What About that Roswell UFO “Thingie”?


It’s New Year’s Eve.  The UFO Iconoclast has an interesting profile of Glenn Dennis, the Roswell mortician who supplied the caskets following the 1947 alleged UFO crash outside of Roswell.

Until I moved to New Mexico I wasn’t sure what I thought about all those UFO stories about Roswell.  Then I met the woman who was my next door neighbor for about 5 years.  A retired nurse, she and Glenn Dennis were life-long friends.  The tale she told me was startling and eye-opening.

As a life-long resident of Roswell, she knew many of the parties involved, including the ranchers, cops, and the medical personnel who were part of the story.  A very grounded individual, Margaret was convinced something very strange happened that night out on the desert.  Margaret believed the Glenn Dennis story 100%.

“…Despite all of this, there are several reasons why Glenn’s tale should not be dismissed-

1) Supporting Glenns’ story is the fact that he never sought to tell it. He was found. Researcher Stan Friedman first interviewed Glenn on August 5, 1989. Friedman found Glenn because Friedman had reasoned that the Roswell undertaker may have heard something about the incident. Only later did Dennis become public on the matter.

2) The former Chief of Police for Roswell, L. M. Hall, signed an affidavit in which he recalls that -just a few days after the July 1947 crash- Dennis had recounted to him the odd call from the base about the availability of child caskets.

3) A Roswell base medical technician in 1947, David Wagnon, signed an affidavit that he remembers the nurse as described by Dennis

4) Glenn’s grandson, Kelly Abbott, states on a family history website that Glenn told his Roswell story to his close family in the 1980s. This was after the first Roswell book was published in 1980, but before “all of the books and movies” had come out in the 1990s about the incident. He says “Papa told the story with the sense that it was about time someone knew what happened. This is before he had spoken publicly.”

5) Glenn’s high school classmate was Rogene Cordes. I recently found and contacted Rogene. She is the widow of an Air Force General and believes Glenn implicitly. She was also a neighbor of Roswell Sheriff George Wilcox. Mrs. Cordes says that she knows that Glenn is telling the truth. She is cautious in relating her knowledge, but she indicates that there are things about Glenn’s story that she knows happened at the time, including the involvement of Sheriff Wilcox and the call to Glenn about ice for bodies. Rogene mentions that she could not find any ice or dry ice anywhere that crash weekend. Not at Clardy’s dairy nor at the train depot, which stored and sold dry ice. Glenn had told the base officer that the best way to preserve corpses was to freeze them. The military had found their ice.

6) A Roswell Army Air Field serviceman in 1947, Sgt. Milton Sprouse (who spent ten years in the military) remembers distinctly Glenn speaking of the event decades ago. Sprouse says that a few years after the crash he had seen Glenn at a mutual friend’s funeral. Glenn brought up in conversation the base’s strange call inquiring about the child caskets.

7) Glenn’s close friend was Mollie Abramitis. Mollie recently related to me an extraordinary story. She was visiting New Mexico from her home in California in April of 1989. Glenn was managing the Wortley Hotel at the time. Glenn invited her and others for dinner. He then told a small group of close friends gathered at the hotel’s dining room that he had an important story to tell them. It had been troubling him for a very long time. He felt compelled and ready to share it with them. He said that he was worried that the story had “gotten out” and he was concerned about approaches for interviews about the subject. He told Mollie and the others assembled at the Wortley the precise ET story that he told publicly much later. Mollie said that Glenn appeared genuinely concerned, even frightened. An ex-police officer at the table beseeched Glenn that he must speak out publicly and tell all that he knows, that it would be the best form of “personal protection.” Glenn rarely drank. But this time, Mollie says, after he had told his astonishing story, Glenn partook of some liquid courage.

8) Glenn’s fraternal twin Bob Dennis (now deceased) was alway reluctant to discuss his brother’s story. John Price was Bob Dennis’ close friend. Bob explained to John that he was overseas in the military when the Roswell crash had happened. But his father told him about it when he returned from the service. Bob said that his father was very good friends with Sheriff Wilcox. He said that Wilcox and his Deputy (Tommy Thompson) did in fact come to the house and warned their father to make sure that Glenn says nothing of the event. It is likely that Glenn’s father was told much more about the crash event by his Sheriff friend. This is because Bob Dennis said that his father made him promise to never reveal any details about the event. Bob kept that promise to his death, always saying the it was Glenn’s story to tell.

9) The 1947 Roswell Fire Chief’s son was identified and contacted by me recently. Rue was living in the Roswell area at the time of the crash and knew Dennis, as did his father. He stated sparingly, and not wishing to elaborate, that “everything that Glenn says happened.” ….”


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