The Pink Flamingo Is Still Alive (Barely)


I’m calling it the head cold from hell.  This thing is miserable.  The worst part is the sneezing.  It has settled in my eyes.  I can barely keep them open – and they are extremely photosensitive.

I had no intention of doing more than bare-bones blogging today and tomorrow, but several headlines are simply singing out to be commented on and blogged. I just can’t comprehend that The One (elect) would have so little “class” that he couldn’t go to Hawaii for his grandmother’s funeral but is heading there now for a vacation.  You know, the man could be a total classless jerk.

There is another new study on why the Neanderthal’s disappeared.  When is someone going to do a viable study coming up with reasons why they did not “die out” but simply merged with “modern man”.  Is the Hobbit a new species?

Evidently dinosaur fathers were better parents than are today’s “baby’s father”.

Another liberal lie is shot to smitherenes.  Evidently the archaeological sites in Iraq are safer under our control than they were under Saddam’s.

Have you heard of the curse of the coelancanth?


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