Too Big for Our Britches? Part III



We keep hearing such stories of woe about California going broke.  The new governor of New York is raising taxes on everything from soda to dust bunnies. The tales of woe are designed to solicit tears and higher taxes and possible bail-outs.  He’s even raising taxes on iPod downloads.

Conservatives are complaining about bail-outs.  They are complaining about spending.


Stopping the ear-marks is one thing, rolling back spending to say – the FY2005 or something is not possible.

Why not CUT the budget?

The reason we are all in this fine mess is because of spending be it personal, professional, or governmental.

Instead of bailouts and handouts, maybe we should all be thinking about cutting back.  Instead of buying a new pair of shoes every week, maybe I should cut it back to one every other week if I am required to charge them.  If I can pay for ’em find.  If not, well, I’ll wait for them to go on sale.

The “Big Three” automakers are in trouble.  No wonder.  Look at their costs. Look at the amount of money the union thugs force out of them. No business can survive when you work at a deficit.


We hear the requests for bailouts.  They talk about eliminating earmarks.  They raise taxes. Why the you know what don’t they simply cut their blasted spending?

What is wrong with cutting back on spending?

What is wrong with eliminating programs and jobs that are absolutely useless?

What is wrong with cutting various welfare programs?

Quit spending so much money!

Why must the various local, state, and federal governments spend so darn much?  If you don’t have the money, don’t spend it.

Right now Congress is throwing away our economic future.  If a business can’t cut it, don’t bail ’em, let them fail the way everyone else does. If a state can’t raise more money, then cut back on the programs and on the size of their government.

It is quite simple – too simple for politicians to grasp.


In Regency England, cutting back in spending and living within one’s means was called “retrench”.  It is the focus of one of my favorite Jane Austin movies, Persuasion.  The moral of the story, besides the wonderful love story, is learning that living within one’s means – creatively can be fun and exciting.

Well, Congress needs to Retrench.  They need to cut back on spending. So do our local and state governments.  They need to follow the actions of Tim Pawlenty in Minnesota.  He’s cutting spending to meet the Minnesota short-fall.

Why is that so difficult?

What is wrong with living within one’s means?

What’s wrong with a government doing the same thing?


The worst of it, all the talk about throwing the ‘bums out is nothing but talk.  People don’t care, as long as they get theirs.

Those of use who want responsible government have some serious problems.  We have learned that the idiots who voted for “hope and change” were disgusted with the Republicans who controlled the House and Senate and decided to teach them a lesson.  The “hope and change” voter was so ill informed – okay abjectly stupid – they did not realize that the Democrats were in charge of the House and Senate, not the Republicans.

With voters like this, who needs a revolution?

We now live in a culture of abject ignorance unprecedented in American History.  One must go back to the days of the unwashed masses during the Dark Ages and the Middle Ages to find a collective group of people so abjectly ill informed.  Their cultural illiteracy is so great, I am expecting, any day now, to see them bring back the witch trials and burn some pathetic conservative at the stake just for trying to teach them how to bathe and use deodorant, and explain that The One (elect) cannot actually heal the oceans and make the sky bluer.

The Baby Boomer that I am, I blame my grandparents’ generation for removing the underpinning of our civilization by electing FDR four times. That old ‘Hope and Change” gets ’em every time.  Their generation became poster-children for the unending hand-out.  So ill-informed were they, and so linked to their Social Security, that every election cycle, come fall, our friendly neighborhood Democratic Congressmen would go out and say those nasty Republicans were going to take away their Social Security.  It worked every time.

Fortunately our parents generation was smarter and more Republican.  They were rebelling against their parents, you see.  They fought the Good War and were determined that their children (my generation) would have a better life than they had.

Wanting a better life for one’s off-spring is ancient and yet is a fairly recent phenomena.  People were so busy surviving they did not even have time to hope their children would do better.  They simply wanted their children to survive.

The study of generations is fascinating.  The first generation to actually have parents who had the leisure time to desire their children have a better life were born around the 1820’s or so.  Wyatt Earp’s generation, their children, was known as the Missionary Generation.  Psychologically they were basically the same mind-set as we Baby Boomers.  As an aside I think that is one reason my generation is so biographically fascinated with members of this generation – we think the same way.

Because we are now doomed – doomed by Democrat mis-management, graft, and pandering for the votes of the Stupids among us – those same dingbats who slobber all over Hope and Change are now wringing their hands and crying that their children will not have it as good as have they.

Just who had to have the huge house, the never ending mortgage, and was stupid enough to sign a flexible rate mortgage?  Who was dumb enough to believe they could get away with buying their million dollar abode and only put down $1.50?

So now you’re out on the street.

You know, I don’t have much sympathy.

You realize your children will probably have a better life, because they may have the brains to comprehend just how moronic their parents were – and determine not to go down the way their parents did.

Nah, what am I thinking?  These are the people who are so stupid they did not have the brains to realize the Democrats were in control of the House and Senate.

Silly me.

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