The New Mexico Lt. Governor Transition Team Update: Conclusion


I started thinking about this absolutely outrageous “Transition” that NM Lt. Governor Diane Denish.   Either the woman is completely incompetent and wants to look like she is “with it” and allegedly hitting the ground running as the newly installed governor or she doesn’t like Bill Richardson.

In my past two articles in the subject, I repeatedly asked why is the Lt Governor of NM having a “Transition Team” when she is just stepping into Bill Richardson’s shoes.  Richardson has been governor for 6 years already and his whole administration is well established.  The whole thing makes me wonder what’s going on here!

The addition of Val Kilmer to her “team” is even more suspicious.

I think  one or two things could be going on here.

1.  Denish is completely incompetent and is covering her tracks.

2.  Denish is terrified her term will be limited to two years and Kilmer is going to blow her out of the water.

3.  Denish truly dislikes Bill Richardson and wants to basically do the old ‘boots are made for walking’ thing.


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