Racist Samuel P. Huntington Is Dead


While conservatives weep their crocodile tears for Samuel P. Huntington, maybe they should be shedding those tears for the Republican Party.  In many ways Huntington did more to inspire the hideous anti-Hispanic racism and anti-immigration rhetoric that is destroying the GOP and dooming us to minority status forever.

Of all of the individuals of the past half century, Huntington is one of the primary reasons the Republican Party is reviled in so many quarters.  He is like those legendary Grand Inquisitors, or the True Believer who threw the torch on the wood pile where the innocent “witch” would be burned alive. From his brilliant, Harvard pure hands drips the blood of countless unknown, nameless illegal immigrants who crossed the Mexican desert looking for a better way of life only to find repression, coyotes, and death.


Huntington’s “classic” highly racist, anti-Hispanic Clash of Civilizations proved to be  inspiration for such luminaries as Tom Tancredo, Peter Brimelow, and John Tanton.

This is his legacy:

“…The goal of white nationalism is to appeal to a larger audience. This has been done through the repackaging, relabeling, and transformation of white supremacy into something that would appeal to a broader, more educated audience. Many appear as nonviolent groups working for separatism.

Supporters see themselves defending the legitimate civil rights of white people against society’s alleged racial double standards.Jared Taylor, another key writer in the movement, claims similar racial views were held by many mainstream American leaders before the 1950s. Opponents accuse them of hatred, racial bigotry and destructive identity politics.

According to Samuel P. Huntington, the modern movement is increasingly cultured, intellectual and academically trained. Rather than espouse violence, they use statistics and social science data to argue for a self-conscious white identity. They say a natural hierarchy should triumph over the “false promise of egalitarianism” and that the downfall of white dominance spells doom for representative government, the rule of law and freedom of speech.

A point of contention for white nationalists and opponents alike is the issue of “white” identity. While the common definition of a singular “white” or “European” race is largely an anthropological archaism[citation needed], many white nationalists continue to hold this belief, as the white nationalist movement depends on the existence of such a categorization.

Supporters say they stand for racial self-preservation and claim culture itself is a product of race. As a result, according to Huntington, they say the demographic shift in the US towards non-whites brings a new culture that is intellectually and morally inferior. With it comes affirmative action, immigrant ghettos and declining educational standards. By challenging established policy on immigration, civil rights and racial integration, they seek to build bridges with moderately conservative white citizens.

White separatism and supremacism are two smaller subgroups within white nationalism. The former seek a separate white nation-state, while the latter add ideas from social Darwinism and Nazism to their ideology. Some white nationalists deny they are in either category.Both schools of thought generally avoid the term “supremacy,” saying it has negative connotations….”

Huntington may have been a perfectly acceptable gentleman, but his work inspired some very nasty people and some very unpleasant things.  About a year ago I wrote:

“…Tangled alliances.  Please pay attention to these.
“…According to Mediatransparency.org, the Olin foundation provided $100,000 in funding for VDARE through Sally Pipes’ Pacific Research Institute. Olin also funded the John M. Olin Institute for Strategic Studies, of which Samuel P. Huntington is the founding director. The Smith Richardson and Bradley foundations provided support for Huntington’s Who Are We? Bradley also provided support for the Center for Immigration Studies. A report advocating the mass deportation of illegal immigrants, “The Economics of Immigration Enforcement,” has been published by Henry Regnery’s Georgia-based National Policy Institute. The Pioneer Fund lists the National Policy Institute as its largest grant recipient on its 2005 federal tax return….”

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2 thoughts on “Racist Samuel P. Huntington Is Dead

  1. When did it become OK to rip apart the white race ? Why is it anyone who dares to advocate the preservation of the Europian races or value system is now branded racest? May I remind you that without that white race that is so milined as of late our way of living would be CONSIDERABLY reduced. For they have been the group of people more than any other that has brought civilization to this world. Without the Europian influence this world would be FAR worse off then it is now. Order & civilizian owes it’s existance to the White race and now it is very in vogue to attack those which has provided so much to this world….Chucky B. Woodenhead.

  2. Chucky, no one is suggesting that we “rip apart the white race.” You’re right, though, that most of us would brand as racist anyone who argues for “the preservation of the European races.” That follows almost automatically from the *definition* of racism.

    Even Sam Huntington, who is criticized so heavily here for allegedly being the inspiration for “some very nasty people and some very unpleasant things,” didn’t believe in the myth that we should care about race. He believed that it was culture and values which mattered.

    You do talk about culture and values, but it simply isn’t true that European culture has spread “order” throughout the world. For one thing, the world today, following the rise of European influence, is in some ways more ordered than before, and in other ways profoundly more disordered. For another, it wasn’t, by and large, cultural values which brought about European influence.

    Huntington himself acknowledged this, when he wrote:

    “The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion … but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact; non-Westerners never do.”

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