More Sheriff Joe Follies – Loses Jail Accredidation!


Sheriff Joe now stars in a television reality show about how glorious he is.  Too bad they can’t tell the truth about the abject incompetence of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

“…”The reality is the man has lost complete touch with reality,” said Michael Manning, a Phoenix attorney who has won settlements for clients against the sheriff’s office. “He’s spending time on something like this as opposed to getting those felony warrants executed on our streets. … If it weren’t so serious, I’d say it would be funny.”…”

Did you know that Sheriff Joe’s Maricopa County jails have lost accreditation for not providing proper health care to inmates?

Did you know that in a five year period Maricopa County has paid out over $30 Million in Liability Claims against Sheriff Joe?

It never ceases to amaze me how perfectly reasonable Republicans and conservatives throw caution to the wind when they begin singing the praises of Joe Arpaio, ignoring mounting evidence that the man is incompetent.

The Goldwater Institute (conservative) has recently published a paper by Clint Bolick.  Entitled Mission Unaccomplished, the mMisplaced Priorities of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office it exposes Joe Arpaio – yet again.

He is hailed as a paragon of money saving frugality, yet the opposite is true.
“…The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors controls the sheriff’s budget. But  because the sheriff is an elected official, he can decide how to spend it, unless the  board attaches specific conditions.  For the fiscal year 2009, MCSO has a budget of nearly $270 million.  Since fiscal year 2001, the budget excluding jails has nearly doubled from $37.6 million to $72.5 million8—roughly four times the rate of the county’s population increase during that period….”

Under Sheriff Joe’s watch violent crime has exploded

“…Police departments are supposed to report crime statistics to the FBI each year.  MCSO provided no data in 2005.  However, between 2004 and 2007, crimes reported by MCSO soared.  Reported violent crimes grew by over 69 percent, including a 166 percent increase in homicides over the three-year period.  At the same time, despite signifi cant population increases across the county,  the same FBI statistics reveal that the two jurisdictions with which Sheriff Arpaio feuds most frequently, Phoenix and Mesa, did not experience similar increases in violent crimes, as refl ected in Tables A and B.  Reported violent crimes in Phoenix between 2004-07 increased by 15 percent, while  homicides increased by more than 5 percent.  Th ose statistics certainly are nothing to brag about, but they are vastly better than MCSO’s.  In Mesa, the annual reported violent crimes actually decreased by 11 percent, and the number of reported homicides stayed the same from 2004-07….”

If you live in Maricopa County and call 911, don’t hold your breath.

“…Yet another measure of law enforcement is response times to 911 calls.  MCSO has a response-time goal of five minutes.  In 2007, its median response time was  just over seven minutes and its average response time was nearly 11 minutes.26 By contrast, the Phoenix Police Department reports an average response time of four minutes. The Tribune found that in 2006 and 2007, MCSO patrol cars took more than five minutes to arrive on two-thirds of the most serious calls for police assistance.  In many instances, people in areas for which MCSO provides law-enforcement instead call police departments in neighboring communities, although city police are not reimbursed when they respond to the calls….”

You know all those glorious immigration sweeps Sheriff Joe performs?  Well, in order to do those he must let violent criminals walk free.

“…In addition to diverting patrol deputies from their normal assignments, the shift in focus resulted in massive overtime.  Shortly after the ICE contract was signed, deputies amassed 4,500 extra hours per two-week pay period, compared to the previous average of 2,900 overtime hours. The predictable result was a $1.3 million deficit in MCSO’s budget in only three months.  Th e sheriff covered part of the deficit by keeping patrol division positions unfilled, to the tune of 66 deputies.  Meanwhile, the sheriff curtailed overtime.  On at least one occasion, as many as 46 criminal defendants missed their court appearances because deputies were told to skip overtime….”

Maricopa County is a great place to live if there is an outstanding felony warrant out on you.  Odds are Sheriff Joe will never get around to having it served.

“..When two Phoenix police officers stopped a man and two women for jaywalking in September 2007, a confrontation ensued and Officer Nick Erfle was shot and killed.  Erfle was 33 years old, the father of two young children, and had just overcome a battle with cancer.  Th e man suspected of killing him, Erik Martinez, was an illegal immigrant who previously had been deported.  Notably, he was the subject of an outstanding felony warrant for aggravated assault. For many years, Maricopa County has experienced a huge back-log of unserved warrants.  Tens of thousands of felony warrants are unserved at any particular moment.  No specific law-enforcement agency is responsible for serving warrants. Yet among competing law-enforcement priorities, few seem more important than serving such warrants and bringing those suspected of felonies into custody. MCSO is the depository for all warrants for law-enforcement agencies throughout Maricopa County. It indicates that as of September 2008, a total of 77,949 warrants were outstanding, including 42,297 felony warrants.Apparently both numbers represent the highest totals of outstanding warrants ever in Maricopa County.  MCSO claims its deputies cleared 7,900 warrants by arrest last year,63 but the backlog as reported by MCSO is larger than ever. MCSO is the depository for all warrants for law- enforcement agencies throughout Maricopa…”

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