A John Tanton Connect the Dots


This was first published on the original Pink Flamingo on July 10, 2007

“The has come, the wise man said, to talk of many things, of sailing ships and sealing wax and cabbages and kings” Kipling

I do not believe in absolutes.  I believe that while there is black and white there are also shades of gray coloring the palate. While I am a highly emotional person, I pride myself on my attempts at logic. I also pride myself on my ability to see right from wrong, moral from immoral.  I sincerely attempt to live the Sermon on the Mount.  I don’t go around telling people I am “born again”.  If my life does not reflect my Christian faith then it is a sham. The one thing I dislike more than just about anything is the rank, abject hypocrisy of “Christians” trying to legitimize their less than Christ-like positions. I also intensely abhor individuals who absolutely refuse to look at both sides of an issue before coming to a logical, reasoned conclusion. I find the current actions of ‘conservative’ bloggers, pundits, and celeb-conservative radio personalities a violation of all I hold reasonable, right, honorable, and decent, not because of what they believe, but the methods used to achieve it.

If any one of the above can commence a reasoned study of anti-immigration based on logic, reason, and facts that are not provided by any John Tanton based organization, or funded by the John Tanton/Richard Viguerie, or Alan Keyes machine, I will have a rational discourse with them.  The issue is not immigration.  The issue is the methods the staunch anti-immigration supporters have utilized to come to their conclusion.  I don’t mind admitting that I once believed as do they.  But, when presented with facts, figures, logic, and reason I have had to completely change my position.

And so – once more into the breach:

  • 1.    Anti-immigration advocates strongly point out the rule of law and the letter of the law.  These same people, conservatives, constantly point out the violation of law when it is against a totalitarian, Marxist, Communist, or Socialist government.
  • 2.    If there are laws that are bad – as inferred with laws dealing with repressive governments then logic must stipulate that NOT ALL LAWS ARE GOOD.
  • 3.    It is possible that there are times when laws need to be broken.
  • 4.    Anti-immigration advocates stress the rule of law.  If this is the case, then when Martin Luther King was leading his quiet form of social disobedience, then those who today support strict immigration laws would be against King’s struggle for Civil Rights.
  • 5.    Ergo, using this logic, today’s anti-immigration  advocate would have strongly opposed equal rights for all individuals no matter what their race.  Separate but equal was the law.  They would have supported upholding the law.
  • 1.    The most important conservative plank is the opposition to abortion
  • 2.    Many social conservatives staunchly oppose Rudy Giuliani’s candidacy because he is “pro-abortion”.
  • 3.    These same social conservatives are, or the most part, strongly anti-immigration, and work closely with organizations like FAIR and Numbers USA.
  • 4.    These organizations and a dozen like them are founded and supported by John Tanton.
  • 5.    John Tanton is one of the most ardent abortion advocates in the world
  • 6.    John Tanton is a protégé of Garrett Hardin, who helped formulate China’s One Child Policy.
  • 7.    According to anti-abortion advocates, China’s abortion policies are evil.
  • 8.    A staunch anti-abortion advocate would view John Tanton as evil
  • 9.    Yet most staunch anti-abortion advocates are anti-immigration
  • 1.    How can a person who is strongly anti-abortion and believes in the sanctity of all human life accept the advocacy of a movement propelled by someone who is diametrically opposed to all they view as holy?
  • 2.    Why do staunch anti-abortion advocates refuse to consider John Tanton’s pro-abortion record?
  • 3.    Why does a pro-life candidate take upward of $20,000 from a leading advocate of planned parenthood?
  • 1.    How can individuals who claim to be unbiased and have nothing to do with racism associate with David Duke?
  • 2.    David Duke writes for VDARE
  • 3.    Peter Brimelow publishes VDARE
  • 4.    Peter Brimelow’s twin brother, John, is the former head of the National Socialist Party in the US.
  • 5.    VDARE is recognized as a leading white supremacist publication
  • 6.    Michelle Malkin writes for VDARE.
  • 7.    Will Malkin denounce VDARE?
  • 1.    John Tanton funds The American Border Patrol
  • 2.    John Tanton funds FAIR
  • 3.    John Tanton funds Numbers USA
  • 4.    John Tanton funds the Social Contract Press, a leading racist publication.
  • 5.    Glenn Spencer is the head of The American Border Patrol
  • 6.    Glenn Spencer attended a KKK meeting with Barbara Coe in the 1980’s where the whole anti-immigration movement was launched
  • 7.    Barbara Coe is a leading supporter of the Council of Conservative Citizens.
  • 8.    Peter Brimelow is a leading supporter of the Council of Conservative Citizens.
  • 9.    Paul Fromm is a leading supporter of the Council of Conservative Citizens.
  • 10.    The Council of Conservative Citizens is associated directly with Stormfront, the fastest growing, white supremacist, web presence in the world

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