of New Mexico has a Transition Team, anyway?

Next, why is Val Kilmer on it?

If all is sweetness and light why does she even need this alleged Transition Team?

Why is it necessry when New Mexico is allegedly suffering from such a severe budgetary shortfall?

Why do we have such a severe problem, anyway?

Just 6 months ago NM had a surplus.  Would someone like to explain why we are now in such dire straights financially? Now we have a crises.  It appears NM is now in the hole by about $400 million.  I wonder if the problems is Democrats and their wild and crazy spending?

We’re also hearing that NM schools are running out of money.  I thought all that casino and gambling revenue went into schools.  Silly me.

The dirty little secret is if the current Governor of New Mexico and soon to be Secretary of the Commerce can’t manage finances here in New Mexico, how the heck can he be expected to lead the Department of Commerce?

I guess I just don’t fully comprehend why the Democratic Lt. Governor needs such a transition team if she is simply stepping into continue the administration of the current Governor, soon to be Secretary of Commerce?

Why does the soon to be Governor of NM need an “A” List movie star on her transition team?

Let’s face it, Denish is trying to head Kilmer off at the pass, using the lingo of the “Wild West”.  If Kilmer decides to run, the election’s his.  The only way to even possibly prevent it would be for the NMGOP to be bright enough to run Heather Wilson against him.

If another NM resident, Sam Elliott is also seen hanging with the Denish Transition Team, I would be starting to suspect she were simply going to create a Tombstone reunion. I don’t see that happening since Kilmer’s Doc Holiday died at the end of the movie, and Kurt Russell is a Republican.

Then again, such is life in New Mexico in the fast lane.  It may be weird, but what the heck, it’s New Mexico, deal with it.