Rowan Williams, Thomas a Becket’, and the Henry II Solution


It has reached the point where every time Rowan Williams, the current Archbishop of Canterbury opens his mouth, one wonders if the Henry II solution isn’t a good idea, if you opt for ridding the Anglican Communion of the meddlesome priest without the actual mayhem and murder.

“…Dr Williams’ comments may be perceived as a further attack on Mr Brown’s efforts to boost the economy, and risk damaging the relationship between Lambeth Palace and Downing Street. It threatens a return to the 1980s, when the Conservative Government came under fierce attack from the Church over its social policies which were said to exclude the poor deliberately. This summer, the Archbishop invited the Prime Minister to speak at a rally by Anglian bishops and hailed his commitment to ending world poverty. But after the collapse of banks around the world in September, Dr Williams called for governments to increase regulation of the financial sector and claimed Karl Marx had been right in his analysis of the dangers of capitalism….”

Our erstwhile cleric is now comparing Gordon Brown’s economic solutions to the Third Reich.

And you wonder why the Episcopal Church is in such a mess.

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